Saturday, January 18, 2014

Historical Period Costumes win 86th Oscar nominations

Once again, period costumes from the major blockbusters of 2013 have made it to the coveted list of best costume design nominations of the 86th Academy Awards, slated to take place on March 2, 2014, at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood.

The nominated designers under the category include Michael Wilkinson for the film ‘American Hustle’ (set in the late 1970s), William Chang Suk Ping for ‘The Grandmaster’ (based on a 1936 backdrop) and Catherine Martin for the Roaring Twenties set motion cinema ‘The Great Gatsby’.

Costumers Michael O’Connor for the movie on author Charles Dickens’ mistress ‘The Invisible Woman’ and Patricia Norris for ‘12 Years a Slave’ ( based on the 1853 memoir of Solomon Northup) have also been nominated under the same category.

The screen adaptation of the American novel ‘The Great Gatsby’ offered the viewers a slice of high-fashion through its 1920s-inspired shimmering velvet and fur accented gowns, created by the Oscar winning Australian costumer Catherine Martin in collaboration with Italian powerhouse Prada. The Baz Luhrmann directed film featured an array of crystal and fringe adorned emerald, jade, topaz and gold coloured sweeping dresses.

Based on a real-life corruption scandal during the Seventies, ‘American Hustle’ has showcased some sophisticated, sensual and edgy 1970-esque dresses, designed by Michael Wilkinson, as well as few authentic pieces, such as twist-front jersey dresses and clingy barely-there revealing numbers, from the industry leaders of that time—Guccci and Halston.

The most dazzling attires in the movie include a sequined halter-neck evening dress, a macramé one-piece bathing suit and several iconic Diane von Furstenberg wrap dresses, worn by Amy Adams’ on-screen character Sydney Prosser.

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