Thursday, March 21, 2013

Renaissance and Fantasy Faire of the Ozarks

The age of Empires is back, when you step into the age of sorcerers, knights in armors, kings, queens, and beautiful maidens. With their starstruck performances, performers from al over the world shall delight you with your skills and antics. The magicians and jugglers, pirates and puppeteers, musicians, dancers, acrobats etc. are going to make your day everlasting. You are going to enjoy each and every bit of this festival.  This Renaissance visit Pirates' Cove in Dryland Harbour to play games with a band of salty Pirates,  then seek out Gypsies at their quaint Roma Camp for Tarot and Rune Readings, also  experience the exotic when you visit the Desert Wind and Terra Nova Belly Dancers. For your taste-buds special arrangement shall be done with variety of drink tasty food, including our Succulent Turkey Legs found through out Crossroads.. And here is the rest of it.

The Renaissance and fantasy faire of Ozarks shall be held on April 6th and 7th 2013 at Washington county fair grounds Fayetteville, Arkansas - 72076. This colorful Fantasy Faire of the Ozarks shall lighten up when colourful costumes of various knights, kings, queens, sorcerers shall be flaunted in this festival. The tickets are avaliable as Adult ticket charged at $6, Senior citizen at $3, children at $3 and free entry for the children under 5 years. If you are coming from long way to attend the Fantasy Faire, there are hotels which shall give you discounts, just tell them that you are with faire!!

The Renaissance and fantasy faire of ozarks is going to be all fun, I bought my sorcer’s costume online  and I find here Renaissance costumes for male and female also. I am in love with it, you must buy yours too. To know more about Renaissance and Fantasy faire of ozarks join our Facebook page and our blog.

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