Monday, July 8, 2013

Grease musical costumes

Grease is a musical play and film made in The Seventies about The Fifties.

Danny Zuko is back in Rydell High School for senior year. He's a bad boy who wears a leather jacket and hangs out with others who do the same. He tells his friends, the T-Birds (or the Burger Palace Boys, if you're going by the play), about the great summer vacation he had at the beach with this girl Sandy.
Sandy has just transferred to Rydell High and is trying to make friends, which happen to include the Pink Ladies. She is The Ingenue, and she is also a senior. She tells her side of the story at the same time. Then the other girls realize the fella she was with was Danny Zuko, and they take her to meet him. At that moment, he is more interested in maintaining his image than acting like the sensitive guy Sandy remembered, and she leaves broken-hearted.

Whatever its shortcomings, Grease evens the field with its music: Kids and adults alike still love it, and love to sing along. And who wouldn't want to, with songs like "Grease", "Summer Nights","You're the One That I Want","Greased Lightning","Blue Moon",
"Tears on My Pillow"  and the list can continue. Lets take a look at some cool ways to go as greasers. 

                                                                        Danny Zuko

The protagonist. Handsome, cocky leader of the Burger Palace Boys. Can also be mean in order to "be cool." 
Originally portrayed by Barry Bostwick in the original Broadway production. Falls in love with Sandy Dumbrowski over the summer. 

Danny wears a leather jacket with a printed “T Birds” logo, white round neck t-shirt,tight fitted dark blue jeans with sneakers.
This combination had become merely symbolic and guys went dressed up as greasers.

Sandy Dumbrowski

New in town, a wholesome, pure, kind, clumsy, and innocent girl. Created for the original Broadway production by Carole Demas. Sandy originally planned on going to a Catholic school but changed plans and went to Rydell High. 
She is a goody-goody who does not drink, smoke, swear, or rat her hair, and the Pink Ladies tease her about her attitude. Falls in love with Danny Zuko.
In the image Sandy is in all black, wearing a leather Jacket with black tights, high waist belt and a black top.


Betty Rizzo

Tough and sarcastic leader of the Pink Ladies; does not like to hang out with Sandy because she is not tough enough. She smokes, drinks, and does not care what others think of her. Rizzo is also a girl with a "reputation". 

These were the three main characters in the film, who created stirs in that era. People still are influenced by the grease culture and continue being greasers. The grease rage lasted for a decade and the outfits worn by the cast in the film had become 
symbolic. Theses outfits could be worn as costumes and yield infinite applause, for its everlasting presence in the fashion world.

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