Thursday, November 16, 2017

Superhero Costumes Ideas for Boys

 Boy Thor Costume

Every boy dreams of becoming a super hero, possessing supernatural or super human powers. He wants to be a saviour who fights against crime, protects the public, and battles the super villians. You can now fulfill this dream of your child by dressing him as a superhero among this amazing and heroic set of costumes available  

Boy's Avengers Hulk buster Costume

 Boy's  Avengers Hulk buster

Tony Stark's former best friend, Bruce Banner, is on the rampage again and Iron Man must stop him.

 Boy's spider man costume

Saving New York one web at a time is now exciting and even real when your boy will wear this spider man costume and try to save the world.

Costume includes: Muscle chest jumpsuit with fabric mask.

 Boy's Thor Costume

A mighty Viking God of Thunder and superhero to mankind. Thor, a 
Costume includes: Padded muscle chest jumpsuit, red cape and headpiece.

 Boy's Iron Spider Costume

Designed by Tony Stark and given to Spiderman during the Marvel Civil War era.
Includes: Padded muscle chest jumpsuit with boot tops and mask.

 Boy's Captain America Costume

Defend earth as one of the first Avengers.
Includes: Jumpsuit with character headpiece.

So what costume will you choose to become a superhero and save the earth.

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