Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Cuteness Alert! Super Cute Costumes For Little Party Animals


I had been on my long search for my halloween shopping online. Honestly telling you and recommending you all to start early too. It's such a mind-boggling job to do, not for the endless options online but scouting for something new, creative and just amazing. And telling you, when you have these things on mind, your options cut down to a miniscule.

I stumbled into this newbie online store, CostumePub(Interesting name, though, right? :P) which I find really good for my shopping for my little kiddo.

Hope you'll find it equally good and give it a shot.  

 home run

My hubby and me are huge baseball fan, and I'm sure our frenzy for the sport is in my baby's blood too. So, why not? ;)

Tarantula Talan


Can a tarantula be any cuter? 

I can't help imagining how cute a baby would look in this costume. slowly crawling on the floor, reaching out to his/her buddy dog... Will the dog be scared?


I can't forget the smile on my baby's face when he saw Mumble of 'Happy Feet'!



How can anyone resist hugging any baby in this costume?

See, this was I talking about. This is such a puzzling job.
 Hear me out. 
Start shopping now. 

I strongly recommend you to once explore CostumePub. I'm sure you won't be disappointed at all!


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