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In the pure spirit of Halloween you can dress up as vampires couple Costumes they always look great, elegant and sexy. The costumes, generally comes in black, white and red colors. But there are wide costume selection for you so you can dress as random male and female vampire costumes, such as the Gothic Vampire and Vampire Elite costumes. You may also find ghosts, mummy and many other couple costumes designed specifically for couples.

Scary or any other kind couple costume: In addition to the costumes you can find the specific make-up kits, and also accessories like wig, masks and weapons on my blog "Halloween Best Costumes".

So Friends Here are few couple costume ideas you can think about them and can make attraction on your Halloween Party.

31) Harry poter Couple Costume

Description: Includes: Robe. Does not include shirt, tie, glasses, pants or shoes. This is an officially licensed Harry Potter product.


Description: Includes a grey dress with pleated hem, cape with attached collar and necktie, glasses and wand. Does not include: Boots.

32) historical Couple Costume

Description: Includes dress, waist piece, and armbands. Does not include shoes or other accessories.


Description: Includes: Tunic, collar, belt with attached drape and headpiece. Does not include staff or shoes.

33) Funny Couple Costume

Pac-Man Blinky Deluxe Costume

Description: Includes bodysuit with head covering option and gloves.


Description: Includes bodysuit with head covering option and gloves.

34) Ghost Buster Couple Costume

Description: This costume includes hat, jumpsuit, belt and backpack. It does not include the boots.


Description: Includes jumpsuit with Ghostbusters emblem and inflatable "proton pack" backpack. One size Adult Standard (up to a size 38-42). This is an officially licensed Ghostbusters costume.

35) Bull and Matador Couple Costume

Description: This half of the "two some" costume includes a black character hood with attached horns, nose with faux ring and elastic band to hold in place, black velvety shirt with attached hooves, matching pants with hooves, and a plush tail with a loop to tie to the pants.

Description: Includes Romper, Jacket, Thigh Highs, Cape.

36) Octoberfest Couple Costume

Description: Includes: Lederhosen, Shirt, Hat, Socks. Doesn't include beer stein or shoes.


Description: Includes: Dress, Petticoat, Scarf, Socks. Does not include beer stein or shoes.

37) flintstones Couple Costume

Description: Includes: Coat with collar, necktie, cuffs, wig and shoe covers. Available in adult Plus size 44-50. This is an officially licensed The Flintstones costume.


Description: Deluxe costume includes: Brown coat with faux fur trim collar and matching cuffs, blonde wig, and "bare feet" shoe covers. This is an officially licensed The Flintstones costume.


Description: Adorable Betty costume includes blue halter dress with keyhole neck and a black hip belt complete with bones, and black wig with attached blue bow. Shoes are not included. This is an officially licensed The Flintstones costume.


Description: Deluxe costume includes white dress with zebra tattered trim on hem and one shoulder strap. Orange wig and white stone pearl necklace are included. Shoes are not included. This is an officially licensed The Flintstones costume.

38) Fraggle Rock Couple Costume

Description: Includes headpiece, top, gloves and pants with attached shoe covers. This is an officially licensed Fraggle Rock costume.


Description: Includes headpiece, bodysuit, gloves, stockings and shoe covers. This is an officially licensed Fraggle Rock costume.

39) Bacon & eggs Couple Costume
Description: Costume includes: one (1) bacon tunic and one (1) egg tunic. Available in one size fits most adults, sizes Large/X-Large. Undershirts and pants not included.

40) Funny Couple Costume
Have some extra fun with funny costumes for men on Check their latest male funny costumes and let the spotlight of the party be on you! They have the best quality material used to make them last for years and you won't be disappointed in laying your trust with us.


With the range of funny costumes we have in here, you can turn out to be the spot of every party. They don't have any boring costumes as they are meant to be outrageously funny. Moreover, They have the best quality material designed to make them last for years and you won't be disappointed in laying your trust with us.

41) Disney Couple Costume

Description: An official ©Disney costume. This top-quality outfit includes a White turban with purple feather and drape, White full bodysuit and vest with attached cape. Shoes/boot covers not included, nor available.


Description: Includes, top, pants, headpiece. This is an officially licensed Disney costume.

42) buddy And Jovi Couple Costume

Description: This fun Buddy costume includes a green fleece jacket with gold yellow accents and white cuffs and collar, matching cone style eft hat, long yellow pants with elastic waistband and closed toes (says tights on package), and black belt with gold color buckle. Buddy Wig sold separately. Shoes not included. This is an officially license The Elf costume.


Description: This deluxe costume includes a pink velvet dress with red accents and white trim, matching cone elf hat, a red belt with gold color buckle, and red shoe covers. Tights and shoes not included. This is an officially licensed Elf costume.

43) Eskimo & penguin Couple Costume

Description: Includes dress with pom pom ties, mittens, boot tops, and toy popsicle. Petticoat not included. Available in women size X-Small, Small, Medium, and Large.


Description: Includes costume and foot covers. Available in one size fits most adults, sizes Large/X-Large.

44) Boxer Couple Costume

Description: Includes robe, shorts, gloves and tie belt. Does not include shoes, makeup or bandages.

Description: Includes robe, top, hot pants, gloves and tie belt. Does not include shoes.

45) Honey bees Couple Costume

Description: 5pc. Costume includes a mini dress with attached garters. A belt and a collar are included. Wings and an antenna are also included.

