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Evil Dead 2013 Zombie Costume Ideas

Sam Raimi brings back the dead to life. What?? Yes! Evil Dead returns back with much gore, horror and more ghost, to take your heart out. This April evil is going to knock you down. The last movie Army of Darkness which was the last movie from Sam Raimi Evil Dead trilogy. The movie starts when five  friends visit a cabin on a vacation and there they find, the Book of dead which releases the demonic powers in the nearby woods. Soon the demons possesses all of them until one is left intact to fight for survival. Evil dead is directed by Fede Alvarez and produced by Sam Raimi, distributed by the famous pictures TriStar Pictures under the studio of Ghost House Pictures. Set to release on April 5th 2013 all over the world. The movie has been given R- Rated as due to lot of violence and gore content in it. Sam Raimi is always known for bringing the best in his movies, and always his movies are costume hit movies from old Evil Dead movie to The OZ great and powerful and now the new Evil De

Bunnies galore! Ideas for Adult Easter Costumes

Who says Easter is just meant for kids? Adults can join in on the fun as well. Why not plan an Easter themed party at home? Invite all your friends, family along with the kids and have a Blast! It would be the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time with your closed ones. To plan your own Easter party or even to go to someone else's, you will need some amazing costumes to rock. No need to worry, this is where I come in. Here is a link for Bunny Costumes for your whole family. There are a variety of Easter Bunny Costumes that adults can go for. From funky Bunny suits for men to cute Bunny Dresses for women, the list is endless. Let's take a look at the Easter Costumes for women first. There’s a lot of variety available in women's Easter Costumes. From the Black Easter Bunny Mini Dress to the White/Red Bunny Dress to the cute Rabbit in a Hat Costume, there are a lot of looks you can go for. The Black Easter Bunny costume is

Mothers Day Celebration Costume Ideas

Mother's Day is an American invention. It is celebrated on various days in many parts of the world, most commonly in March, April or May. As the American holiday was adopted by other countries and cultures, the date was changed to fit already existing celebrations honouring motherhood. Mother’s day is a very special day for every mother on this planet and especially for the children as they know how much their mother means to them because this a day where they can celebrate it by presenting beautiful costumes , gifts, accessories and many more. The best gift you can present to your mother is a beautiful costume,as her femininity shall always be happy, when she is presented a beautiful costume, as costume makes every women happy. A costume is something which gives her the satisfaction of a gift. She would always like to have lots of them in her wardrobe. If you are conducting a party for mother’s day, then present her a mother’s day party costume, so that she could look beauti

G I Joe Retaliation Movie Costume Ideas

The Joes are back, but this time they are in big trouble as Zartan have framed them as traitors as he is still impersonating  the President of United States. The Cobra Commander has all the world leaders under Cobra control. All the powers of G.I Joe’s are degraded and now they outnumbered and overpowered. From Paramount Pictures and MGM, and from the Studios of Hasbro. The star cast of the movie is really big, some new faces have also been roped in. The famous action star Bruce Wills shall play the role of the original G.I. Joe , General Joseph Colton, The famous actor and WWE legend and still WWE champion Dwayne Johnson A.K.A The Rock shall also feature as Roadblock, A very powerful character in this movie, Channing Tatum shall reprise his role of Duke. There are other also characters in the movie who shall be reprising their role from the prequel. Directed by Step up fame director, Jon M. Chu. The movie was long awaited as it was to be released in June 2012 but due to 3D and IMAX

Cinco De Mayo Mexican Costume Ideas

Cinco De Mayo or 5th May, reminds the Mexican army victory over France in 1862. It is celebrated very enthusiastically in Mexico and in America too as as there are many American Mexicans decent people so it is also celebrated widely among Americans. Cinco de Mayo has evolved into a celebration of Mexican culture and heritage, particularly in areas with large Mexican-American populations. Cinco de Mayo traditions include parades, mariachi music performances and street festivals in cities and towns across Mexico and the United States. Cinco de Mayo Festival is an annual celebration featuring live music and dance, children’s arts and crafts workshops, food, games and activities for the entire family. Just like Renaissance festival or Halloween, where costume plays a major part; Cinco De Mayo have also same importance. Costume is something which puts life in this festival which is favorite among Latino s and Mexicans. In the town of Puebla, where the actual battle took place, there

Florida Renaissance Festival April – Miami

A fairy tale is set to embark upon Miami’s Cauley Square Historic Village when the Florida Renaissance Festival returns on March 30 to April 14, 2013. This year it is going to be more fun, more drinks and lots of events are going to feature on. Florida Renaissance festival Miami indulge in entertainment fun from the renaissance period, satisfy their medieval palate with authentic food fare and drinks followed by rides, costume competition  and games of skill and chance. Many events are going to be organised such as a tournament by The Freelancers sword fights by Buckle and Swash; widely popular high energy comedy stunt show Kamikaze Fireflies, magical illusions by Issac Fawlkes and Masala Gypsy Dancers. The Florida Renaissance Festival is a 16th Century production featuring more than 100 costumed performers, eight stages with continuous entertainment and 20 stage acts from around the world. The Florida Renaissance Festival Miami attracts a lot of crowd from not only America but also

