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Flintstones Costumes

Every prime-time animated television series traces its lineage back to The Flintstones, the first show to disprove the notion that cartoons are suited only for children. From 1960 to 1966, the comical adventures of the stone-age Flintstone family unfolded weekly on ABC. Essentially a pre-historic version of The Honeymooners, the program revolved around Fred Flintstone, an irascible blowhard (voice of Alan Reed), his pliant pal Barney Rubble (voice of Mel Blanc), and their long-suffering spouses. Cartoon veterans William Hanna and Joseph Barbera produced the cheaply-animated half hour. A live action movie version, starring John Goodman as Fred, was produced in 1994, but was not as popular with audiences as the original cartoon.

Fred Flintstones

Fred Flintstone was the main character of the animated series The Flintstones, which aired in prime time on the ABC network from 1960-1966. Fred is stockily built with brown hair and is almost always drawn with a five o'clock shadow. He is generally drawn wearing a sleeveless orange tunic-thing with a jagged bottom edge that hangs loose at a level just above his knees. The tunic also had black triangular spots, which may have been intended to be suggestive of an animal skin. Fred also wore a blue necktie and never wore shoes. When excited, Fred spouted his immortal catchphrase, "Yabba Dabba Doo."

Every kid to an adult has at least once been  a fan of Fred and has shouted "Yabba Dabba doo". According to numbers Fred's costumes have so far have sold the most in the U.S.

Go ahead all you Flintstone lovers, cosplay Fred this Halloween

   Wilma Flintstones

Fred's wife. She is more intelligent and level-headed than her husband, though she often has a habit of spending money (with her and Betty's catchphrase being "Da-da-da duh da-da CHARGE IT!!"). She often is a foil to Fred's poor behavior.

Its always a good idea to go as Wilma Flintstone, the costume is not hard to find and easy to pull it off with no extra frills.


Pebbles Flintstones

The red-haired daughter of Fred and Wilma Flintstone who's born near the end of the third season.She spent most of her time with Bamm-Bamm Rubble. Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm were best friends as kids, became boyfriend-and-girlfriend as teenagers, and eventually got married and had children of their own as adults.Pebbles dwelled in the fictional prehistoric city of Bedrock, a world where dinosaurs coexisted with cavepeople and the cavepeople enjoyed "primitive" versions of modern conveniences such as telephones, automobiles and washing machines.


Dino is the dinosaur pet of Fred Flintstone. It is forever Fred's lot to be knocked over by his pet dinosaur upon returning home from work, with Dino standing on top of him shouting his distinctive cry: "Aap! Aap aap aap aap!" While the Flintstones have  another pet, a saber-toothed tiger, his place in the show became relegated mostly to the end credits as the show continued and Dino stole ever more of the prehistoric pet spotlight.

I can't get my eye's off this Dino costume for pets.  Great way to pamper your pet.   After all you  don’t want to leave the main guy behind.


Barney Rubble is the secondary main character and Fred's best friend and next door neighbor. His occupation is, for the most part of the series, unknown, though later series depict him working in the same quarry as Fred. He shares many of Fred's interests like bowling and golf, and is also a member of the "Loyal Order of Water Buffaloes".


Betty Rubble  is the wife of Barney Rubble and the adoptive mother of Bamm-Bamm Rubble. She is what you would call a brunette  uberbabe. Her best friend is Wilma Flintstone, a neighbor of hers on Cobblestone Lane in the town of Bedrock. She would often pair with Wilma to save their husbands, Barney and Fred, from whatever trouble they would get themselves into.

Bamm- Bamm

Bamm-Bamm Rubble was adopted by Barney and Betty Rubble, after they found him left in a basket on their doorstep. After meeting his next-door neighbor Pebbles Flintstone, the two became lifelong playmates. Bamm-Bamm's name came from a note left in the basket, causing Barney and Betty confusion over the strange name. This was explained when Bamm-Bamm yelled the phrase "bamm,bamm!" and swung his club (and in the process, shook the room he was in). Bamm-Bamm's excessive (and sometimes misused) strength was often a source of humor in the episodes the toddler version of Bamm-Bamm appeared in. Unlike Pebbles, Bamm-Bamm was past the crawling stage and could be seen in a few episodes trying to help Pebbles walk..

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