Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Why Capaldi’s Costume is so Popular and Best Ever

Capaldi’s costume for a new era – and it’s so Popular and amazing. Honestly, I don’t think any of us could have possibly come up with anything so cool. I’m going to show you the Best 5 things that make this costume special and one of the best ever. I’m not a fashion expert, this is just the opinion of a fan who likes cool clothes. Look on my points and please leave your comment if you find some more best things.

Unique Colours
This outfit would not work if the colours did not fit, but my gosh, do they fit! I was skeptical about having another Doctor in a blue and red suit, as I thought it would be way too similar to the blue suit occasionally worn by Tennant, but Peter takes the idea and Capaldi-nizes it. The dark blue mixed in with the touch of red adds to the striking nature of the outfit, they contrast each other perfectly. They have hit just the right balance tone – it’s not too bright, but not too dark either. Also, blue and red are my favourite colours, so that helps.

Simplicity and Stylish Costume
The thing that hit me first when I saw this costume was how simple it is. Just a dark blue outfit with some little hints of red and a plain white shirt. Boring, right? Wrong. This, ladies and gentleman, is how you do a striking costume. If I saw a man walking down the street in this thing, he would grab my attention so quickly and so forcefully I literally would not be able to take my eyes off him. Now, the same applies to Colin Baker’s outfit, but this manages to retain Capaldi’s innate coolness at the same time. I think this is the simplest costume any Doctor has ever had – and yet, it’s the most striking. It’s like a magician. Simple enough, but with that little touch of flair that makes you know there’s something interesting about this guy. 

Doc Martens Boots

Capaldi is continuing the trend of having extremely cool footwear. Doc Martens always have been, and always will be, awesome. They’re that little finishing touch that just makes this outfit something totally special, the icing on the perpetual cake of beauty. They compliment the design perfectly, as any good shoes should, and are the bridging gap between Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi’s costumes – both had a pair of awesome boots.

Special Suit Costume

The Doctor wears a cardigan! I must admit, when speculating on Capaldi’s costume, a cardigan was the last thing I wanted. I thought it would be a lame way of reinforcing Capaldi’s age, and would just look silly. Well, boy, was I wrong! It fits perfectly with the Crombie, and just looks like such a lovely piece of attire. It also stops the outfit from becoming just another suit, and gives it that little touch that really makes it iconic. I want one!

Gorgeous Coat Costume

First Harris tweed, now a Crombie coat. How British! Capaldi will do for the Crombie what Matt did for the bow tie – make it cool. Not that it wasn’t cool already, it’s one of the coolest coats imaginable, but Capaldi just looks so darn good in one! The red linen is perfect, and I love how he’s only buttoning up that top button, exposing the epicness of the red for what it really is! It’s a gorgeous coat and it suits him perfectly.

In the end I just want to say the the shoes looks awesome, the coat is dashing, and the colours pop perfectly goes with this costume. In short, this costume gets across the Doctors inhumanity and eccentricity in a way none of his other costumes have – it makes him look way too cool for planet earth.

Be sure to share your thoughts on the costume in the comment section, and explain why you did/didn’t like it. I can’t wait to see the Doc’s Docs in action!

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