Thursday, September 26, 2013

Best Comic Book Hero Costumes

Comic books super heroes are getting even more mainstream with Hollywood movies about them grossing hundreds of millions of dollars at the box office. One of the great things about comic characters is that they are originally drawn, so many costumes will look realler than real, rather than over the top, making these a stylish choice for Halloween.

Spider Man Deluxe Costume

Everyone loves Spiderman, that web slinger of justice and truth. A great costume for slim physiques, spiderman embodies the potential in everyone, showing that we all can be heroes in our own unique way.

Black Widow Avengers Costume

The black widow is a lesser known comic book super hero, but one that has a cult following. Sassy, smart, and sophisticated, she doesn't need super powers to get the job done. Instead she uses brains, skill, and training to kick butt while also looking hot doing it.

Batman Deluxe Costume

The dark defender has become one of the worlds most popular superheroes. In this costume, you will have a dark, smoky, understated appeal that is one of the sleekest comic book looks available.

Sexy Robin

Sexy Robin can be a great costume to pair with a Batman couples look for parties and Halloween. At the same time, it has a geek shiek sexy look and feel that can hold its own, on its own. Those qualities make this a great superhero costume for a variety of occassions.

Thor Classic Muscle

Almighty Thor is both a myth and a superhero, a character from classic lore, and one of the leading memebers of the Avengers. With this costume you can take on the powers of Asgard and battle with the frost giants of the nether realms.

Superman Adult Large

Last but not least we have Superman, the iconic classic comic book superhero. He can fly, lift great weight, shoot lasers from his eyes, and is just generally invulnerable. Now you can take on the mantle of truth, justice, and the American way.

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