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Funny Couple's Halloween Costume Ideas

Are you looking for a Popular and trending couple of costumes for a Halloween Party this year? Every year we research trending, funny, and popular Halloween costume ideas for you. If you need Or want to look at our previous collection of couple's Costumes.

People already started buying costumes for this year, but fortunately for you, we're here to help! Our costume experts are working to find the best couple costumes ideas for you, and we've paid close attention to the world's favorite couples' looks over the years. That means we know exactly what works, and exactly which combinations should be left on the shelf. We believe dressing out in couples is even more fun than dressing out alone. There is a way bigger chance as well to win a prize in the costume competitions!

Pineapple Water Melon Couples Costume

What do pineapple and watermelon have in common? They both go well in a smoothie! You can play smoothly when you slide into your next fun tropical gathering! These cute polyester Tunic Costumes are easy to wear over your own clothes and bring life to a party! Tunics fit up to a size 46 chest. (2 pcs. per set)

Pineapple Water Melon Couples Costume

Deer In Headlights Couple Costume

You'll have people stopping in their tracks at the costume party when you and your sweetheart dress up in Deer in Headlights Couples Costumes for adults! These couple's costumes include a light brown headpiece designed to look like a deer head and a black dress with yellow street lines and light-up headlights attached to the chest. Everyone will crack up when you show up to the costume party with your significant other dressed up in these costumes! For more information, check out the individual Deer Costume and Headlights Costume!

Get a closer look at this great couple's costume. The headlights really work so your deer won't give you that confused look when you walk by him!

This costume comes with
1. Deer Headpiece
2. The street Dress
3. Caution sign headband


Be the hit of the party and win the best couples outfit. Who knows, it may be the start of a new "style". What did the comb say to the brush? I care too much to ever brush you off! Oh, the jokes you can tell when the both of you each slip on this easy-to-wear Blue Tunic-Style Costumes. Just make sure when you slip into the comb outfit, you don't "tease" people too much. 

The Comb and Brush Adult Couples Costume includes two blue tunics that fit overhead and hang down in front of the body.

Includes 2 costumes
Creative couple's or best friends' costume look
Comfortable to wear
Designed to wear over clothing

Available Sizes:
Tunics fit up to 46-inch chest size.
Shipping: This product ships Worldwide.
Availability: The colors/sizes above are confirmed in stock & ready to ship!



Get supercharged for a fun-filled time in this hilarious Battery & Jumper Cables Couple Costume! You'll spark the whole room with laughter! Spark joy with these life-like jumper cable clamps and the supercharged battery! The costume includes two tunics and jumper cables.

Interactive jumper cable mittens with foam plugs.

One Size fits most adults.

Easy wear & care! 100% Polyester.

Hand washes inside out.

Air dry.

Freshen with a steamer or a cool iron.


A Great Couples Costume That Shows Everyone You'Re Both Locked Down! One Size, Giant Pair Of Handcuffs. Can Be Worn By One Or Two People.


Officially Licensed Rasta Imposta Bob Ross costume.

Includes a pullover tunic dress (fits sizes 4-10), wig, beard, paint palette, and paintbrush.

The material is 100% polyester, spot clean only, and do not iron.

Creative and unique couples costume. Bring happy little trees, little fluffy clouds, and the joy of painting to your next party.

Shirt, pants, and shoes are not included.

Washer And Dryer Couples Costume

LOADS OF FUN: Spin the crowd right around and have loads of fun in this hilarious Washer & Dryer Couples Costume! Front loading, sudsy fun is but too funny!

COUPLES COSTUME: Grab your best bud or partner and get ready to tumble the night away!

INCLUDES & FIT: This costume 2-pack couples costume includes a Washer square tunic and a Dryer square tunic. The Washer has a see-through front loader window full of laundry and printed lifelike suds. The Dryer has a see-through front loader window with a door that opens. Both costumes are one size fits most adults.

