Saturday, March 16, 2013

World War Z Costume Ideas

Marc Foster, the famous director of James Bond movie (Quantam Of Solace) comes with an Post-apocalyptic  horror  movie World War Z 2013, the Z in the movie depicts Zombies. Based on the novel by the same name, written by Max Brooks and distributed by Paramount pictures. The Movie starring Brad Pitt as a United Nations Employee who travels the world and tries to stop the pandemic  that is defeating everyone. Going to be released on 21st June 2013. The movie starts from where Lane describes where a Chines boy is bitten and he become the pandemic patient zero victim. The Chinese government tries to contain the infection but is unable to, and the infection spreads all around the world. The infection spreads rapidly and only Israel takes the Zombie infection seriously, but US doesn't take it seriously and after the fall of New York, Army sets a high profile defence so that the rest can be saved from the zombies whose senses were no more and similar was the fate of the other countries where human civilization was finishing at the blink of an eye. The zombies were unable to kill even there is no effect of anti-tank weapon on them. The only one way to kill them is shoot in their head. The whole story revolves around this that how they try to stop this disease from finishing the human civilization and try try to survive the zombies. The movie has been made at a whooping budget and had been shot at different locations. The costume of zombies are making a big turnout as they are becoming famous even before the release of the movie. 

The costume is something which always makes every movie successful  I know the main contender is acting, but the costumes gives a colourful look to the movie. There are lot of costumes which are famous now like The Walking Dead series costume, which is making sensations all around the world. Then recently a romantic zombie movie was released named Warm Bodies which was a big hit and whose costumes made sensations not only in the Hollywood  but also among the fans and their were many good critics that the movie got because of its good colourful zombie costumes. This article is about Zombie costumes only as it is a zombie season and world war is at edge. There shall be lot of event regarding world war Z in many zombie costumes. There shall also be a zombie costume parade party for this movie.

This summer the you never know, when your block is going to be attacked. Me and my friend Anna had bought our costume, just don’t wait, buy yours too. 

Hey Friends, i always promise you to bring something new, I am here with it. If you want updates from World War Z, then join our Facebook Page and our Blog.

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