Thursday, August 31, 2017

Heard About Feisty Plush Toys? Such Little Angelic Devils They Are

 feisty toys

"Mommy Mommy I want that teddy." 

"Ah. Again. You already have enough of them already."

Let me share with you what happened the other day.

Just like another day, I was relaxing and surfing things for my room on my tablet, and my little boy stormed in.

"Mommy Mommy I want that teddy." 

"Ah. Again. You already have enough of them already."

"Mommy, you don't understand. It's a cute teddy but it changes into angry face."


"Mommy, you hold it in your hand and then he gets angry."

"Oh my dear lord! I wish I could know what he is saying."

Then he takes my tablet, type something and show me a video...

Let me tell you honestly... I WAS SCARED TO DEATH!

"Mommy, I want this. Mommy please please I want this."

"But, why why why why this? It's a monster." 

"No mommy, it's a teddy. I want to scare dad and all my friends. Please please please...'

Then BOOM came that face

Mommies here must know what face is that. 

Yes, I took my tablet and started searching for this 'toy'.

This Suckerpunch Dog

 feisty dog

You know for the first time only, you are dead scared. But, believe you me, they are adorable. 

Just imagine, you have a dog. You cuddle him, pat him and he wiggles his tail and come running to you. And you always wonder how would he look if he ever gets angry. That's him.

I found many options in it. 


 feisty panda

 feisty monkey

Do share which one is your favorite. 


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