EXPERTLY DESIGNED: Expertly designed for you with precision and care by the Rasta Imposta team in Runnemede, NJ, USA. Easy wear & care! 100% Polyester. Hand washes inside out. Air dry. Freshen with a steamer or a cool iron.

DIMENSIONS: 23" x 22" (L x W) for each tunic

Nudist Couple Costume


These costumes are just what you think they are so if you're feeling a little exhibitionistic, by all means! Perfect for that brazen couple! Includes 2 nude jumpsuits with 3-D genitalia.

Fits men and women up to 6'/200 lbs.


A Great Couples Costume looks for everyone! Perfect for music aficionados, especially those who remember the way we used to listen to music! Everyone who sees you wearing these costumes will smile and that is the actual gain! Boom Box Tunic and Mix Tape Dress are one-sized costumes for a comfortable fit and Foam-backed knit fabric Tunic and 100% Polyester Dress wipe clean with a damp cloth. Add your own shirt, pants, or leggings. Tunics fit up to 46-inch chest size. Please visit the link for size availability.

Salt And Pepper Couples Costume

Best and Great costume for couples! Clever, creative, simple, comfortable costumes, and there is one for each of you! Your shopping for costumes is done, and you will bring a smile to everyone's face that sees you. Salt and Pepper tunics look like salt and pepper shakers, with a little metallic-look hat shaped like the shaker lid! Foam-backed knit material can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. Add your own shirt and pants or leggings. Tunics fit up to 46-inch chest size. Please visit the link for size and availability.

Hot Dog And Mustard Couples Costume

The costume set includes a Ketchup costume and ketchup hat, a mustard costume, and a mustard hat.

Ketchup and Mustard costume set measures: height 170cm-180cm, Chest 100cm-120cm, waist 80cm-105cm, Hips 105cm-120cm. Costumes are one size fits most adults. Hand wash in cold water and lay flat let air dry, and do not twist or wring. Great quick and easy Halloween costume. Go trick or treating in these realistic couples matching costume sets. This realistic 2-pack costume set is great for a themed birthday party, office party, barbecue party, or just any dress-up party.


Look just like the most fearsome but cutest couple in the sea with this fun Sand Shark & Shark Hoodie Dress couples costume! Great party dresses up ideas for Halloween, Events, and Aquariums! The Sand Shark Costume is a light gray polyfoam tunic that has a dorsal fin on the back and a tail fin at the bottom. Your face is in the mouth opening rimmed with white jagged teeth. Good visibility! Just put on over your own clothes for a comfortable and easy costume with lots of impact! One size fits most adults. This one-piece Shark Hoodie Dress is perfect for that fearless girl! The lightweight polyester costume features a sleeveless gray polyester dress with attached fins and a hoodie that looks like an opened shark mouth with teeth and a red sequined lining. Fits most women's sizes 4-8. Expertly designed for you with precision and care by the Rasta Imposta team in Runnemede, NJ, USA. Easy wear & care! 100% Polyester. Hand washes inside out. Air dry. Freshen with a steamer or a cool iron. Dimensions are as follows: Sand Shark is 53" x 27" (LxW), Shark Hoodie Dress is 47" x 14.5" (LxW).

Lw Taco And Lime Slice Couple Costume

If you got the Lime, I got the time", "What you "taco" about? This cute colorful Taco and Lime Tunic Costume makes any gathering a fiesta. The polyester material is easy to clean and comfortable to wear. Slip it on and make it a party! Tunics fit up to a size 46 chest. Please click on the product link to know the size and availability

Pancake And Bacon Slice Couple Costume

Favorite Breakfast Combo! All that's missing is that delicious smell! Remind your friends that breakfast is the most important meal of the day! The Pancakes and Bacon Slice Couples Halloween Costume combo is deliciously timeless! The Pancake costume includes a digitally printed tunic with an amazing picture of a stack of pancakes. One Size fits most Adults. The Bacon Slice costume includes a digitally printed tunic with a photo-realistic picture of a bacon slice. One Size fits most Adults. Expertly designed for you with precision and care by the Rasta Imposta team in Runnemede, NJ, USA. Easy to wear & care for! 100% Polyester. Hand washes inside out. Air dry. Freshen with a steamer or cool iron.

