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Need large quantities of costumes or costuming accessories for your school plays, college party, gatherings, marriages, birthdays, business parties, political gatherings, hosts, charity events, companies, and TV shows? We can assist you with the same. Halloween Best Costumes blog is here to convert your order in excellent deal. We have long bound tie-ups with huge online stores and direct manufacturers, to help us deal with the requirements of wholesale products for schools, colleges, non-profit organizations and other such institutions. They carry top quality wholesale bulk costumes and party celebration accessories. 

Get better deals and huge discounts on  wholesale adult, children’s and pet costume items ordered in bulk such as wholesale wigs, Halloween masks, bulk beard costumes, witches, ghouls and goblins face paint, discounted fake teeth and more costumes like pirates, batman and Spiderman for men, women and even pets like dogs and cats. Bulk orders for costumes for babies and toddlers are also taken up.

We will help you place your bulk order just the way you do it for a single item order, easy and hassle free. It is the only way where we can set a better understanding among our reader and online stores. It’s our promise to our readers that no one can cheat you. At Halloween Best Costumes Blog we work hard to find the one-stop wholesale distributors for adult and children costumes, and party supplies like Halloween costumes and wholesale party products. We get you the required quality and selected adult and kid bulk costumes.

Tell us your requirements and we will have a word with the manufacturers and stores about your Bulk order. We will make sure that we get you the best deal possible. Your order will fall well within your budget and would carry high quality. We would get your order shipped directly from the manufacturer’s end and that too at a great price. Our old and happy customers always prefer us over others to get their bulk orders processed and we are sure that you would be in the same list once you allow us to provide you with our services.

Some FAQs Based on Our Readers’ Experiences

What kind of orders fall under Bulk Order Discount category at Halloween Best Costumes Blog?
All types of theme based, event based and celebration based costumes and related accessories, hats, masks and wigs, are eligible for Bulk Order Discounts through our blog.

How can I place a bulk order with Halloween Best Costumes Blog?
You cannot buy or place your order on our blog directly, but this blog will help you place your bulk order at amazing prices. Simply send us an email at karam4@gmail.com with the following information:
1. Item Name OR Product SKU OR URL of the product on the site OR ISBN number
2. Quantity of the Product(s)
3. Billing Address
4. Shipping address
5. Shipping Method Preference (Shipping Method may also depend on the delivery date)
6. Contact Person
7. Phone Number
8. E-mail address
9. Organization
10. Additional information (if any)
Our Blog representatives will respond back to you with a pricing/delivery quote and qualifying discount within 24 hours of receiving your request.

If I cannot find the costume or related accessories that I want at any website, does that mean it is not available?
Most of the stores display only recent event related items on their websites which amount to only a small portion of thousands of them available in their inventory. If there is something you would like to buy but cannot find it on online stores, do let us know (e-mail us at karam4@gmail.com). We will check for the same in our inventory or place special order with various other stores or manufacturers. No extra charges would be incurred for availability checks.
The availability of products on the website does not apply to bulk orders. Online stores may show a costume or accessories as being in stock, but if they do not have enough of that item currently in hand to complete your order, we will go through one of our suppliers or the manufacturers to do that. Unless otherwise specified, out-of-stock costumes and accessories will be placed in back order status and will be filled up as soon as possible.

Can I get a shipping discount on bulk order as well?
Yeah Sure! We will tell you all possible areas where we can help you reduce the cost of your order.

What options do I have to pay my bill?
Different companies have their own payment options. Depending upon which one can fulfil you order in the best possible manner, we will let you know about their payment options. The most common ones include: PayPal, Credit cards and Debit cards.

What is the return policy for bulk orders?
The return policies vary from company-to-company. We will send you a descriptive e-mail about the policies of the particular vendor once you give us your requirements.

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