Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Favorite Native American Fictional Characters

 native americaHistory is always fascinating. Knowing about the past and our ancestors. But another factor that makes history so interesting is the variety of costumes option it brings along. Since we are in America talking about American history , there are so many options to go in for. What I like the most about these costumes is that they are very simple and yet very attractive plus you can make them at home as well. Head bands, color marks on face adds those final touch ups to the look. Native Americans, cow girl, cow  oy, Indiana costumes are few of the options that you can go for. Accessories your costumes with feathers and beads for therealistic feel.

                                Includes top, pants and headband. Does not include sandles.

                                              Includes: Wig. Does not incldue shirt.

Includes: Dress, Hairpiece, Armbands, Boot Covers. Does not include boots, flower or braid beads. Plus size fits up to size 22. Chest: 50", Waist: 42", Hips: 52", Height: 68", Weight: up to 230 pounds.

               Includes dress, headband, and boot covers. Does not include flowers or boots.

  Dress, Boot Tops, Belt, Armband, Choker, Headpiece. Does not include shoes or hair ties.

Includes shirt, pants, headband, tomahawk, arrows, arrow holder and bow. Does not include moccasins.

These costumes are a great way to introduce and educate our young ones about our culture and heritage. It can be used not as a Halloween party but also for educational purposes. Hope you have fun with and in these costumes.

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