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Am again here with some more Halloween Couple costumes. Couple costumes are certainly one of the best costume ideas. Men and women can party together and be sure to recognize their half at the party. Getting couples costumes are a great way to enjoy Halloween parties. If you want to show costume creativity and want to enjoy more Fun on Halloween. A couples Halloween costume is a fabulous way to take a Halloween party by storm and laugh. And the possibilities are almost endless. Am going to post some great and popular couple costume for you. But you have large area to select your perfect costume or you can dress up as:-

Movies couple costumes: Well there are many movies you can get inspired for couple costumes like Avatar and Alice in Wonderland. Though Alice is not a new story, the movie is and so are the costumes. You can get idea from Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland costumes can be an excellent as couple costume idea. Men can dress up as Mad Hatter and your female partner can dress up as Alice or the Queen of Hearts. Now you can take another example as for Avatar, let’s play with blue color! Jake Sully and Neytiri are two characters that will not be forgot. You can be insanely popular if you party as a couple with these!

Can make your own homemade couple costumes, if you want to go simpler you can make a creative homemade Couple Costumes for you and your partner. Dress up as cotton candy and as box of popcorn. For the cotton candy, you can glue some stuffing (like the stuffed animals) onto a white sweatshirt and lightly spray it with some pink spray-paint (you can do the same to a white hat) and can wear some plain white pants. Now for the popcorn, it is bit tougher but it will look cool. So put two long pieces of duct tape together to make a strap, cut a large box to it around your partner. And paint the big box red, use white duct tape to make vertical white lines over it. Use wall cocking to make the popcorn on top.

You can go as funny couple costume, oh another Great popular and awesome idea to dress up as couple costume and that is fun as the Ball and Chain costume. This is to be one of the funniest couples costume ideas to come out in near Halloween parties. The husband is literally chained to his wife who is a large spiky ball. The Ball and Chain costume is famous, clever and undeniably funny costume. Ok I want to discuss here about another great couple Halloween costumes "the Plug and Socket costume" and the couple’s "toga costume". The Plug and Socket costume is going to get a laugh out of people and that is the real mean and aim of funny costumes. 

Sexy Couple Costume or we can say Youth couple Costume! Do you and your boyfriend or partner like superheroes? You can pick a sexy Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Catwoman, Captain America, Robin, or Daredevil costume, and your boyfriend or partner can be dress up as your sidekick. What about sexy cop? It's a classic and ultimate solid costume to show your love! There are Ghostbusters couples costumes, cowboy and cowgirl, pirates, Adam and Eve, fairy tale, and so many more that all have sexy costume you might like. You both can dress up as a German barmaid and lederhosen, or you can be a goddess and he can dress up as Roman King and queen, angel and devil, Romeo and Juliet, lord and lady. 

In the pure spirit of Halloween you can dress up as vampires couple Costumes they always look great, elegant and sexy. The costumes, generally comes in black, white and red colors. But there are wide costume selection for you so you can dress as random male and female vampire costumes, such as the Gothic Vampire and Vampire Elite costumes. You may also find ghosts, mummy and many other couple costumes designed specifically for couples.

Scary or any other kind couple costume: In addition to the costumes you can find the specific makeup kits, and also accessories like wig, masks and weapons on my blog "Halloween Best Costumes".

So Friends Here are few couple costume ideas you can think about them and can make attraction on your Halloween Party.

1) Vampires Couple Costume

Blood Vampiress Adult Plus Costume
Description: Includes gown and choker. Does not include shoes.
Gothic Vampire Plus Elite Collection Costume
Description: This dashing, fully finished garment includes: a burgundy velvet vest with attached low sheen white satin shirt sleeves trimmed with antique silver gothic buttons, dickie with ascot scarf collar, flowing full length black satin cape lined in a deep red with stand up collar and gothic chain and button closure. Also includes a pair of white gloves and a jeweled medallion on a Red satin ribbon. Pants and shoes not included.

2) Waldo Couple Costume 

Description: Includes Hat with hidden inner pocket, Shirt, Glasses. Does not include pants. This is an officially licensed Where's Waldo product.

Where's Waldo Costume Kit
Description: Includes hat, glasses and shirt. Does not include shoes or jeans. This is an officially licensed Waldo costume kit.

