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Question - (Anonymous) Good Halloween costumes ?

Detail: What are good halloween ideas for two 13 year old girls and a 13 year old guy.

Our Answer - Heelllooo♥

Teen Costumes

Teen Costumes By Themes

Funny-Humorous Teen Costumes
Scary,Gothic & Vampire Teen Costumes

TV, Movie and Hollywood Teen Costumes
Animal and Bug Teen Costumes

Cartoon and Animated Teen Costumes
Fairytale and Storybook Teen Costumes

Fantasy Teen Costumes
Spooky and Horror Teen Costumes

1950's Teen Costumes
1980's Teen Costumes

Angels and Devil Teen Costumes
Army,Military & Navy,Air Force Teen Costumes
Teen Costumes By Event

Halloween Teen Costumes
16th Birthday Teen Costumes

4th July Teen Costumes
50th Birthday Teen Costumes

Birthday Teen Costumes
Christmas Teen Costumes

Cinco de Mayo Teen Costumes
Everyday Teen Costumes

Hanukkah Teen Costumes
Holiday's Teen Costumes

Mardi Gras Teen Costumes
Mother's Day Teen Costumes

I know..These two site will help you.......:)

I think you wear any type of will cute from others...Because girls wear whatever looks and charming....


Question - (Mario) Where can i buy a Godzilla costume that doesn't look dumb?

Answer -
Really You have a creative i was find two costumes only 4 you. check this 2 link. It has nice "Animal & Bugs" Costumes collection.
hahahahahahah see this costume.....It is Funny....and Dangerous also...I think...If you wear this costume will look different from other. These 2 site have Great online selection for your choice...Hurry up...
I always go there..
and the best shipping deals out there....
Have Fun..:)

Question - (Anna-lee) What costume to wear to a 4th Birthday party ?

Detail: Okay so its my nephews 4th birthday party this saturday and its super hero theme ! (Batman, spiderman, wonderwoman etc) and I need costume ideas but I'm on a budget ! Lol any ideas would be great

Answer - Hello Dear,
You can buy all kind of fabulous and charming "Kid Costumes" for your nephews ..and find great ideas with good quality and affordable price... check all has really nice collection for kids....
Very Good quality and fair priced, excellent & Great collection, and the best shipping deals out there...

Wish him/her from my side also....HaPpY B'dAy
Have fun..:)

Question - (EMI) Where can i buy pet, kids, adult, sexy, male, female halloween costumes online?

Answer -
Hello Friend..
The best place to find a good Halloween costume is on-line...Web sites have the largest selection of costumes..You can buy all kind of " Halloween Costumes" like pet, kid, adult, male, female...and many more fabulous and classy costumes check on this site:
with good quality and affordable price..
like: (Male and Female) Adult Costumes
Pet Costumes
Kid Costumes 
and you can also check more "sexy Halloween costumes" here on web site having huge collection of sexy costumes..

Have Fun...:)..!!!!

Question - (Zoe) Costume ideas PLEASE HELP!!?

Detail: At my school the eighth grade has to do a Halloween Carnival and have themed costumes and games. I'm working with 2 of my friends and I need ideas for costume themes. Like movies? Please help!! An example is Toy Story or the Fantastic Four. HELP!

Answer - Hello friend,
My best Halloween costume was back when i was in 4th grade... i was dressed as Bell. it was the Best costume in my school that i also won first place with it...
well there are a lot of different ideas for "Halloween Costumes" is a list of ideas,,and costumes

Super villain
Storybook Costumes
Bunny Costumes
Food, Fruits and Drinks
Star Wars, Space & Sci Fi

you can also go at "" and you will look up all kind of Halloween Costumes and you will find some great ideas with nice accessories...

hope this helps...
Have Fun...

Question - (Sarah) How to make the Joker costume for a female?

Detail: I know how to do the makeup, scars and hair I just need help where I can buy all the clothing for relatively cheap and I have no idea where to buy it all. I want to wear a skirt instead of pants also. Any help or opinions.

Answer - Hey, friend go on this link...your costume is here...

You can buy any type of costumes and accessories,find great ideas with good quality and affordable price...
Best place is here:
Enjoy Halloween...
Have fun..:-)

Question - (mcs255) Authentic marvel costumes?

Answer - Hi...
if you searching the authentic marvel costumes...go on this link..

and you can find more costumes and accessories regarding your requirement.,it was very helpful for me...and i will also like it..if you want any particular costumes ,you can go searching button...and write your can find many more option...& categories...

