Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Party Supplies and Ideas

The Christmas season is fast approaching and it is easy to get in the holiday spirit and "set the stage" for your party with festive Christmas scenes and decorations! The Christmas season is the most magical time of the year! Try adding party scenes, props, and decorations to set the mood for your guests to catch a bit of the Christmas magic! From shimmering snow scenes to the delightful sight of Santa Claus on his sleigh, there is a scene that will be perfect for your event!
Christmas is a perfect time to get together & enjoy! Smell of ginger bread, cookies, cakes, fresh fragrance of coniferous tree, snowfalls, eggnog, hot chocolates, and gifts. There is some magic about this Holiday season which brings all together. Get together’s are treat for this Holiday Season. Everyone is happy decorating their homes and inviting friends over dinner or lunch to celebrate the warmth and love of this beautiful Christmas Season.
As they say, on Christmas all roads lead to one place called “Home”. All the mom’s, sisters, friends are all get set to decorate their homes to welcome their friends back home during holiday season.  One of the most tedious yet the most loved task on Christmas is decorating your home.

Start decorating your home with this Christmas Tree Ceiling Whirls. Designed in shape of a Christmas tree with Christmas decorations, this whirl adds all the bright light to your roof. You can also have it hang on your kids cradle bed to bring the joy of Christmas directly to him and also be playful with his own Christmas tree.

Christmas Tree Wall Add-On

Light up your walls with Christmas Tree Wall Peel and Place. With Star on its top and snowy effect it gives seems as a real Christmas tree. Stick it in your Kids room or your kitchen or lobby to have Christmas feel all over your home.
Description: Christmas Tree Whirls (3)
Shipping: This product ships Worldwide.
Material: foil

Kids are always fascinated by Santa Claus and North Pole! Santa’s factory elf’s working always fascinates kids. Decorate their room with these beautiful snow clad Santa factory wall add on’s. 
Description: Includes 4 Wall Add-Ons.
Shipping: This product ships Worldwide.
Material: plastic
Manufacturer/Brand: Beistle Company

Frosty the snowman is one of the favorites on Christmas. Be it kids or adults everyone loves Frosty-The Christmas Snowman. Everyone has memories attached to making of Frosty on Christmas. What was originally a figure carved out of compact snow, is now all over the place with this Snowman Peel ‘N Place Wall add on’s. 

Description: Includes 11" Peel 'N Place
Shipping: This product ships Worldwide.
Material: plastic
Manufacturer/Brand: Beistle Company                                

Come December, as soon as stockings make their way out of storage, Fireplace and mantle becomes every home's focal point. If you do not have a fireplace, there is even has a cozy fireplace prop scene that is perfect for taking Christmas pictures by! Your guests will be delighted with taking a picture home with them after the party is over.

Surprise your guests with this Frosted Window Panes and Peeping Santa Wall Add On’s. These wall add on’s will surly make your guests wonder if it’s real Santa peeping through the window to check all the good and bad kids.
Description: 5' Frosted Window Panes Add-Ons
Shipping: This product ships Worldwide.
Material: plastic
Manufacturer/Brand: Amscan

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