THE WALKING DEAD "This Sorrowful Life"

Previously you saw on AMC in episode ( Prey) which opens with a flashback, where Andrea and Michonne are settling down around a campfire to eat, where Andrea asks Michonne about her chained walkers, to which she replies that she know them before they turned. She said they deserved this. Scene rolls to present storyline where the governor preparing chains in his workshop. The paramilitary activity going on in woodbury where Martinez loads up an army truck with a 50 calibre machine gun and other arms, after the failed talks with Rick and his group. The Governor always wanted to kill the prisoner group, so Milton tells Andrea about Governor intentions and also tells her that what Governor do in his dental lab. Milton asks Andrea to leave woodbury and warn the prison group, she asks him to come with her, but he denies by saying he belongs to woodbury, but before going she warns him to stop looking other way. But Martinez confiscates Andrea’s gun on governor orders, he tells her that he w


Step back into the age of knights, kings, queens, warriors, magicians, witches, all are coming to your town Janesville. There are reenactors, vendors, games, musicians and all of the things you might hope to see in an event. There will be plenty of good food and drink no matter what the weather. The Renaissance Faire is incomplete  without the medvial costume, I am going to be the part of this awesome Faire. The Faire shall be held on 18th and 19th may 2013, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. either it rains or shines. Tickets are priced at $ 7 for adults, and for children from age 5 – 12 is $ 5 and below $ 5 it is free. Again for this year 2 Day Passes! $10 for adults, available at the gate for purchase.  The place where the Janesville Renaissance Faire shall be held is:  600 N Main St, Janesville WI 53545.  And here is the rest of it. There shall be many performances such as; Magnolia May - The Mistress of Misrule, Bounding Main - Internationally Renowned Sea Chanty Singer

Renaissance and Fantasy Faire of the Ozarks

The age of Empires is back, when you step into the age of sorcerers, knights in armors, kings, queens, and beautiful maidens. With their starstruck performances, performers from al over the world shall delight you with your skills and antics. The magicians and jugglers, pirates and puppeteers, musicians, dancers, acrobats etc. are going to make your day everlasting. You are going to enjoy each and every bit of this festival.  This Renaissance visit Pirates' Cove in Dryland Harbour to play games with a band of salty Pirates,  then seek out Gypsies at their quaint Roma Camp for Tarot and Rune Readings, also  experience the exotic when you visit the Desert Wind and Terra Nova Belly Dancers. For your taste-buds special arrangement shall be done with variety of drink tasty food, including our Succulent Turkey Legs found through out Crossroads.. And here is the rest of it. The Renaissance and fantasy faire of Ozarks shall be held on April 6th and 7th 2013 at Washington county f

True Blood Season 6 Vampire Costumes

True blood returns back with season 6 episode ( Don’t let me be misunderstood ). It shall begin from where the Season 5 last episode (Save Yourself) was left. After the episode (Save yourself) where you you saw that Bill is dead and reforms in the style of Lillith. It shall be showing how the group is going to survive from the lillith wrath. In last episode where you saw that Eric kills Russell and saves Sookie and Fairies. Erick asks for Sookie’s help to finish off the vampire authority and save Bill who had gone into darkness to become the new controller  As Alcide fights of JD and kill him with the help of V that was given to him by his father, he becomes the new pack master and makes new rules and also tells them if their is any non follower,the person can leave. Meanwhile  Jason, Tara, Nora and Eric enters the Authority and kills the vampire guards, Sookie and Tara rescue Pam and Jessica, as Sookie and Eric send the group to safer side, they together go to retrieve Bill Comp

World War Z Costume Ideas

Marc Foster, the famous director of James Bond movie (Quantam Of Solace) comes with an Post-apocalyptic  horror  movie World War Z 2013, the Z in the movie depicts Zombies. Based on the novel by the same name, written by Max Brooks and distributed by Paramount pictures. The Movie starring Brad Pitt as a United Nations Employee who travels the world and tries to stop the pandemic  that is defeating everyone. Going to be released on 21st June 2013. The movie starts from where Lane describes where a Chines boy is bitten and he become the pandemic patient zero victim. The Chinese government tries to contain the infection but is unable to, and the infection spreads all around the world. The infection spreads rapidly and only Israel takes the Zombie infection seriously, but US doesn't take it seriously and after the fall of New York, Army sets a high profile defence so that the rest can be saved from the zombies whose senses were no more and similar was the fate of the other countries

