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Dressing sexy, playful, and scary is too mainstream, but donning something that makes you look different and eye-catching is extra. Be the change and add the fun element to your costumes with PartyBell's extraordinary attires. Wear selective and funniest Halloween costumes and tickle down the funny bone of your close ones. Start a laughter riot, take pride in being a humorist, and become the life of a party with your comic sense and PartyBell. 

We have jotted the best funny costume ideas for you, just choose any and get stares and compliments straightway.

1) Light Up Stick Man Adult Costume

Light Up Stick Man Adult Costume

Lighten up the ambiance of any party with this super glowy Light Up Stick Man Funny Adult Costume. This one-size costume comes with lights ensembled and manageable batteries. Pair it with any of your favorite sneakers and be the light on a dark night. 

2) Lion Cub Infant Costume

Lion Cub Infant Costume

Love at first sight, whosoever will see your little lion king in this costume will surely shower love on your tiny tot. The super adorable furry Lion Cub Infant Costume will make your toddler look cute. The brown jumpsuit comes with a rattle mouse and a headpiece with faux fur ears. Just grab this enduring yet funny costume at the best prices only from PartyBell.

3) Mannequin Inflatable Adult Costume

Mannequin Inflatable Adult Costume


Just inflate and camouflage with any wall, call people by their names and scare them, become a prank master, and leave everyone in splits with your Mannequin Inflatable Adult Costume. Bounce around in this 6' inches inflatable body form prop only from PartyBell.

4) Giggles The Clown Adult Costume

Giggles The Clown Adult Costume

Spread love, laughter, and joy. Become the talk of the town by being the most popular clown. Share your jokes and wear an exclusive Giggles the Clown costume only from PartyBell. The costume includes scrunchies, bloomers, and shoe covers, get yourself a well-suited wig, put your makeup on and you're ready to jump and roll. Be funny with your legit funniest adult costume.

 5) Adult Baby Costumes - Blue Costume

Adult Baby Costumes - Blue Costume

Do you miss being a child? Then get a chance to crawl back to your pram. Relive, rejoice and have unbelievable fun moments, be an entertainer to all and say goodbye to baby blues with this Adult Baby funny Costume. This purchase includes a polka-dotted bib and a bonnet, a large diaper pin, and a pacifier. Attain all the attention with this funny adult costume, after all, you are a baby.

6) Ride a Camel Adult Costume

Ride a Camel Adult Costume

Always bring your mode of conveyance with you, travel in style, and ride on your camel at every party. This pretty funny costume comes with a stuffed camel with attached legs and sandals. Never get late for a party, ride, and reach on time.

7) Men's Anchorman Leisure Suit

Men's Anchorman Leisure Suit

He is for sure a big deal and we all know him, he is none other than the greatest and the funniest anchor of all time Ron Burgundy. Dressing funny is totally on point with this Anchorman. Disguise yourself in Will Ferrell's leisure suit and roll in the top breaking news in the Ron Burgandy style. Make people fall out of their spaces with laughter. This costume tops the list of the funniest costume forever. The purchase includes the suit, white shirt, faux mustache, and a good hair wig.

8). Child Feed Me™ Piggy Costume

Child Feed Me™ Piggy Costume

"Oink" - "Oink" the piggy is hungry, fill in the tummy with treats, the child feed me piggy costume is the minimalistic yet cutest and funnies costume for Halloween, the costume comes only with the body. Leggings and shoes are not included. 

9) Wanna Nookie Costume

Wanna Nookie Costume

Are you ready to do some Hawain moves? Do vamp and enjoy the party, show your talent, and dance to the Hula beats with this Nookie costume. Glamorous, quirky, and funny all in one. This costume will surely make everyone turn their heads and have a heartful laugh with you. The funny costume comes with a padded and attached bikini, along with a grass dress. The accessories shall be bought separately to add the spicy punch.

10) Popeye Adult Costume

Popeye Adult Costume

Nobody can ever go wrong with this evergreen choice of a funny costume on any occasion. Dress up like Popeye, keep your spinach can handy and knock everyone off with your looks. This purchase includes a sailor shirt with a square back collar flap, pants, belt anchor tattoo, and a sailor hat.

It takes a genius to make anyone laugh,

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