Have fun..!!!

 Question - (Alex) Helping me with a costume?

I'm planning on my halloween costume, and i want to dress up like a convincing girl. i'd like tips on what to do, suggestions on costume and makeup with pictures if you could. thanks!

Answer - Hello Dear...

Go to website on

YOU can find all kind of Halloween Costumes, And you can think about what should you wear for Halloween, through the internet, its safe,It's high-quality and affordable prices, and fun shopping,
Good luck!!!!

Happy Halloween...:)

Question - (RainRave) Ideas anyone? (Halloween.....)?

Detail : I want to make a costume as in gather different pieces i have some i deas like to be a raver or maybe a fox....... Ideas anyone???

Answer - Hey,,,,,friend
you can go on "" for online shopping and look up all kind ofHalloween Costumes and you will find some great ideas with nice accessories... and also find
Bugs and Animals
Funny & Hilarious
Food, Fruits and Drinks check this also...…

hope this helps...
Have Fun...

Question - (MaGiCk RoByN) What Halloween Costume?

Vampire, Zombie or Corpse bride???

Answer -
I will suggest

On this site you see all kind of Halloween costumes..!!!

hhhuuuurrr Happy Halloween...!!!

Shiny Mew Ask :-
What should I be for Halloween?
my parents are buying my costam this week but i can't deside what to be very year i have been a witch, priceness, or vampire i am a girl heavy weight brown short hair brown eyes hope this help also no wigs wings or teethi want to be something scary but also something that doesn't cost 50 dollars

Additional Details
i know i miss spell princess

Our Answer:-
Hello Dear friend! I really can understand you situation. Dark night...nightmare...haunting beauty...she needs your blood...are you scared??? Dress to scare with some non-sexy and scary adult costumes for the night to become inscrutably obscure. You can dress up as The Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Plus Costume. You Can find costume easily here The costume is Colorful patchwork costume includes dress, glovelettes and wig. This is an officially licensed Disney costume. You can complete this costume with Make-up and socks.

John Berr ask
I know it's really early but what should I be for Halloween?
Okay I know it's really far away but I like picking my costume early.I want something cute but unique.NOT SEXY I'm only 11.
I was thinking of
1.the older version of Red Riding Hood
2.Barbie Doll
3.Robin Hood
4.Lady bug or bumbe bee

Ok dear have a look on these childpre teen costume

Little Red Riding Hood Elite Collection Child Costume.

If you like go for them.

Joe ask
What are some good things to wear to a Star Wars party?
My autistic cousin is having a rager this weekend and like the retard he is, he has decided to make it a Star Wars themed party. I need something bad *** to wear to this thing because he has a lot of really sexy retard friends that I want to impress.
Hello friend how are you! ohk its starwar theme party. So you can dress up as Star Wars Anakin Skywalker Costume. you know most of the ladies like to wear Amidala Jumpsuit Costume or Clone Wars Asajj Ventress Costume. So you can easly mix with them. And am sure they also like your costume with her. And another option is to wear a Clone Trooper Costume. You can easily find your costume here


baseball10272 ask
What to be for halloween?
im a 23 yaer old crossdresser and im going to a costume party at a gay club and have no idea what to be... help :)

Our Answer
HI dear! I have ultimate ideas for you to be in cross dresser costume! Follow this link and read awesome ideas for your best costume. Am sure you will really like this post!


Ahkmed Asked:
Original Halloween costume ideas?
I am a 14 year old girl and I am 5'6". My hair is very light, ginger-ish blonde. I want some ideas for a non-slutty Halloween costume. I have a petticoat (something you wear under skirts/dresses to make them poof out) and I was hoping to incorporate that into the costume. I need it to be original, but something everyone will recognize. Like a character who wears a big fancy dress. So I was thinking maybe a Disney Princess, that ginger one from Enchanted maybe? Anyways, my mum is really good at sewing so she would help me make the costume... and I need to upstage my friend who was an Navi(Avatar) last year, and she won my school's costume contest that we have every Halloween. So I just need ideas... I want it to be awesome. Thanks!

Dear Ahkmed!
You can dress up as "Tickle My Fancy Costume". Try to make it as Halloween Costume. Have a look on the image. After it you have need to purchase some accessory  like jeweled feather hair clip, Choker ,Feather, Elbow length satin gloves from local store. May be it help you!


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