3) Wild West Couple Costume 


Wild West Sexy Sheriff Costume

Join any of our men's cowboy costumes in this wild west sexy sheriff costume for a great Western themed couples costume! The women's costume includes a black, polyester dress that zips in the back for closure. The dress also snaps over the front of the dress, which does not fully close. A faux, white shirt front is attached under the dress and Velcros around the neck. The entire dress is accented in brown cord trim including the pleated skirt. The belt loops are accented with faux, bronze snaps that match the snaps on the torso and secure the black belt in place. The belt is adjustable in size and has a bronze buckle. A silver sheriff star pins onto the dress and white sleeves are also included. The brown sheriff hat is also included. The sleeves are lined with elastic for an authentic look and is accented with black ribbon. Visit our accessories to add a gun and garter accessory and a pair of handcuffs to always get your outlaw this Halloween!

4) Wizard of Oz Couple Costume

Description: The Scarecrow Plus costume includes blue shirt with attached tan collar and hood, Brown pants, hat, and cord belt. Available in one size adult plus. This is an officially licensed Wizard of Oz product.


Description: Includes hat, straw neckpiece, straw wristlets, top, skirt and bootcovers. Does not include boots. This is an Officially Licensed Wizard of Oz costume.

5) Reno 911 Couple Costume

Description: Includes: Shirt, shorts, badge and utility belt. Baton, sunglasses, gloves, handcuffs, phone and shoes not included. Available in adult size Standard. This is an officially licensed Reno 911 costume.

Description: Includes: Shirt, skirt, badge, utility belt and hat. Baton, boots and handcuffs not included. This is an officially licensed Reno 911 costume.

6) Mermaid and Sailor Couple Costume

Description: Mermaid costume includes a sequin halter top, and skirt made of sequin and lurex with bottom accents fashioned after a mermaid's tail. Serpentine Wig sold separately. Jewelry and sea weed boa not included.

Description: Includes: Dress, scarf, and hat. Stockings and shoes not included.

7) Fire Fighter Couple Costume

Description: Includes: Dress, hat and gloves. Shoes and earrings not included.

Description: Includes coat, pants, helmet and 2 fire extinguisher beverage dispensers. Does not include any other accessories.

Description: The Sailor Man costume includes: white shirt with blue and white striped collar, blue pants, hat, and padded arm muscles. Available in two Adult sizes: Standard (fits most) and X-Large.

Description: Includes Dress and Hat. Does not include shoes.

9) Super Mario Bros Couple Costume

Description: Includes: Jumpsuit, inflatable belly, hat and moustache. Does not include gloves or shoes. This is an officially licensed Super Mario Bros. product.

Description: Includes: Dress and headpiece. Does not include gloves or wig.
This is an officially licensed Super Mario Bros. product.

10) Toy Story Couple Costume

Description: Includes: Jumpsuit, Headpiece. Does not include shoes.


Description: Includes jumpsuit, hat and hair bow. Does not include boots. This is an officially licensed Disney costume.

11) French Maid and Butler Couple Costume

Description: Includes: Dress, clear straps, arm bands, neck piece and head band. Stockings and shoes not included.


Description: Includes: Coat, Hat, Name badge, Gloves. Does not

12) Preist and Nun Couple Costume

Description: Includes robe. Does not include glasses, book, or cross.


Description: Includes robe, belt, and headpiece. Does not include cross or book.

13) Spartans Couple Costume

Description: The costume includes toga, clasp, gauntlets, guards, helmet. It does not include the spear, sword, and shoes.


Description: The costume includes a helmet, chest piece, biceps, gauntlets, shin guards, trunks, cape, shield. It does not include spear, sword, or shoes.

14) Star War Couple Costume

Description: Jumpsuit with attached boot tops, toy gun and belt. Boots not included. This is an officially licensed Star Wars costume.


Description: Jumpsuit with armor, belt and two-piece helmet. Toy weapon not included. This is an officially licensed Star Wars costume.

15) Storybook Couple Costume

Description: Includes dress. Shoes, petticoat stockings, and hairpiece are not included.


Description: Includes: dress with attached apron and crinoline. Shoes, tights, ribbon, and basket not included. Plus 16-22

16) Superhero Couple Costume

Description: Includes dress, eye mask. Does not include boots and shield. This is an officially licensed Captain America product.


Description: Includes: Jumpsuit with zipper back, attached chest and arm straps, utility belt and charcter hood. This is an officially licensed Captain America product.

17) Potato Heads Couple Costume

Description: Includes: 2 noses, 2 sets of eyes, lips teeth and a moustache. Does not include shirt, hat or pants. This is an officially licensed Hasbro product.


