Friday, February 28, 2014

The best-named album of the year award goes to Tim the Mute's Doctor Who Cosplay

You’d think that Doctor Who’s 50-plus years of delighting sci-fi followers, and maybe even the occasional Dalek, would mean there’s a trove of Time Lord celebrators in our very own city. Lo-fi folk guy Tim Clapp (aka Tim the Mute) has found that just isn’t the case, though, and sadly sums up the lack of local fanatics on the title track of his fourth 7-inch single, Doctor Who Cosplay.

Atop a shaky, slightly out-of-tune acoustic guitar melody, Clapp uses a quirky, pubescent squeak to complain about not being able to find anyone to play a Who-related IRL RPG with him, or how his roommate thinks it’s weird that he’s been spending months working on his fez, blazer, and bow-tie collection. It’s goofy, for sure, but takes on a hint of sadness once Clapp admits his cosplay obsession is part of a deeper self-esteem issue.

The mood is even bluer elsewhere, with rustic, finger-picked “Sleeping Pill Sleep” finding the songwriter heading into slumberous self-exile to “fix my mind”. “Ready for War” rolls out ramshackle and semi-rehearsed, with Clapp stumbling on a two-chord progression to detail some crumbling friendships. If anyone in town is up for some role-playing sci-fi action, it’d probably put a smile on Tim the Mute’s face.

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