Barbie Box And Ken Box Couple Costume

You can be anything, even a Barbie & Ken Box Couple! Create your own Barbie style in the Barbie & Ken Doll Box Couples Costume! Barbie Box includes a box with poles and shoulder straps to hold it up. Clear plastic at the front panel to allow vision. Great Shape Barbie Costume is not included but is sold separately. One size fits most Adults sizes S-XL. Ken Box includes a box with poles and shoulder straps to hold it up. Clear plastic at the front panel to allow vision. Barbie Animal Loving Ken Costume is not included but is sold separately. One size fits most Adults sizes S-XL. Expertly designed for you with precision and care by the Rasta Imposta team in Runnemede, NJ, USA. Easy wear & care! 100% Polyester. Hand washes inside out. Air dry. Freshen with a steamer or a cool iron. Officially licensed by Mattel to Rasta Imposta. Check package labels for authenticity.

Hot Dog and Bun Couples Costume

A great couple's costume! After all, what goes better together than a hot dog and a bun? The hot dog tunic features a hot dog with a yellow mustard stripe down the middle and the Bun tunic features a top of bun on the outside and a greyer plain area in the middle! Wearer's faces, arms, and legs are visible. One size fits most adults.

Banana And Monkey Couple Costume

These are the perfect couples costumes for you! Everyone knows that monkeys are wild about bananas, so this set features a goofy cartoon-like monkey suit and a larger-than-life banana costume! You’ll have a blast monkeying around at a Halloween party wearing these comical couples' costumes! If you're taking the kids trick-or-treating, they'll love seeing mom and dad in these costumes!

Oreo Couples Costume 2 In One

You'll look good enough to eat in this delicious Oreo Cookie couples costume! A couple's costume consists of two sleeveless pullover tunics with foam fronts and fabric backs. Tunics are shaped like a chocolate Oreo cookie; one side being the cookie top, the other the cookie bottom with a yummy crème center. 100% polyester fabric, 100% polyurethane foam. Adult sizes.

Adult BLT Couples Costume

Are you having problems finding a great costume you and your partner can wear together? Look no further than these fun costumes of the world's most awesome sandwich! One tunic features bread, lettuce, and bacon, and the other features bread, lettuce, and tomato to complete the perfect sandwich! The wearer's head, arms, and legs are visible. One size fits most adults!

Nerds Box Couples Costume


A great couples costume set that allows you and your partner to become your favorite retro candy! One purple costume and one pink are included and when standing together, forms a whole box of Nerds candy.

Includes 2 pairs of plastic glasses.

Costume covers roughly from the neck to the upper thigh area.

One size fits most adults.


Adult Ham And Swiss Couples Costume

Here is a great couple's costume! What goes together better than Ham and Swiss cheese? A cloth-covered foam tunic with a photorealistic print of slices of ham on bread comes with another tunic depicting Swiss cheese on bread. Both costumes are in one bag. Just add your own black pants and shirt! One size fits most adults.

Adult Key To My Heart Costume

The perfect costume for couples when he really has the key to your heart! Gold lame cloth-covered foam key for man to wear around his neck comes with a black tank dress with a printed golden heart locket. Both pieces are in one bag. Just add your black pants and shirt. The dress fits women in sizes 4-10. Men's key is one size fits most.

Tooth And Tooth Brush Couple Costume

Rainbow And Sun Couples Costume

Great couples costume look, also great for best friends! Two costume packages! Everyone who sees you wearing these costumes will smile! Includes:

Rainbow tunic
Sun tunic
Does not include an undershirt, pants, or shoes.

