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Win A Sexy Dress From

Hello Ladies Thank you Fan's for your unconditional Love and support. We apreciate every bit of it. To celebrate our 3000 Fan's mark on Facebook, we bring to you Giveaway. 2 Lucky Fan's have a chance to win sexy dresses from sponsored by Fantasy Lingerie. It is mandatory to "LIKE" and Fantasy Lingerie on Facebook. Share Giveaway on your wall and invite your friends to join the giveaway to increase your chances to win a sexy dress from sponsored by Fantasy Lingerie. Click "ENTER" to be on our winning list. Giveaway ends 14th June 2012. To enter the contest: a."Like" Facebook Page. b. " Like "  Lingerie Facebook Page c. Click on the "Enter Contest" link to enter the contest. d. Click "Enter me to win!" e. You can publish the story to your wall (optional) so your friends can play too. Enter the Contest    |   How It Works    |    Offic