Friday, June 13, 2014

Sexy and Simple Mario and Luigi Couple Costume for Women

This Mario and Luigi couple costume for Women was a very simple and easy costume to put together. We bought blue high waisted shorts, and sewed yellow buttons on to the shorts. We bought suspenders from Wal-mart and attached them underneath the high waisted shorts so that it looked like the suspenders were connected to the shorts.

We bought red and green tank tops and turned them into crop tops. We had beaded necklaces from spring break the year before and cut holes into the mustache and connected it to the beads and wore the mustache around out neck. We had to buy the hats from Spicylegs but they were very cheap. Finally, wear thick white crew socks, with white shoes!

We got a lot of attention with these costumes, although we did see a lot of other Mario bros. costumes, ours was very unique. One suggestion is that if it is cold where you live try a long sleeve crop top that would be cute too, I wish I would have done that because it was pretty chilly. ENJOY!

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