Avocado Couple Adult Costume

Avocados are the new superfood and to celebrate we have this new avocado couples costume! Couples costume - 2 halves make a great connecting whole. Male & Female halves. One size fits most. 100% polyester.

Bucket Chicken Waffle Couple Costume
The package includes two costumes that resemble a bucket of chicken and a waffle. One size fits most adults. 

Yin Yang Adult Costume

They say the best couples complete each other, and are strong where the other is weak. Show them you believe this concept with this great yin/yang costume. Male & Female halves. One size fits most people up to women's size 16 and men size XL (48" wide). 100% polyester.

Bacon And Eggs Costumes

Great couple's costumes! Everyone's favorite breakfast in a great new look! Cloth-covered foam tunic has a photorealistic print of bacon and comes with a matching egg tunic. Both costumes are in one bag. Just wear your own black shirt and pants! Fits up to 6ft/200lbs and up to size 14.

Adult Banana Flasher Male Costume and Cozy Monkey Female Costume

Cozy Monkey Adult Costume

Brown zipper-front fleece dress with the cheeky banana accent, attached long curly tail, and funny face hood with silly ears. Adult large size fits sizes 10-14.

Women's Grease Sandy Costume and Men's T-Bird Gang Jacket


Cool Sandy Adult Costume

Couple with Danny for some Grease Lightning

Costume includes black "leather" imprinted jacket with the authentic insignia, matching belt, scoop neck top, and shiny fitted leggings.

Danny will sure notice you! Available sizes:



Get ready for a flashback of 1950s fashion with our splendid 1950s theme costumes. Grab a colorful retro costume and jump on the dance floor. Feel fabulous and enjoy a cool retro costume for your next costume party. 1950s theme brought some amazing clothing styles. Who not try these for fun? 1950s costume theme is really popular for retro parties. It’s a great way to experiment with your looks and appearance.

Women love to acquire a picture-perfect look for costume parties. Women deserve a graceful and luxurious look for a party.

Make your special moments amazing in the Women's Grease Sandy costume and capture yourself in camera to make it forever.

Men's T-Bird Gang Jacket

Straight out of the past comes this great retro 50s T-BIRD jacket. Black faux-leather 50's jacket, with zipper and printed logo patch on the back. Black. Jacket only.


Shirt, pants, shoes, and wig not included.

Fits adult size Standard (33-42), up to 6 ft.

and 200 lbs.

100% polyester.

Care instructions: do not wash, do not dry clean, wipe clean with a damp cloth, line dry, and do not iron.

Recommended for ages 15 and up.

Explore revolutionary changes in clothing fashion with our 1950s theme costumes. If you are going for a fun costume party then this outfit will surprise your buddies for sure. The 1950s was the beginning of glamorous fashion for men and women. Clothes were elegant, comfortable, and sophisticated during this period. Do you want to dress in a retro theme costume for fun? Feel fabulous and enjoy a cool retro costume for your next costume party. 1950s theme brought some amazing clothing styles. Who not try these for fun?

Men want to style and grace in their costumes so our costumes got both in abundance. You deserve to grab all the attention of the ladies at your party.

Bring more shine to your eyes and dimples on your cheeks with Men's T-Bird Gang Jacket costume.

Women's Hippie Dippie and Men's Hippie Man Costume

Isn't this groovy! Flower Power print pants and vest with a fringe come with a white shirt and matching headband. Add your own sandals! One size fits most women sizes 8-14.


Take a step back in time to an era of peace and love. Headband, vest, shirt, belt, and pants. One size fits most adults up to size 48. The maximum waist size of the pants is 50 inches.

Men's Raggedy Andy  And Women's Raggedy Ann Costume

One-piece shirt and pants-look jumpsuit with striped stockings and hat with an attached wig. Adult STD fits 38-42. Generously sized.

Dress in an apron, bloomers, striped stockings, and hat with attached wig. Generously sized. Adult STD fits sizes 10-14.


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