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Top 20 Rock Star Costumes Ideas for Kids

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Last time I was very happy with the Page views of my post. It was about Star Wars Costume. And people mail me that they want, some original and fun going costume for kids Party. You can find now great reviews on Our blog for your kids. We are going to make reviews on a delightful group of rock star Halloween costumes and diva costumes. Your little kids will love dressing up in one of our rock star or diva costumes for a Birthday party, costume party, or just for the occasion which celebrates you.

Popular Diva Costumes for kid girls
Toddler 80's Diva Pop Star, Girls 80's Rock Star, Silver & Pink Diva, Rock star Diva, Superstar Diva Costume, Girls Hollywood Starlet, Western Diva Cowgirl, Diva Star Runts, Silver & Black Diva, Western Diva Costume and Mega Star Costumes.

Popular Diva Costumes for kid Boys
Do you want to dress up as The King of Rock 'n Roll? You should wear a Child Elvis Costume with Elvis sunglasses and an Elvis wig for your next party or Halloween Party. Am sure you will enjoy our costumes. Baby and Toddler Elvis Child, Li'l Disco Toddler, Black Vinyl Rock Star child, Infant Rock Star, Funny Inflatable Microphone child, Kids White Vinyl Rock Star, Authentic Elvis Presley child and Baby Elvis Costumes.

Yeah, one more thing is that we try to post some accessories related to costumes. You can find Rock Star Costume Accessories like mic headsets, belts and hats easily threw our blog.

Pink Rock Girl Child Costume

Description: Includes dress. Does not include boots, tights, or hair pieces. Am very sure that your daughter really likes this costume, so I buy it for her. The pink rock star girl child costume is awesome and everyone like this character. And am pretty sure about the quality. It has a couple of chains that hang off the waist and they both will look very shiny on Halloween night. Overall the costume is comfortable for your daughter and she has to wear long sleeves and leggings underneath.
Care Instruction: Hand washes only.
Don't forget to buy Pink Rock Girl Child Costume Accessories.
Ballet Flat (Black) Child Shoes
 Inflatable Guitar
80's Bangle Bracelet Set (4 piece)
80's Bracelet Set
Black Beads 50" Necklace

Description: Includes: Dress, Headband, Glove, Microphone, Guitar. This costume will get definitely a big hit! You have to use black tights with pink "funky" socks over the tights and pink and black shoes to match your daughter. And am sure your daughter will look like a real rock star. The costume quality is great and really very comfortable for kids. Complete her look with hot pink sprayed hair and she will be a true "Rock Star" and can enjoy a lot of fun at a Birthday event or Halloween Party!
Material: 100% Polyester
Care Instruction: Hand Wash Only, Lay Flat To Dry
Don't forget to buy Future Rockstar Infant Costume Accessories.
Inflatable Guitar

Little Devil Infant/Toddler Pacifier

Description: Includes: Shirt, Bandana, Pants, Microphone, Guitar.Very adorable costume for your baby and its very comfortable. Kids can sleep with this costume. It is a very cute costume, and would recommend it to anyone. If you are planing for his birthday its a great gift for him. Kids like this costume very much.
Material: 100% Polyester
Care Instruction: Hand wash. Cold water with mild detergent. Drip dry.

Description: Includes shirt and mask. Does not include make up, pants, belt, shoes or guitar. The Costume runs a small size. So please order just bigger from your size. If your kids around 10 years you have to buy a medium size but due to manufacture error you should buy XL for him. And then it will work perfect. The mask is perfect if your feel tight  it can be trimmed and make it more comfy. The comfort factor is better than most costumes, because it's not a full mask. Everyone loves it!
Don't forget to buy Punk Creep Child Costume Accessories.

Axe Blade Bass Guitar 
Black Child Boots 

Heartbreak Rocker Child Costume

Description: Includes dress and mask. Does not include shoes, guitar. The best part of the costume is Zipper attached with guitar. Am sure you will be pleasantly surprise that how the dress have nice zipper details underneath the guitar. Actually that part is hidden in online photo. The dress fits like a 10 waist down, but larger at the top that you need to wear a tanktop underneath. The back is only held together by 2 big velcro dots, so it's a must to wear something underneath. Am very impressed with the inflatable guitar because it looks excellent with the outfit and have light weight so its easy to carry.
Material: Polyester
Care Instruction: Do Not Wash
Don't forget to buy Heartbreak Rocker Child Costume Accessories.
Axe Blade Bass Guitar
Glam Strips Hair Extension Shocking Blue
Lace-Up Black Boots Child

Planet Pop Star Cowgirl Child Costume

Description: Includes: hat, shirt, skirt. Does not include jewelry or boots. The Planet Pop Star Cowgirl Costume looks adorable. You little cute Baby will be look fabulous in it. This costume is super cute! Costume have good quality and the boots can be worn for school and other activities, especially since they are so expensive. 

