Friday, November 10, 2017

These Trending Gothic Costumes Will Rock Your Halloween Party

 Gothic Dress Ideas For Halloween
Halloween is here, and I am scared. Everywhere I see, only white and red. Yes, its that time of the year, when I can put my mind to creative use. There are so many pranks in my head, and I want to try them out. The best thing is, nobody will mind my prank. After all, its Halloween.

Gothic costumes are a hit for any party. I absolutely adore them. So where do I get my costume supplies from? Thanks to Partybell, I don't have to strive hither and thither for my Halloween costumes. 

Elite Ghost Lady Costume

Women certainly dig this costume. Its traditional and the dress has all those frills and laces, that enhance its beauty. Its highly popular and one of the most recommended outfits for the occasion.
My wife goes gaga over this one. 

 Elite Ghost Lady Costume

Elite Witch Costume

 Elite Witch Costume
Remember Margaret Hamilton in The Wizard of Oz? Green faced and despicable looking, she performed marvelously in the movie. Similarly, this costume looks exactly authentic, and you could pull out something unexpected for fellow party revelers. You will get a feel of the magic world.

So, are you ready to curse somebody?

Victorian Vampire Costume

 Victorian Vampire Lady

My personal favorite. You can look sassy and sexy while dressing aptly for the occasion. Seduce your prey with your style and poise. Just wait for the right time until you dig your teeth into your prey. Just kidding. 

Miss Edward Scissorhands Costume

 Miss Edward Scissorhands Costume
Johnny Depp received rave reviews for the movie. Guarantee yourself the accolades for this strange weirdly themed dress. The look is so authentic with the laces,belts and scissors, that for once you are fooled that you are a part of the movie.

Sexy Chucky Costume For Halloween

 Chucky Costume

Chucky has been quite a rage since the day of its release. You can also look like the haunted doll and can make it a five star party with your sinister killer doll look. 

So what's it going to be for you this Halloween? Remember to shop at Partybell.

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