Saturday, March 29, 2014

Casualty's Amanda Mealing: 'I get the best one-liners, best costumes and highest heels. It’s every girl’s dream

In an interview with What’s on TV Amanda Mealing reveals
her return as consultant Connie Beauchamp
will ruffle feathers in BBC1's Casualty…
Having left Holby City in 2010 was it an easy decision to reprise the role of Connie Beauchamp in Casualty?
"Not at all. I said no at first! I left Holby City after six years of commuting and not seeing my family. But my husband thought we should turn it into an adventure, so they all came with me this time. My children are in a new school and we absolutely love it in Cardiff."

Holby City fans are familiar with Connie, but how would you describe her for Casualty viewers?
"Connie’s a driven alpha female. She’s an incredible doctor and surgeon, and she doesn’t suffer fools. She’s not concerned whether people like her or not, her concern is medicine and the state of the emergency department."

Why is she back?
"Holby CEO Guy Self needs a dynamic consultant in the ED because things are falling apart. So she’s returned from private practice in Switzerland to revolutionise things!"

How do her new co-workers receive her?
"Her arrival puts them into a tailspin! Everyone is trying to work out why she’s there. Clinical Lead Zoe and Connie lock horns almost immediately. Zoe tries to exert her authority, but Connie isn’t very good at taking orders. There are also some very cute young doctors and Connie’s a sexual predator with a roving eye!"

Do Connie and Guy have an agenda for the ED?
"With Connie around things are going to get more political because she’s a political animal. Guy’s instructed her to acquaint herself with every aspect of the ED. Connie takes that literally and on her first day she goes on a shout with the paramedics. She really gets involved with the action! It was quite terrifying, but I did all my own stunts."

Was it easy to get back into the swing of being Connie?
"Once I got the designer heels on I was straight back in there. Connie’s no wallflower so I didn’t have time to be hesitant or nervous, which was a bit of a shock for everyone! I get the best one-liners and putdowns, best costumes and highest heels. It’s every girl’s dream!"

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