Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Five best dress for your Toddler on Thanksgiving

 dream catcherIt's that time of the year when people enjoy the most by dining in with their friends and family. They savour various meals and dishes on the occasion of Thanksgiving. On this special day people like to celebrate together by making themselves dress up in a unique attire and what's way better than dressing up your baby as a Turkey or a native American costume ? If you want to make this Thanksgiving special and a memorable one for your kids, you can choose these costumes to make them look different yet notable.

 dream catcher
In Native American Culture, dream catchers have a great significance. If you want your baby to look like a dream so make your baby dress up as this cute native American.

 indian costume

If you want your baby girl to dress us like an Indian tribal girl, you can choose this fringed costume and make your girl look like a jungle princess.

 indian costume
What's better than making your child a jungle king? A fringed dress with a ribbon tied on the forehead will actually give your kid the jungle feels and make him look sturdy during the Thanksgiving.

 turkey costume

Well, if you want your baby to resemble a cuter version of Turkey then you can choose this baby Turkey costume which comes along with detachable wings and a turkey head to make this costume look realistic yet lovely.

So, which costume will you choose for your baby this Thanksgiving?

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