Monday, May 23, 2022

The Scariest Halloween Indoors Decoration Ideas

Some incredibly creepy decoration ideas are coming up for your Halloween this year, and how you can redo them in your party venue.

IDEA 1: Turn White in Fear

Set one corner a chit-chat zone for the creepy skeletons. 

The props are easily available. You can use:

1. White Reaper

White reaper

This white reaper is animated, and its eyes light up. It's 3 feet tall with posable arms and a shredded cloth costume design.

Frightening and bone-chilling, isn't it

2.  Bag of Bones

bag of bones

This bag of bones includes hands, head, legs, and feet. A great prop for a haunted Halloween decoration. Simply open the bag and scatter the bones around your haunted display.

3. Skull & Bone Flail

skull and bone flail
The unique mace you'll ever see. Hang it in a corner to add that creepy effect. 

4. Light Up Skeleton Wreath


Your victims will know you're in the season's spirit when they see this all-bone wreath on your door at your Halloween party.

Light-up skull eyes give a very creepy staring look. 


5. Poseable Skeleton

posable skeleton
A great prop for anyone's home haunt or haunted house! Let This Spooky Guy sit there and send chills down your guests' spines. 

6. Doberman Skeleton Decoration


Realistic-looking Doberman skeleton decoration. Measures 29 inches tall and looks like he could still pounce on you.

pumpkin lights

Includes 100" musical string lights with 10 pumpkins that light up.

IDEA 2: Ghouly Table

Props used here:

1. Realistic Skull Decoration


Plastic Skull. Measures approximately 6.7in x 7.5in x 6.3in.


This sinister pumpkin doesn't just there but rolls out fog off the eyes, nose and evil grin.

3. RIP Tombstone


The lightweight polystyrene tombstone has a realistic weathered-stone look, with 2 plastic ground stakes. Measures 30in tall x 22in wide x 4in deep.

IDEA: 3 Swallow the chills along 

Props Used here:

1. Bats Strip

3 Different Size Vinyl Bats With Suction Cups Attached That Allow You To Place Almost Anywhere.

2. Skull Pitcher


Guzzle your grog in style!

Startling plastic skull pitcher perfect for a spooktacular night of partying!

Bring out your scariest fantasies this Halloween and show your friends the eerie side of you.

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