Saturday, March 30, 2013

Evil Dead 2013 Zombie Costume Ideas

Sam Raimi brings back the dead to life. What?? Yes! Evil Dead returns back with much gore, horror and more ghost, to take your heart out. This April evil is going to knock you down. The last movie Army of Darkness which was the last movie from Sam Raimi Evil Dead trilogy. The movie starts when five  friends visit a cabin on a vacation and there they find, the Book of dead which releases the demonic powers in the nearby woods. Soon the demons possesses all of them until one is left intact to fight for survival. Evil dead is directed by Fede Alvarez and produced by Sam Raimi, distributed by the famous pictures TriStar Pictures under the studio of Ghost House Pictures. Set to release on April 5th 2013 all over the world. The movie has been given R- Rated as due to lot of violence and gore content in it. Sam Raimi is always known for bringing the best in his movies, and always his movies are costume hit movies from old Evil Dead movie to The OZ great and powerful and now the new Evil Dead, which he promises that no one can see this movie alone in the cinema hall and that to at midnight. And here is the rest of it.

Good costuming also serves as a way to hide the rigs that give us all those cool practical effects while adding to the overall beaten-up look of the characters. Sam Raimi movies always do the talking about the costumes. This movie is also doing the same talking. One big thing about this movie is that, no special costume have been taken, but the zombie costumes had been used and that a very surprising thing about it, my little brother is very excited as he is going to wear his evil dead zombie costume and march in the Evil dead parade that is going to done in our city which have been thrown out by youngsters of the city. Don’t miss to buy yours one too, because the dead is awake and it is going to possess you.

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