Tuesday, March 19, 2013

True Blood Season 6 Vampire Costumes

True blood returns back with season 6 episode ( Don’t let me be misunderstood ). It shall begin from where the Season 5 last episode (Save Yourself) was left. After the episode (Save yourself) where you you saw that Bill is dead and reforms in the style of Lillith. It shall be showing how the group is going to survive from the lillith wrath. In last episode where you saw that Eric kills Russell and saves Sookie and Fairies. Erick asks for Sookie’s help to finish off the vampire authority and save Bill who had gone into darkness to become the new controller  As Alcide fights of JD and kill him with the help of V that was given to him by his father, he becomes the new pack master and makes new rules and also tells them if their is any non follower,the person can leave.

Meanwhile  Jason, Tara, Nora and Eric enters the Authority and kills the vampire guards, Sookie and Tara rescue Pam and Jessica, as Sookie and Eric send the group to safer side, they together go to retrieve Bill Compton. On the other side Salome drinks the blood of Lillith but discovered that Bill has tricked her to drink the blood filled with silver and dies. As he was going to drink the blood of Lillith, Eric and Sookie tries to stop him but he doesn't stops and dies within seconds. But Sookie and Eric are very surprised to see that Bill awakens in the style of Lillith so the group now shall try to save itself from Bill aka Lillith.  And here is the rest of it.

There’s an experience I would like to share with you, Last Halloween I was with my boyfriend to attend a Halloween party at my friends place. My boyfriend Ted and my two other friends Sia and Ceaser wore the costume of Vampires, whereas I wore a costume of a Xena, we were into the party and there were lot of fancy costume people all around. The drinks were spilling here and there. Everyone was drinking, laughing and dancing. I wanted some fresh air so I went to another room to refresh myself, my boyfriend and my two other friends too came after me and surprisingly they grabbed me and said, “ Your Blood seems to be very fresh and sweet”. I knew that they were making fun with me and they were playing. But when they came near my neck and opened their mouth I was terrified to see big fangs ( as earlier they didn't wore earlier) I screamed and yelled at them so hard that their fangs fall out from their mouth I was so much terrified and everyone was laughing, in some seconds I too had a laugh at myself. I thanked god that they weren't real life vampires. But believe me they were looking real vampires in those costumes just like the vampires of True blood.

True blood season is just round the corner and I would like to tell you that everyone is buying the costumes as people are avid lover of this series. Lastly I too bought one costume for myself. You can buy vampire costume any time of the year either it is a Vampire costume partyHalloween  you want to scare your friends, and the true blood is going to start and to you can organise events related to True blood and with costumes on. I bought my costume on-line as you can get many options on-line, when are you buying yours??

True Blood starts from June 2013 and if you want to be updated regarding the true blood episodes and events. I assure you that we shall be bringing the latest news from this famous series, then Join on our Facebook page and our Blog.

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