Saturday, July 20, 2013

Marilyn Monroe costumes

Marilyn Monroe, an American model turned actress, was famous for her seductive blonde persona on and off camera from the late 1940s to the early 1960s. Monroe appeared in a number of popular movies, but is best remembered as an international sex symbol who died unexpectedly and mysteriously at age 36.

Most people that have come into contact with Marilyn Monroe, either directly or indirectly muse over what made her stand out above the other beauties of Hollywood and the world, what was it that has raised Marilyn Monroe to Iconic Goddess status? Even people that knew her well searched for the answer – the photographer Bert Stern, who photographed her over two sessions, which became known as ‘The Last Sitting” in 1962, stated:

“My eye roved her face, searching. I couldn’t find the secret of her beauty in any one feature. She didn’t have a great nose like Liz Taylor, or perfect lips like Brigitte Bardot. She didn’t have gorgeous almond-shaped eyes like Sophia Loren. And yet she was more to me than all of them put together”


Marilyn's favorite colors were Beige, Red, Black, Cream and White. She wasn't a big fan of bright colors here preferences were amongst the common, and classic shades worn more often than not. Marilyn Liked to look famine and loved attention. She would often add pretty and delicate accessories to what she wore like, bows, pearls, and dangling earrings that mimicked her glamorous stride . Marilyn was a big fan of pencil skirts. She wore them quite often. She often would pair her pencil skirts with sweaters that matched, and owned them in various colors. Marilyn looked beautiful in her often worn halter tops and halter dresses.

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