Material: Polyester
Care Instruction: Hand Wash in Cold Water. Hang Dry
Don't forget to buy Planet Pop Star Cowgirl Child Costume related Accessories.
Rodeo (Pink) Child Boots
Jelly Bracelets Asst. (12 count)

Child Elvis Toddler Costume

Description: Includes: Jumpsuit, Belt, Scarf. Does not include wig or shoes. Overall, it is cute. Oh and the "sequence" are not real, they are painted on but you can make it look cute. Everything is great about this costume. I would also suggest getting a microphone for extra fun.
Material: 100% Polyester
Care Instruction: Hand wash only.
Don't forget to buy Child Elvis Toddler Costume related Accessories.
Elvis Microphone with Speaker for MP3 Device

Elvis Glasses with Sideburns

Description: Includes: Dress. Does not include: Boots, Tights, Wig, Headset, or Jewelry. Am a big fan of Hannah Montanna and I think this costume is super. You can say, this costume has pretty good quality and fits perfectly. It always looks like a real dress not so costume. Lovely Costume ever.  Dress up as  Hannah Montanan for Halloween is an adorable idea. Am your daughter will get many compliments on it. Manufacturers make this costume in a big inventory.
Care Instruction: Hand Wash in Cold Water. Hang Dry
Glitter Microphone (Silver)

Don't forget to buy Pink Silver Sequin Child Costume related Accessories.

Go-Go (White) Child Boots      |       Rock Diva Wig Child   |    Purple Glitter Tights - Child

Description: Includes: Shirt, Bandana, Pants, Microphone. Shoes not included.
Material: 100% Polyester
Care Instruction: Hand Wash Only, Lay Flat To Dry
Don't forget to buy Future Rockstar Toddler Costume related Accessories.
Inflatable Guitar
Thin Makeup Crayons 

Description: Includes jumpsuit with attached boot covers, belt and mask. Does not include wig. This is an officially licensed KISS product.
Material: Polyester
Care Instruction: Hand Wash
Don't forget to buy Future Rockstar Toddler Costume related Accessories.
KISS - Demon Wig (Child)

Includes: Dress, fishnet glovelets,  lace hair tie
Sunglasses, jewelry, stockings, and shoes are sold separately
COLOR: Multi colored
Material: Polyester

Description: Includes jumpsuit, head-wrap, and sash. Does not include shoes, jewellery.
Material: Polyester
Care Instruction: Machine Wash
Don't forget to buy Dancing Queen Teen Costume related Accessories.

Peace Adult Boots    |    Silver Glitter Earrings

Description: Includes: Dress, Belt. Does not include a bracelet or necklace. This is an officially licensed © Disney costume. This is the so sweet costume for little kids to dress up as Hannah Montana . Very cute and a lot more substantial than any of the other Hannah Montana costumes that I've seen. If you are planning a birthday party for your daughter you can gift her this costume. 

This costume is pretty good and is sure that your daughter will get many compliments on it. The costume has great quality and fits perfectly. But one thing I want to share here please check the Sizes before buying. It runs a little bit. A costume belt makes the costume complete. And it comes with a costume. Kids can wear this dress for school plays, and also at Kity Parties.
Don't forget to buy Hannah Montana Dress Child Costume related Accessories.
Sparkle Ballerina (Silver) Child Shoes

Hannah Montana Child Wig

Michael Jackson Fedora Child

Description: Includes one hat. This is an officially licensed Michael Jackson product.
Material: Polyester
Care Instruction: Hand Wash
Don't forget to buy Michael Jackson Fedora Child related Accessories.
Michael Jackson Sunglasses
Michael Jackson Sparkle Socks Child
Michael Jackson Silver Glove Child

Description: Includes dress and head wrap. Boots and jewelry not included. Available in child sizes Medium, Large, and X-Large. This costume look awesome and fits perfect. Costume material is also awesome. Dress up can be wear with  Go Go White Boots but if you have Dora white boots already than no need to waste your money. One more thing is that wear tights underneath because dress is short. Durable,  and costume can be worn in all Halloween festivities.
Material: Polyester
Care Instruction: Machine wash in cold water. Delicate cycle. Tumble dry low. Use cool iron. No bleach

Silver Glitter Earrings

Go-Go (White) Child Boots

Description: Includes dress, jacket and belt. Does not include socks, shoes or headband.
Care Instruction: Hand wash only.

Child Bobby Socks

Description: Includes: Hair Bow, Dress, Wristbands, Gloves, Belt, Boy Shorts with Attached Leggings. Does not include: Shoes, Bracelets, Sunglasses.

Rock star headset with 'Mic', sequin top, vinyl pants, glitter make-up & beaded chain. Trimmed in marabou. This dress is very cute and can be worn whole day or night at your party destination. This costume is Awesome and like normal dress. Kids love it most and it fits perfect..

Elvis Presley Jumpsuit Costume includes: High collared jumpsuit with red, white, and blue glitter eagle, attached belt and sequined pant insets. Wig not included. This Character Costume is ailable in sizes Toddler (2-4) and Toddler (1-2).

Product Contains:Mask, Collar, Shirt and Wristband
Warm Tips:Choose the product according to your size

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