Thursday, May 26, 2022

Awesome Costumes To Buy For Your Toddler On Black Friday

Have a themed party this black Friday? It's this time of the year when everybody's celebrating. So why not celebrate in style. Themed parties are the best way to enjoy the occasion. Why? That's because you can have a good laugh without getting embarrassed. And all this adds to the festivity.

There are loads of options on Costumepub to pick from. Here are some of the popular ideas that are a hit on Black Friday

Playful Pony Costume 

Cluck-cluck trots the pony playfully in this splendid costume, which will look super cute on your baby. The costume set includes -
  • Brown lined zippered jumpsuit 
  • Leg snaps 
  • Ears plus booties
  • Horse hood with mane
  • Muzzle  

Infant Dream Catcher Costume

Loved the shamanistic dream catchers who give a whole new dimension to your life? Then why don't you dress up your kid as one? He would look fabulous in native American attire. The costume set includes - 

  • Headband with a feather, 
  • Jumpsuit with fringe details 
  • Snaps for an easy diaper change 
  • Skid-resistant feet.

American Indian Girl's Costume

Native Indian parties are a rage this season! So why doesn't your loved one adorn this one from the collection? This set includes -

  • Fringed, 
  • Suede-look dress, 
  • Ribbon trim and headband.

Racer Toddler Costume

I personally recommend this one. Your kid will look like the next Michael Schumacher in this costume. The set includes -

  • Muscle jumpsuit and 
  • Matching helmet half mask.

Ariel Toddler Costume

The cutest girl costume on the block. Your girl will look akin to a Disney princess. This set includes-
  • Attached character cameo 
  • Pair of gloves 
  • Petticoat
 I love all of them. Which one's your favorite?

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