Monday, February 17, 2014

Most Outrageous Costumes Of Long Dance

Americans Meryl Davis and Charlie White made history with the country’s first ice dancing gold, but their elegant ensembles couldn’t hold a candle to some of the crazier outfits their competitors were wearing.

Russia’s Nikita Katsalapov looked like a superhero skating with Elena Ilinykh (whose striking headpiece was Wonder Woman-esque.)

France’sNathalie Pechalat sported a larger-than-life tutu, while partner Fabian Bourzat wore a fetching (and bright) yellow scarf.

Russia’s Dmitri Soloviev’s costume seemed outrageous for its simplicity. The gray cable-knit sweater seemed more suited for a stroll through Olympic Village than in the medal round of competition.

Canada’s Andrew Poje looked like he was sporting a burgundy crushed velvet shirt under his suspenders — fancy!

Italy’s Charlene Guignard and Marco Fabbri looked like Medieval royalty in their matching burgundy numbers. And really, what could possibly beat crystal mesh sleeves?

Excuse me, Madison Chock? Jerry Seinfeld would like his puffy shirt back.

Spain’s Adria Diaz was supposed to look like an artist creating the masterpiece that was Sara Hurtado’s Picasso-inspired outfit, but instead, he ended up looking like a mime.

And finally, Australia’s Danielle O’Brien and Gregory Merriman get the so bright you’ve got to wear shades” award for their circus-inspired costumes.

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