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The best-named album of the year award goes to Tim the Mute's Doctor Who Cosplay

You’d think that Doctor Who’s 50-plus years of delighting sci-fi followers, and maybe even the occasional Dalek, would mean there’s a trove of Time Lord celebrators in our very own city. Lo-fi folk guy Tim Clapp (aka Tim the Mute) has found that just isn’t the case, though, and sadly sums up the lack of local fanatics on the title track of his fourth 7-inch single, Doctor Who Cosplay.

Pussy Riot presents Sochi punk Costume video

Russian punk band Pussy Riot ended their stay in the Olympic city of Sochi on Thursday by posting a video criticizing the Winter Games and President Vladimir Putin. The band has been filming in Sochi since Sunday and has had violent run-ins with authorities. They have been detained several times, and on Wednesday militia members attacked the group with horsewhips as they tried to perform under an Olympic sign.

Morphsuits strike deal with Marvel to make superhero costumes

The makers of the popular Morphsuits have struck a deal with Marvel to supply superhero costumes. The skin-tight suits will allow customers to dress up as Spiderman, Captain America, Ironman, Deadpool and Wolverine. Technology, developed by Nasa, allow wearers to carry out their character’s superpower. They put their smartphone in a chest plate compartment and use a special app to do things like shoot web and carry a shield. The special effects are connected to the wearer’s movements. Morphsuits say superhero costumes are in the pipeline for women and children. Co-founder Gregor Lawson said: "Creating Marvel costumes has long been a dream of ours and they are easily the most popular requests from our fans - we've had over 50,000 searches for Spiderman alone on our website. "So when the opportunity arose we wanted to make sure they were the best costumes ever produced and that's what we have achieved. "By downloading the smartphone ap

Kate Moss transforms into David Bowie at Brit Awards and collects his gong in iconic Ziggy Stardust costume

Kate Moss and Noel Gallagher - what a combination David Bowie has won the Best British Male prize at this year's Brit Awards - but he was way to cool to turn up, sending Kate Moss in his place. As his "representative on earth" Kate walked to the stage looking cooler than cool wearing original Bowie's original Ziggy Stardust costume - first worn by the icon at his 1972 Rainbow Concert. Presenting the award, Noel Gallagher, looking particularly glam in his jeans and trademark jacket, told the

Green Goblin’s Costume For Amazing Spider-Man 2

The posters and banners promoting the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man 2 have all but indicated that Green Goblin would be making an appearance in the film and there’s been speculation due to the trailers that Harry Osborn, not Norman, would become the film’s Goblin. Now, via a video coming out of Toy Fair 2014 that shows off the details of

Oscar 2014 Best Costumes: The Great Gatsby to Beat Out American Hustle

This year the Costume Design category offers a variety of styles that previous years have lacked. The category contains two new nominees, two winners and one six-time nominee. From the five designers nominated, however, there is one clear front-runner.  William Chang Suk Ping: "The Grandmaster" - Suk Ping's nomination for the Wong Kar-Wai film was the

Catherine Martin discusses Oscar-nominated costume design for 'The Great Gatsby

As many are preparing for the Oscars, Costume Design can be one of the most overlooked categories. One the main contenders this year is Catherine Martin's work from The Great Gatsby. Martin is getting nods all over Hollywood this year. For The Great Gatsby, she found inspiration in Prada, Brooks Brothers, and Tiffany & Co. to build costumes that reflected the best of the 1920s. Peri Ellen Berne, chair of the Rodeo Drive Walk of Style, told The Hollywood Reporter , “It’s really amazing that she was able to create something from that time period that’s so current and relevant and was also true to that time as well.”

Michele Savoia Dead - Broadway Costume Designer

Michele Savoia, a 55-year-old costume designer who did costumes for such Broadway productions as Swing, Promises, Promises and Evita, has died. He apparently fell into the Hudson River while trying to board his boat in Manhattan. The New York City medical examiner's office said late Monday that more tests are needed to pinpoint the precise cause of Michele Savoia's death . Police divers recovered his body in the icy waters off Chelsea Piers on Sunday. He was last seen leaving the Marquee nightclub around 4 a.m. Thursday.

