Thursday, April 4, 2013

Scary movie 5 Costumes Ideas for Halloween

The fifth installment of Scary 5 franchise shall be released this April. The upcoming American horror comedy parody film is one of the awaited films of this year. The movie is distributed by Dimension Films a division to The Weinstein Company. The Horror comedy is directed by Malcolm D. Lee who directed the famous movie The Best Man and written by David Zucker. The movie is scheduled to release on April 12th 2013. Scary Movie 5 is the first installment of the franchise which shall not feature the main protagonist Cindy Campbell character which was played by Anna Faris and Brenda Meeks (Regina Hall) who appeared in first four movies. This movie stars Ashley Tisdale as the main protagonist. Lindsay Lohan and Michael Sheen joined the film along with Terry Crews. Faris, who starred in the previous films in the franchise, confirmed that she would not return for the fifth film. There are other famous actors who shall feature in their own role Snoop Dog, Mike Tyson, Kate Williams, Mac Miller all shall be featuring by their own name. All in all Malcolm D. Lee has kept a big star cast. Scary movies had always been known for fancy and frightening costumes with a white color mask, which can take your heart out with a big knife in hand. And here is the rest of it.

Scary Movie reminds me of one of the incident that happened to me a long time back. It was the time when we used to be in High School and Halloween was just round the corner, we all were pumped up as we were going to wear some of the favorite Halloween Costumes. One of our friends was kind of naughty character, he always used to scare people with his scary masks and costumes. It happened in this way, we were all at our home preparing for a party and everything was going fine. We were making decorations with some of the best Halloween decoration supplies. My friend (which we told that he is kind of a naughty character) first switched of our lights and we started wondering what’s gonna wrong with our lights, as in all other houses lights were already there, suddenly there was knocking at our and what we saw a man with Scary mask and a big knife in his hand, we got really frightened. We don't know but he came in from no-where, we were all screaming and running here and there and he was after us. Suddenly he started laughing and we got suspicious as he is our naughty friend Mac. We were so frightened that we could have called the cops. He made us so frightened that whole night that horrifying face in my dreams. But I all went well; we celebrated the party and enjoyed a lot.

The costumes used in this movie, always had been hit and people always loved these costumes. Anyways, this movie is also going to be hit along with its Scary Costumes. If you want to know more about Scary Costumes or scary movie 5 then like us on Facebook and join our Blog. 

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ummmm above says who all is in scary movie 5 u said Michael sheen lol I believe its Charlie sheen

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