Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Festival of Fantasy Parade Disney Costumes

On Feb. 10, while New York City celebrates Fashion Week, Walt Disney World provided media with its own fashion show. A media preview of Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade, shared by Disney Parks Blog, revealed the elaborate costumes that will be featured in the new daytime parade that will be coming to Magic Kingdom in March 2014.

Walt Disney World offered a media preview of the new Festival of Fantasy Parade scheduled to debut at Magic Kingdom in March 2014 by Todd Anderson and Kent Phillips.

The Lost Boys inspired by "Peter Pan." Matt Stroshane, Disney

Members of Swan Court. David Roark, Disney

Bubble Girl inspired by "The Little Mermaid." 

A Floral Maiden inspired by "Tangled." 

Cha Cha Girl (l.) and Bubble Girl, inspired by Storybook Circus of New Fantasyland. David Roark, Disney

The Raven inspired by "Sleeping Beauty." 

The Swing Thugs inspired by "Tangled" 

The Floral Maidens inspired by "Tangled." 

The Lost Boys from "Peter Pan." 

Cha Cha Girl inspired by Storybook Circus. 

Seashell Girl inspired by "The Little Mermaid." 

A member of Swan Court. 

A Lion Fish costume inspired by "The Little Mermaid." 

The Lost Boy costume designs, inspired by "Peter Pan." Disney

The Raven costume design, inspired by "Sleeping Beauty." Disney

The Seashell Girl costume design, inspired by "The Little Mermaid." Disney

The preview for Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade costumes was done runway style, all the better to show off the drama and details of the clothing. Ten different design houses, encompasses two countries and eight cities, executed the costumes across the country and the world. The parade offers 39 looks for a cast of 91 performers.

Festival of Fantasy’s costumes focused on a number of characters from iconic Disney and Pixar animated movies. As the runway show revealed, ancillary characters who will appear in the parade include The Lost Boys from “Peter Pan,” the Raven from “Sleeping Beauty,” the Lion Fish and Bubble Girl from “The Little Mermaid,” Swing Thugs from “Tangled,” and Scottish dancers from “Brave.”

Parade costumes were created, in part, by costume designer Mirena Rada and Disney’s Creative Costuming team. Rada’s previous work with Disney includes projects for Disneyland Resort, Tokyo Disney Resort and Hong Kong Disneyland Resort. Festival of Fantasy provided Rada with her first experience designing for Walt Disney World Resort.

“This was a personal first and it turned out to be a very different experience from other projects,” said Rada in a media statement. “Everything here at Magic Kingdom is done on a considerably bigger scale and the resources are aplenty. I took every opportunity to avail myself of these specialties.”
Today’s sneak peek of the parade also included a look at select floats centered on the movies and characters, including Mickey’s Airship as part of the parade finale. The floats will utilize never-before-used technology and an all-new musical score.

Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade is inspired by Disney fantasies and showcases the classic stories that are part of New Fantasyland, the newest area of Magic Kingdom. Among the most well-known Disney characters who will appear in the parade are two new faces: Elsa and Anna from Disney’s recent blockbuster animated movie, “Frozen.”

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