Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Walking Dead Returns Season 3 An Eye for an eye

“The Suicide king “which aired on Feburary 10th 2013 on channel AMC . Now comes the next episode       “ Home” which is going to be aired on Feburary 17th 2013 on AMC This time it is going to be more intresting, more vengeful. From the works of Robert Kirkman, as he directed this famous serial. The series shall be continued from where it was left. Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, Steven Yeun, David Morrissey shall all be reprising their roles of Rick, Daryl Dixon, Glenn and The Governer. Everyone will be reprising their roles and some new characters shall also be included in this famous series. All the american youngsters, adults, children are waiting for the series to kickstart from where it was left last year. Last evening i was walking down the street and saw youngsters wearing the Daryl Dixon and Rick Grimes costumes, believe me they we looking just real.

 I had to rub my eyes to see them, after recognizing them i asked them the reason so they responded me in something like this, “We’re not alone in here, remember?”. The first one replied, and in no time other one replied ,“Screw that”. I immediately understood that they are in mood of walking among the dead. I complimented them and went straight towards my home. The moment i stepped in i was received by my cousin in zombie costume and that just scared me off. I straight went to my room and started using my laptop and gave the order of a costume from walking dead series. As the series is just going to switch on its further episodes,everyone is getting crazy about it. Lot of my friends are buying the costumes of the various chracters, many of my pals have even created a theme party of The walking dead series where everyone shall be wearing the clothes of characters and as well as the zombies and after that there shall be a cake party too. 

Everyone is just excited about it, even i am also excited about this series. So i have too odered a costume for myself. Very less people knew that the prison where the season 3 is being shooted is a construction site converted into a set. If you are a die hard fan of walking dead then host a party and invite your friends and do wear the the costumes of the walking dead chracters. 

I hope you are going to enjoy each and every moment of The walking Dead on channel AMC at 10 pm on 17th feb. And don’t forget its costumes that is going to bring the real feeling of The Walking Dead.

ENJOY !!! 

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