Monday, May 23, 2022

Hunting For A Transformer Toy- What a Delightful Shopping!

costume transformer
"I want Transformers!"

I never knew that my nephew had grown such an obsession for toys and games. As far as I remember, I saw him last crawling and bumping his head into all sorts of furniture, my sister running after her to keep him away from insects that might creep into the house. His favorite sport has always been messing all things up, be it his nicely done closet or any drawer. Then, he has his blocks to spread all over the place, and all those mothers here would understand the pain of a 24x7 cleaning mission going on. 

Now, just the other day, he said, "I want Transformers!"

Have I been missing something here? Is he growing too fast, or I'm losing a sense of time? (He is 10 years of age now.)

Whatever the reason is. My task at hand right now is to get him a good toy or game, which made me again surf the internet for nothing-less-than-amazing toy for my li'l prince charming. And, here I found the treasure chest - ToyHo !!

Transformers Titans Fortress Maximus


The Fortress Maximus is a pleasure maximum. 
As mentioned in its description, this Titans Return Titan Class Fortress Maximus figure comes with a Titan Master Emissary figure and a Cerebros figure. The Emissary figure becomes the head of the Cerebros figure, and the Cerebros figure becomes the head of the Fortress Maximus figure. 
It features lights, battle sounds, and three modes: robot, battle station, and Autobot city. When the figure is in Autobot city and battle station modes, Titan Master figures fit inside. 

Sounds so cool!

Transformers Masterpiece Lamborghini


It transforms completely from vehicle to robot. An officially licensed Takara release, it also includes gun and sword accessories.

Autobot Wheeljack

wheel jack

2-in-1 Wheeljack converts from robot mode to vehicle mode*Lancia Stratos Turbo Mode*Includes figure and accessories.

Transformers Platinum Edition Masterpiece Action Figure: "Year of the Goat" Soundwave

year of the goat

This "Year of the Goat" Platinum Edition Soundwave is a stunning original Soundwave Transformers Masterpiece action figure. 
Soundwave includes five transforming microcassettes of Ravage, Laserbeak, Buzzsaw, Decepticon Rumble, and Decepticon Frenzy. This figure features copper details and a generous mix of translucent plastic for a truly unique version of Soundwave!

Do share in the comments which one you like the most.


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