Costumes and how to avoid the bop flop

Is it best to take the ‘go big or go home’ attitude to your bop costume, or will your true-to-life depiction of Stig of the Dump have fellow students heading for the hills? For most, a few days before the bop there comes a point when the question concerning costume becomes one decision – go all out or just coast along with some semblance of a costume? As ever in Oxford, a large part of your decision is going to be time. Well, if you’ve got it, use it! It could work out that a little creativity with clothes you already own and one or two craft supplies will help you to impress on a shoe-string budget.

Oscar nominated costumes go on display in LA

The burgundy velour suit Christian Bale finished with an ascot stands next to the slinky, leopard-print gown worn by Jennifer Lawrence in “American Hustle.” Five of the flashy, low-cut dresses worn by Amy Adams occupy extra-small mannequins beside them.

Most Outrageous Costumes Of Long Dance

Americans Meryl Davis and Charlie White made history with the country’s first ice dancing gold, but their elegant ensembles couldn’t hold a candle to some of the crazier outfits their competitors were wearing.

GottaCon Costume Contest

Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran, you’re welcome to strut your stuff at the GottaCon Costume Contest, sponsored by Dragon Impact and Northwest Fan Fest. Compete with others to win a prize in one of several categories. Judging will be based on individual costumes. Skits will not be performed (sorry). By: GottaCon & Northwest Fan Fest Day: Saturday Registration: 10:00am to 4:30pm at the Northwest Fan Fest Booth, located next to the GottaCon Photo Booth Deliberation: 5:00pm to 6:00pm in the main theatre – closed to the public Awards Presentation: 6:00pm to 7:00pm in the main theatre – open to the public

Costume Themed Party at GottaCon

This year we will be hosting our first ever costume themed party in our new Gamer Lounge! Come out and show off your costume of choice (please adhere to our costume policies ) and mix and mingle with other convention attendees.  The party will have a live DJ, comfortable atmosphere, cash bar, and fun events Like a Karaoke challenge and fan favorites costume voting. Plus, we will ask all our costume contest finalists to show off their hard work for all to see! Join us Saturday night in the Tectoria Gamer Lounge Feb. 29 to Mar. 2 2014 Victoria Conference Centre - 720 Douglas St. Victoria's Gaming Convention! Day: Saturday Time: 8:00pm to Midnight Location: The Tectoria Gamer Lounge

Ellen Mirojnick Best costume Designs

Bafta-nominated costume designer Ellen Mirojnick on turning Michael Douglas into Liberace, the joy of Matt Damon's sparkling Speedos and how working on the biopic has opened her eyes to a whole new world "It's the greatest experience I've ever had in my career," says costume designer Ellen Mirojnick of Behind The Candelabra, the Liberace biopic that sparkled onto UK cinema screens last year.

Japanese costume Ideas exhibit at SM Aura

“Girls be Ambitious”, Semi Grand Prix Prize Winner. Costume by Chie Ono and make up by Satoko Shidahara. Mallgoers will have the rare opportunity to a modern Japanese costume exhibit and workshop by Heterophonic Dada’s Chie Ono and Satoko Shidahara until February 22 at SM Aura Premier. The event is a joint project of SM Aura Premier and Sinag Arts, a non-stock and non-profit outfit composed of passionate theaters designers whose aim is to transfer and translate its expertise to interested students and professionals willing to embark on backstage theater works and training. The event has two exciting components – an Exhibit of the duo’s award winning works of art at the Atrium until Feb. 21, and a Washi Paper Costume Designing Workshop on Feb. 21-22 at the Samsung Hall. This will culminate in a fashion show by workshop participants on Feb. 22.

Hauntcon 2014 Houston Costumes and Celebration

Nearly 30 Haunted House tours in January? Tradeshow floor sales? Halloween social activities? Education from the industries top professionals? HAuNTcon presented by darklight successfully combined the best of all 4 into one amazing haunt convention!

Get New Outfits And Items - Monster Carnival Coming Soon

Poptropica codes 2013 - 2014 to earn new costumes and stuffs . Redeeming Poptropica codes 2013 - 2014 is one of the quickest methods to earn new items in the popular virtual world. As posted on, below are the Poptropica codes 2013- 2014 that might still work until now: SkullBook - This one gets a Skull Pirate costume and you may need to use all CAPS when typing it in. DRHARE5000 - Unlocks a special edition Dr Hare balloon. DRHARE7500 - Unlocks Dr Hare Ears Power. DRHARE10000 - Unlocks Dr Hare's Light and Shadow Outfits.