46) clowns Couple Costume

Description: Includes: One-piece outfit with Green diamond pattern pants, attached white shirt and Yellow jacket with polka dots, attached pink diamond pattern tie, matching hat, and hoop for that "full" look. Nose, Shoes and Wig not included.


Description: Includes: Shirt, Pants/Suspenders, Hat. Shoes not included.


Description: Includes: Dress, Hat, Bowtie, Stockings, Bloomers.

47) Cops & robbers Couple Costume

Description: Got the time, Shes your partner in crime. 4 piece gangster costume features stretch microfiber dress with side slit, scoop back, and flattering adjustable front waist tie lacing. Includes hat, Matching tie,Gun holster

Description: Includes: Shirt, hat, handcuffs, and badge. Pants, shoes, whistle, and toy gun not included.

49) Alice in wonderland Couple Costume

Description: Includes: Dress, petticoat, armband and rope tie. Does not include shoes. This is an officially licensed Disney product from Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland.


Description: Includes: Dress, petticoat, fingerless gloves and knee highs. Doe snot include shoes. This is an officially licensed Disney product from Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland.


Description: Includes: Jacket, hat, faux shirt front and bow. Does not include pants, makeup or shoes. This is an officially licensed Disney product from Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland.


Description: Includes: Dress, petticoat, collar with attached choker, crown and knee highs. Does not include shoes. This is an officially licnesd disney product from Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland.

50) Angles & Devils Couple Costume

Description: The costume includes a full length gown with lace details and stand up collar; lace petticoat; red jeweled tear drop lace choker, and deluxe Vinyl devil horns. Available in Adult sizes Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large. Pair up with the Hnadsome Devil for a great couples look.


Description: Includes: Dress and sleeves. Shoes, wings, halo, and stockings are not included.

51) Austin Powers Couple Costume

Description: Poly-suede jacket with elastic waist pants, dickey with cravat and glasses. This is an officially licensed Austin Powers costume.

Description: Foxy Frosti- 4 pc. Costume includes velvet mini dress, scarf, gloves and mini hat.

52) Batman Couple Costume

Description: In the early days of the Dark Knight, Bruce Wayne is just getting used to his new secret identity. This superhero costume includes character headpiece, cape, muscle chest jumpsuit with attached boot tops and belt. Available in adult sizes: Medium and Large. This is an officially licensed The Batman costume.


Description: Includes: Dress, cape with string that wraps around the front of the neck and ties in the back, belt, gloves, and eye mask. Boots not included. This is an officially licensed Batman costume.

53) 1970's Couple Costume

Description: Includes: Neck scarf, shirt and pants. Guitar and shoes not included.


Description: Includes pants and jacket with attached shirt front and cuffs. Does not include shoes.

54) addams Family Couple Costume

Description: The Uncle Fester costume includes: character mask, hooded robe, and rope cord belt. This is an officially licensed The Addams Family costume.

Description: Our Wednesday costume includes a short black dress with a large white collar and large white sleeves and a belt. Tights and Skull prop not included. This is an officially licensed costume from "The New Addams Family Series".

55) Gomez & Morticia Couple Costume

Description: Includes jacket with inset shirt, bow tie and pants. Available in size Adult Standard. Mustache, shoes, and cigar not included.


Description: Includes dress. This is an officially licensed Addams Family costume. Shawl not included.

56) Aladdin Couple Costume

Description: This colorful Genie ensemble includes a full bodysuit with torso muscles and a vinyl mask. This is an officially licensed ©Disney Aladdin costume. Socks not included.

Description: Includes, top, pants, headpiece. This is an officially licensed Disney costume.

57) Rock Lover Couple Costume

Rock Lover Costume

Description: Includes jacket with attached shirt, wig with bandana, and VIP pass. Does not include pants, boots, or bottle.


Description: Includes a safari style hat with foam lining to hold shape, jacket, and shorts all with faux animal print trim, and a black faux leather belt with gold color buckle. Gun not included. Boots not included.

59) Toga Toga Couple Costume

Toga Toga Couple Costume

Description: Includes one White robe with attached drape and Gold leaf headpiece. Available in Adult Unisex - fits up to approximately 180-200 lbs, Female is 5'3"/110 lbs). Sandals and beverage cans not included. 100% tetron cotton; exclusive of trim and headpiece.

60) Cowgirl Cowboy Couple Costume

Description: Cow print tie front top, chaps and arm cuffs. Hat, boots not included.
Description: Includes: black and white cow print jumpsuit, headpiece with attached horns and ears and of course the udder. Gloves, shoes, and make-up not included.


61) Supergirl and Superman Couple Costume

Description: This standard costume includes: Red and blue jumpsuit with attached boot tops, belt and cape. This is not the version with the muscle chest. This is an officially licensed SUPERMAN costume, DC Comics.


Description: This stunning Supergirl costume includes a one-piece dress with a blue top and a metallic red skirt. Gold trim around the neckline and sleeves show the attention to detail on this design. The official Supergirl logo embellishment, gold belt, and attached red cape are also features that complete this superhero's signature look. Red and gold metallic boot tops are also included to pull-together the authentic look of this costume. This is an officially licensed Supergirl costume. TM and DC Comics.

62)Native American Native Princess Couple Costume

Description: Includes top, pants and headband. Does not include sandles.


Description: The Native Princess costume includes: A top and skirt with traditional Native American embellishments, Princess-style neckline and sleeves, and fringe trim. Moccasin shoes are sold separately.


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