OZ The Great And Powerful Costumes

After the success of Spider-man movies, Sam Raimi is back with a magical blockbuster OZ The Great and Powerful. An adventure fantasy film based on L Frank Baum’s OZ novels. James Franco the famous actor who acted in movies like Spider-man  127 Hours, Rise of the planet of apes, Evil Dead,  features as Oscar Diggs the main protagonist,  a small time circus magician who mistakenly flies to the magic land of OZ, where he confronts three witches of the land of OZ. Mila Kunis, Rachel Weisz  the main antagonist and Michelle Williams features the Wicked witches and Good witch roles. The movie shows how Oscar Diggs becomes the one of the most powerful magician of the OZ and is loved by everyone and how he defeats the wicked witches of East and West. The music of the movie had been given by Danny Elf man the famous musician. The movie rolled the box offices on 8th March 2013, and had been doing exceptionally well and have acquired the top spot leaving behind other movies. The costumes used in

The Walking Dead Episode PREY Costume Ideas

The Bloody war is on, after Rick and Governor talks failed, as governor asked him to hand over Michonne and offers peace in back. But the Governor has some other plans to kill Rick and his company and capture Michonne. AMC brings the next Episode ‘ Prey ’ in which you shall see how Rick and governor confront each other in the battlefield. On the other hand Andrea had lost faith in governor  after she came to know what all he had done with her friends. With the return of Daryl and Merle, Rick is happy that he is some strong contenders to his side and also Michonne, as she is really brave and has exceptional Combat skills and Glenn too. But there number is less as compared to Governor people who are mad at killing Rick’s whole group. It doesn't stops here Tyreese and his group who were forced to leave the jail are also with the Governor  At the same time they also have to kill the walkers who can any time come in hordes and attack them. The Battlefield road is not simple it is rea

Easter costumes Ideas for Men women and children

Easter is widely celebrated all around the world. The festival is celebrated because of life and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and it is observed with great excitement all around the world. Mostly people celebrate by decorating their houses or by preparing delicacies. Young people prefer to relish on cakes, color candies, colored eggs, yummy chocolate bunnies, marshmallow chicks and jelly beans. Many competitions are held on egg paintings, egg rolling, singing etc.  Churches are decorated with fresh flowers so that the grand event can commemorate. In other sense Easter is also known as Resurrection day and is celebrated as the rebirth of the Jesus Christ. Now days Easter is celebrated by the other religions. And here is the rest of it. Like any other festival Easter too is incomplete without the costumes or anything. Costume is the most important part of any festival either it is St. Patrick, Christmas or Easter. Easter not just allows people to indulge in festive mood but also g


"I Am Tony Stark I Built Stark I got a great girl and occasionally save the WORLD."  Tony Stark the genius billionare, playboy, and philanthropist is back as Iron Man facing his one of the viperous enemy Mandarin. The bloody war is going to torn Tony Stark whole life he has to think again that whether man made the suit or suit made the man?? The questions are going to unanswered till April 25 th  2013. Famous actor Robert Downey Jr reprises his role with Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper Pots. The movie also stars Ben Kingsley as Mandarin, Guy Pearce, Don Cheadle shall also be reprising his role of Col. James Rhodes. Paul Bettany comes back as JARVIS, Jon Favreau as Happy Hogan. This movie is going to be the one of the biggest blockbuster of the year. Everyone is waiting for the release from the Marvel Studios. Iron Man 3 ( Returns) is going to be a bigger than the first two movies whih is going to be released in 3D and IMAX. And here is the rest of it. My next door neighbo

The Walking Dead Season 3 Arrow On The Doorpost

After the Episode ‘Clear’ which marks the return of Morgan Jones, the famous English actor, the series is taking lots of twist and turns. Merle and Daryl are back with Rick and now preparing for a battle against Governer and his party. The next Episode 13 ‘Arrow On The Doorpost’ shall be showing how Rick and his fearless company are going to tackle Governer attack and when such gunshot happens the whole county walkers are going to be attracted towards it. So tune into channel AMC on Sunday and watch out who dies with Teeths or Bullet. The repeat telecast is also shown on Friday. Last Week I was with my cousin coming back from college and we saw a guy in the costume of a cop and he came to me and said, “ Hi my name is Rick Grimes , where is Lori? Have u seen her? I was stunned and my cousin was staring at him. He just asked the question moved forward and we looked backward again and again if there was any zombie apocalypse. And here is the rest of it. We were very frightened

Best Leprechaun Costumes ideas

A leprechaun is fairy in Irish folklore usually in old man form who enjoy to be mischeif. Leprechaun are famous for there costumes and they are always after their pot of gold. Leprechaun is always in a beard and hat according to Irish folks. The leprechaun costumes are very famous among Christian people as the costumes are wore during the time of St. Patrick day costume parties. Leprechaun costumes are in green color. Men wear green color suit a green tuxedo with long knickers. Children wear green shirt vest and a jacket. Women wear green costume which includes a pants, skirts or shorts. A leprechaun costume is always incomplete without beard  St. Patrick day is a special time to wear leprechaun costumes. So in this article i bring some of the best costumes for men women and children so that they may enjoy their St. Patrick day in leprachaun style.  And here is the rest of it. Leprechaun Adult Costume The evil leprechaun is coming for your pot of gold. The