Deck the halls with frantic fanboys and fangirls who eagerly support their particular love for any given comic, movie, video game, TV show or film star. When I attended the Amazing Arizona Comic Con this year I was impressed with the amount of care taken to properly pull off these exceptionally realized outfits.

Met's Next Costume Institute Exhibit

This morning at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, I played a little game. I was checking out their upcoming Charles James exhibit, while Harold Koda, curator of the Museum's Costume Institute, lamented that the general public doesn't really know much about James' contribution to the fashion world— if anything at all. That's when it started: me, contorting my face into my best impressions of outrage at "everyone else's" ignorance, like a 12-year-old at theater camp. Honestly, I really didn't know too much about Charles James either, but I didn't want to look like I didn't— and certainly not in front of Iris Apfel, Oscar de la Renta, and the rest of the Very Important Fashion People there.

Festival of Fantasy Parade Disney Costumes

On Feb. 10, while New York City celebrates Fashion Week, Walt Disney World provided media with its own fashion show. A media preview of Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade, shared by Disney Parks Blog , revealed the elaborate costumes that will be featured in the new daytime parade that will be coming to Magic Kingdom in March 2014. Walt Disney World offered a media preview of the new Festival of Fantasy Parade scheduled to debut at Magic Kingdom in March 2014 by Todd Anderson and Kent Phillips.

Olympic Costumes Win Attention

Yep, it's time to break out the cray-cray Olympic uniforms that garner as much attention as the medals won by the world-class athletes. Already, Mexico's skiing mariachi Hubertus von Hohenlohe has let his costume out of the gate: a skintight jumpsuit printed with a bolero, cummerbund and embroidered pants. And what about those audacious Norwegian curlers sporting TV test pattern suits? Put a red flower pot on their heads and they're Devo done over. Let's not forget our American competitors marching at the opening ceremony in those gag-me-with-a-snowboard Ralph Lauren cardigans reminiscent of an ugly Christmas sweater contest. Ditto for the German Olympians in puffer jackets that when lined up side by side conjure a rainbow. And why not? They are, after all, in search of a pot of gold.

The props and costumes Game of Thrones

I have always thought that television screens have a peculiar quality to them. They imbue anything that passes through them with some artificiality. No matter the production value of a show, I can’t help but be skeptical of it because it’s being broadcast on TV. Even with Game of Thrones, undoubtedly one of the greatest shows on television, I can’t shake that nagging feeling that it’s all a facade; a fanciful world made of little more than cardboard cutouts.

Why Capaldi’s Costume is so Popular and Best Ever

Capaldi’s costume for a new era – and it’s so Popular and amazing. Honestly, I don’t think any of us could have possibly come up with anything so cool. I’m going to show you the Best 5 things that make this costume special and one of the best ever. I’m not a fashion expert, this is just the opinion of a fan who likes cool clothes. Look on my points and please leave your comment if you find some more best things. Unique Colours This outfit would not work if the colours did not fit, but my gosh, do they fit! I was skeptical about having another Doctor in a blue and red suit, as I thought it would be way too similar to the blue suit occasionally worn by Tennant, but Peter takes the idea and Capaldi-nizes it. The dark blue mixed in with the touch of red adds to the striking nature of the outfit, they contrast each other perfectly. They have hit just the right balance tone – it’s not too bright, but not too dark either. Also, blue and red are my favourite colours, so that helps.

Pup Stars Divas Costume Style Outfits

Word to the wise, morsels: When hosting a game day party, make it perfectly clear which Bowl you’ll be watching, Super or Puppy. Lack of communication last year sparked an unseemly brawl, complete with weaponized canapes. Many a toupee fell on the field of battle. This year, my sportsy chums and I have reached a compromise: We’ll watch the Seahawks and Broncos on the telly, and our assorted pooches will provide halftime entertainment. Manolo, my beloved Pom, has been practicing in secret all week. “What’s all that crashing I hear?”     “You’ll see.”

Peter Capaldi Doctor Who Costume Style Idea

Steven Moffat had promised that we would be getting our first look at +petercapaldidoctorwho   Peter Capaldi in his Doctor costume today, and here is it from BBC’s Office Doctor Who Twitter feed! I think this is a great costume. Reminds me a little of a combination of the Third Doctor and the Tenth Doctor.