Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Walking Dead Season 3 Arrow On The Doorpost

After the Episode ‘Clear’ which marks the return of Morgan Jones, the famous English actor, the series is taking lots of twist and turns. Merle and Daryl are back with Rick and now preparing for a battle against Governer and his party. The next Episode 13 ‘Arrow On The Doorpost’ shall be showing how Rick and his fearless company are going to tackle Governer attack and when such gunshot happens the whole county walkers are going to be attracted towards it. So tune into channel AMC on Sunday and watch out who dies with Teeths or Bullet. The repeat telecast is also shown on Friday.

Last Week I was with my cousin coming back from college and we saw a guy in the costume of a cop and he came to me and said, “ Hi my name is Rick Grimes, where is Lori? Have u seen her? I was stunned and my cousin was staring at him. He just asked the question moved forward and we looked backward again and again if there was any zombie apocalypse. And here is the rest of it.

We were very frightened the way he asked. We took sigh of relief after seeing the people around. The costume that guy wearing he was looking real Rick Grimes and that really stunned us two. We understood that how much people loves The Walking Dead, its characters and the most its costumes. The costumes are something which makes you feel that you are of the series. Even my little cousin had ordered Rick Grimes costume and he is very much excited about wearing it. 

The great thing about Walking Dead costume is that these are such fancy and funky and as well as casual. It doesn’t even look like that you are going for a party, it is just like a normal outing wears. Rick Grimes ( Andrew Linclon) is getting ready for a fight against Governer ( David Morrissey). Are you getting ready for your fight for the The Walking Dead awesome Costumes.

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