Friday, June 3, 2022

Harley Quinn Costume Accessories for Halloween 2022

As said in the last post, this post is about Harley Quinn costume accessories. Whether a person is a child, teen or an adult everyone is crazy about Harley Quinn as this super villain has always gained popularity from time to time .Because of its uniqueness, especially for this Halloween 2016, it has become one of the most popular Halloween Costumes as one looks sexy in this costume.

1. Women's Suicide Squad: Harley Quinn Bat for Halloween

The Harley Quinn bat is very appropriate for every super-villain costume. Harley Quinn used this type of bat in the movie “Suicide Squad” and her style is very famous among people of all age-groups.

2. Harley Quinn Inflatable Mallet - Red/Black - One-Size

This Harley Quinn Mallet is in high demand in Halloween market as this can easily be used by kids as well as adults. The red and black color of this mallet is completely in accordance with Harley Quinn’s signature.

3. Suicide Squad: Harley Quinn Adult Wig for Women - Blonde - One-Size

This wig is quite similar to the hairstyle of Harley Quinn in the new movie “Suicide Squad” released this year and is one of the most popular costumes among girls for Halloween celebration.

4. Girls DC Superhero Girls: Harley Quinn Child Wig

Not only for adults, there is something for girls too. This is a child wig for dressing-up like Harley Quinn this Halloween.

5. Women's Harley Quinn Adult Tights for Halloween

Harley Quinn’s costume is not complete without these tights as it enhances the grace of the costume manifold.

6. Harley Quinn Women’s Thigh High Stockings - Black/Red - One-Size

This is an alternate option for the above discussed tights and this is for those who do not like wearing tights.

7. Harley Quinn Fingerless Gloves for Women - Black/Red - One-Size

This Harley Quinn’s finger-less gloves highly feminize the Harley Quinn’s costume.

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