Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Walking Dead Episode PREY Costume Ideas

The Bloody war is on, after Rick and Governor talks failed, as governor asked him to hand over Michonne and offers peace in back. But the Governor has some other plans to kill Rick and his company and capture Michonne. AMC brings the next Episode ‘Prey in which you shall see how Rick and governor confront each other in the battlefield. On the other hand Andrea had lost faith in governor  after she came to know what all he had done with her friends. With the return of Daryl and Merle, Rick is happy that he is some strong contenders to his side and also Michonne, as she is really brave and has exceptional Combat skills and Glenn too. But there number is less as compared to Governor people who are mad at killing Rick’s whole group. It doesn't stops here Tyreese and his group who were forced to leave the jail are also with the Governor  At the same time they also have to kill the walkers who can any time come in hordes and attack them. The Battlefield road is not simple it is really going to hurt them a lot, there is going to be blood everywhere. And here is the rest of it.

I would like to share one of my incident that happened to me some time back, it was one of the most horrifying and very hilarious incident about Zombie Costumes. One day i was with my friend walking down the lane in a very cold and cloudy evening, it was a very silent night. We both were talking to each other about our college assignment  just after some time we saw a shadowy figure in the moonlight near an apartment corner. We ignored it and moved on suddenly we saw another figure, it was really creepy, we both started moving fast. In no time all those figures came towards us, we were frightened and what we saw WALKERS who were coming towards us to eat up. My heart was beating really fast, they were looking  horrible and the moment they came to us (as we were unable to run). They all made us booo....They were our friends who were in zombie costumes and they wore the make ups of zombies and believe me they were looking real.

It was one incident that whenever we used to remind we used to laugh a lot. After that I too bought a costume on-line and made my friends frightened. Believe me Zombie costumes are best costumes and also it is the season of walking dead, everyone shall be pleased to see you in this costume. This is the best thing you can do by buying this costume on-line and then see the Fright magic .

With all my efforts I try to make my reader friends happy by sharing some of my true incidents and costumes. If you want that we shall keep yo update regularly then like us on Facebook and join our blog. I promise I shall keep you updated with  recent updates from walking dead and your loveable shows and costumes.

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