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THE WALKING DEAD "This Sorrowful Life"

Previously you saw on AMC in episode ( Prey) which opens with a flashback, where Andrea and Michonne are settling down around a campfire to eat, where Andrea asks Michonne about her chained walkers, to which she replies that she know them before they turned. She said they deserved this. Scene rolls to present storyline where the governor preparing chains in his workshop. The paramilitary activity going on in woodbury where Martinez loads up an army truck with a 50 calibre machine gun and other arms, after the failed talks with Rick and his group. The Governor always wanted to kill the prisoner group, so Milton tells Andrea about Governor intentions and also tells her that what Governor do in his dental lab. Milton asks Andrea to leave woodbury and warn the prison group, she asks him to come with her, but he denies by saying he belongs to woodbury, but before going she warns him to stop looking other way. But Martinez confiscates Andrea’s gun on governor orders, he tells her that he wants to keep her separate from Martinez opreations and wants her to be with them when they meet Rick. Andrea stills leaves and goes over the guarded wall where Tyreese and Sasha tries to stop her, but Andrea threatens him with a knife and tells  that governor is insane man and leaves. Governer follows her and tries to stop her, but she runs and takes shelter in an abondoned factory, Governor too follows her and they play cat and mouse game and kill many walkers. Andrea sets dozen or so walkers on Governor and hears him struggling for life. Exhausted she tries to wave Rick but governor catches her and shuts her mouth, whereas Rick feels that he is still imagining things. Scenes roll and Governor now suspects Milton, but when Milton asks him about Andrea if she is alive to which Governor says “I Think So”. In the end we see that she is bound and gagged on the dental chair in governor workshop. And here is the rest of it.

The Next Episode (This Sorrowful Life) shall reveal us whether Andrea dies in the hands of governor or she will be rescued. At the same time Tyreese is suspecting about Governor and his intentions, whether he will save Andrea or Milton will save her from the clutches of governor. The main question lies how she will survive. Robert Kirkman was asked in an interview about the costumes in one of the interview, where he discussed only about the costumes how his designers worked hard to design the clothes which are being worn by different chracters. Rick Grimes costume, zombie costumes, Governor costume, Daryl Dixon costume are the biggest hit among everyone. Seeing the interview my cousin too ordered his costume online as was getting many options easily, and he shall be wearing his costume at the Zombie run festival, so don’t waste time buy yours too.

The walking  Dead Returns on Channel AMC this Sunday, don’t miss it. If you want to be kept updated regularly about The Walking Dead, then join our Facebook Page and join our blog for the latest articles of your tastes and likes.


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