Thursday, October 10, 2013

Day of the Dead Costumes and Party Supplies

Conflicting to its name, day of the dead is totally a celebration of life. When music is played and people dances to honor the spirits, it shows that life is short, and one should enjoy every moment of their life, appreciate it, and live it without being scared to death. The day of the dead is a Mexican holiday for honoring those people who are no more in this world. This day is celebrated by building altars to the dead in home. Altars are decorated with the colorful material; sugar skulls are made and are labeled to show whom it represents. People also visit the graveyards, clean the debris, decorate it and offer them their favorite dishes. Many children also dress up in favorite costumes and ask for treat or money.
So, we present some popular costumes and party supplies for the day of the dead. Maybe you will get some help to make day special for the spirits of loved ones.

Description : Includes hanging skeleton birdfeeder.Shipping : This product ships worldwide.
Shipping : This product ships worldwide.
Material : Polyester

Description: Includes hooded shirt, pants, skull and bone tunic, arm guards, shin guards, ties and skull mask. Does not include sword, face paint or socks.   
Shipping: This product ships Worldwide.Care Instruction: Hand Wash
Manufacturer/Brand: Fun World

Description: Includes skull fence.     
Shipping: This product ships Worldwide.
Manufacturer/Brand: Party Destination 

Description: This costume includes dress, leggings, and hat. Does not include shoes, fingerless gloves, or broom.    
Shipping: This product ships Worldwide.
Manufacturer/Brand: Buy Seasons


Description: Includes hanging bride.     
Shipping: This product ships Worldwide.
Manufacturer/Brand: Fun World

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