Monday, May 23, 2022

5 Scary Halloween Outdoor Decoration Ideas

In the previous blog post, we discussed the scary Halloween decoration ideas for indoors. Let's move outside now. 

Here, I will share with you 5 amazingly spooky Halloween decoration ideas for the outdoors. 

1. Creepy Spiders Crawling

You might be a tarantula lover, or any of your guests might be, but seeing gigantic spiders crawling up on the house would give anyone chills. 

Where you can get the props used here:



This is an animated long hairy spider with Long Hair whose eyes light up. The dimensions of the spider are 60" x 5" x 10".

It requires 3 AG13 batteries.

You can find more options in size and creepiness here. 


The spider web is approximately 75 square feet.  

Another option is:

spider web

This decoration includes a 23' x 18' giant spider web. Package also includes one gutter bracket and five ground stakes.

2. Ghosts Come to Life in Graveyard 

The dead are back to haunt. 

The graveyard is one of the most popular spooky Halloween decoration ideas of all time, and the kind of variations you can do is only limited to your imagination. 
Some of the props that you still can use are:

Graveyard kit


This Graveyard Kit has all you need to create a spooky graveyard scene right in your yard. 

31 Piece Graveyard Kit includes 1 - 21" Tombstone, 2 - 12" Tombstones, 4 - Skulls, 4 - Skeleton Hands, 11 - Bones, 2 - Black Roses, 2 - Skull Posts with 1-Chain Link, 1 - White Cloth, 1 - Bag of Spider Webbing, 1 - Bag of Moss, 1 - Bag of Stands.

Skeleton out of grave 


Ground Breaker with Lantern


3. Witchcrafted Halloween

What's the fun of Halloween if it has no evil spell to cast?

Some props for the witch themed halloween decoration:

Stitch Witch Sisters Animated Prop Animated Prop


Flying Witch Animated Prop

Towering witch

towering witch

4. Jack o lantern Themed Decoration

That white as ghost headed Jack with carved pumpkin in sneering smiles, definitely will leave everyone quaking in their boots.

The props you can use:

Animated Scorched Scarecrow

jack o lantern

Spooky Pumpkin


5. When trees give you the heebie-jeebies.

Trees can be spooky. Try different props to bring out the creepiness.

Tree Hugger Witch

Do share in comments below which one you liked the most. 


The Scariest Halloween Indoors Decoration Ideas

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