Friday, March 15, 2013

OZ The Great And Powerful Costumes

After the success of Spider-man movies, Sam Raimi is back with a magical blockbuster OZ The Great and Powerful. An adventure fantasy film based on L Frank Baum’s OZ novels. James Franco the famous actor who acted in movies like Spider-man  127 Hours, Rise of the planet of apes, Evil Dead,  features as Oscar Diggs the main protagonist,  a small time circus magician who mistakenly flies to the magic land of OZ, where he confronts three witches of the land of OZ. Mila Kunis, Rachel Weisz  the main antagonist and Michelle Williams features the Wicked witches and Good witch roles. The movie shows how Oscar Diggs becomes the one of the most powerful magician of the OZ and is loved by everyone and how he defeats the wicked witches of East and West. The music of the movie had been given by Danny Elf man the famous musician. The movie rolled the box offices on 8th March 2013, and had been doing exceptionally well and have acquired the top spot leaving behind other movies. The costumes used in the movies have been awesome and are just sensational. 

The Witch costume used by Mila Kunis is stunning. Last weekend my little niece had a fancy dress competition in her school and she was just out of thoughts, that what should she wear on. She asked me to suggest her, so I suggested her why don’t she wear The witch costume as it is the time when Oz The Great And Powerful movie was around the corner and there was craze everywhere. So she ordered her witch costume on-line, seeing that she is wearing a witch costume her friend Sasha too bought a costume on-line and now they both featured in the fancy dress competition together and both of them were adjudged winners of the fancy dress competition. The witch costume is evergreen for men and Women  it can be used any time either it is a witch costume party, a film launch, Halloween, st. Patrick day. 

My niece and Sasha owned one and even I am buying one for me, what about you?? Hope you own yours soon. All my articles are for my reader friends, if you like our articles please provide us feedback. So that we can keep up with your thoughts. If you want to be updated at regular intervals join us on Facebook and Like our Blog.

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