Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Best Beer and Tavern Theme Party Decorations

Oktoberfest - Beer and Tavern Theme - Decorations & Props

Oktober fest is all near and you might be up with your clothes and accessories that you all need for the party that you are planning to organize for the event. The most important part of the party is party supplies that we all need. If you are going to host a beer party you have need to proper list for party decoration and party props. Oktoberfest party decoration and supplies mainly include - Ice Cooler, Sign Banner, Invitations, Whirls, Beverage Napkins, Beer Ping Pong Balls, Printed Mugs, Kegs and beer Mug Fancy-Frames.

Now everyone must be keen to enjoy there oktober festival like me. Even I wanted to wear good event related costume and wanted all the accessories that are related to it. So how I started my search first of all I asked my best friends that where I could get these decoration kits and accessories. They told me about magazines from which I was not satisfied. Then I started browsing onto the internet and I came along many sites from where I recollected data. Many sites just embarrassed me but few just came onto my expectations.
A site specially that pulled my mind was partybell I was very much like impressed by it. The cost and the product quality were too good and good for my budget too. While few products of other sites also impressed me. Few of the products are as follows :-

Description: This 2' Inflatable Cooler is shaped like a palm tree with a cooler for the base. Cooler holds up to 24 - 12 oz. cans and ice (not included) and measures approximately 26" high. Please Note: This is not a self-inflating item.
Material: plastic

      Description: Includes (1) banner.
      Material: Polyethylene

                                                    Oktoberfest - Invitations

Description: Includes (8) invitations.
Material: Paper

         Oktoberfest - Whirls

Description: Includes (5) whirls.
Material: Foil

Description: Includes (16) beverage napkins.
Material: paper

      Oktoberfest - Beer and Tavern Theme - Party Supplies

      Description: Includes 6 assorted beer ping pong balls.
      Material: plastic

Description: Includes (1) string of beads.
Material: Polystyrene

Description: Includes (1) pair of Beer Mug Fanci-Frames.
Material: Polycarbonate, acrylic

Description: Includes (1) - 14 oz. plastic beer mug.
Material: plastic

Description: Includes (1) ice bucket.
Material: Plastic


         Oktoberfest - Beads with Mug

Description: Includes (1) string of beads.
Material: Polystyrene


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Very nice ideas! I like the invitations, they are great.

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I love the beer goggles! Perfect :)

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