Description: Includes: Tunic and detachable male eyes, nose, moustache, mouth, female eyes, female nose, femal lips and a hat. Does not include pants, shirt or shoes. This is an officially licensed Mr. Potato Head costume.

18) Power Rangers Couple Costume

Description: Includes Jumpsuit, Belt, Helmet, Belt Buckle. This is an officially licensed Disney costume.


Description: Includes jumsuit, belt, helmet, belt buckle. This is an officially licensed Disney costume.

19) Raggedy Ann and Andy Couple Costume

Description: Our Raggedy Ann Adult Costume includes a one piece blue with white polk-a-dot dress and white apron, white bloomers, red and white striped stockings and a one piece hat and wig. Fits up to women's size 14. This is an officially licensed Classic Raggedy Ann and Andy product. Shoes not included.


Description: Our Raggedy Andy Adult Costume includes a one piece red and white checkered shirt with blue pants attached, red and white striped stockings and a one piece hat with wig. Fits adult sizes up to 48" waist. This is an officially licensed Classic Raggedy Ann and Andy product.

20) Roger Rabbit Couple Costume

Description: Silver Screen Sinsation costume includes the dress. Available in adult sizes Small, Medium, and Large. Items that are not included are the necklace, bracelet, gloves, shoes, and wig.


This adult size Roger Rabbit costume is a funny call back to 1988 and the fantastic Disney film "Who Framed Roger Rabbit".
Features Include
Red pants with attached suspenders
Blue tie
Yellow gloves
Head band

21) Mummys Couple Costume

Description: Includes dress, corset, and collar. Does not include shoes or other accessories.


Description: Includes: Top, Hood, Pants, Mask, Waist Tie. Does not include shoes.

Description: Includes: Jumpsuit, Mask, Boot Covers, Gloves. Top Hat, and shoes not included.


Description: Includes: Dress, Wig with attached ears, Glovelets, Necklace, Nose. Stockings and shoes are not included.

23) hugh hefner & bunny Couple Costume

Description: Includes: Jacket and pipe. Does not include pants or shoes.


Description: Black Tie Bunny-5 pc. Costume includes dress, vest, gloves, neck piece and bunny ears head band.

24) popeye and olive Oyl Couple Costume

Description: Includes: Sailor shirt with square back collar flap, pants, belt, anchor tattoo muscle arms and sailor hat. Shoes and pipe not included. This is an officially licensed King Features Syndicate, Inc costume.
Shipping: This product ships Worldwide.


Description: Includes mini dress and wig. Does not include shoes. This is an officially licensed Popeye costume.

25) Holidays Couple Couple Costume

FOR WOMEN: Celebrate original American holiday in original and stylish costume designed for women! Who would you like to be on this special occasion? Captain America, Uncle Sam or Statue of Liberty? You are in a free country, the choice is yours!

FOR MEN: Celebrate original American holiday in original and stylish costume designed for men! Who would you like to be on this special occasion? Captain America, Uncle Sam, Abraham Lincoln or George Washington? You are in a free country, the choice is yours!

26) incredibles Couple Costume

Description: Includes a polyester jumpsuit with The Incredibles logo on the chest, orange belt and black eye mask. This is an officially licensed Disney/Pixar costume. Shoes not included.


Description: This is an officially liscensed costume from the movie from Disney/Pixar, The Incredibles. In Red, Black and Yellow, this outfit features a full muscle bodysuit and eye mask. Socks/shoes not included.

27) Jetsons Couple Costume

Description: Includes: Dress with attached apron, slevelets and handbag. Does not include shoes. This is an officially licensed The Jetsons product.


Description: Includes: top, pants, wig. Does not include shoes. This is an officially licensed The Jetsons costume.

28) Neo & Trinity Couple Costume

Available Sizes:  One SizeThis is an officially licensed Matrix&costume.

If you’re a Matrix fan, you’ll love this getup. Our Matrix 2 Neo Adult Costume comes with a long black coat with upright collar and glasses. An officially licensed version, buyers can expect and will receive a high quality, well designed costume. Pants and shoes not included. Available in one size fits all. We hope that you have found what you’re looking for. If not, please keep up your search. We have thousands of costumes of all types and are confident that you will find a costume that you love! Besides great costumes, we also offer a wide range of accessories. At Costume Discounters we work hard to make sure that you get the best costume for your money. To that end, we guarantee that our prices are not amongst the lowest, but the lowest online. We will match any competitor’s prices and even sweeten the deal. Besides great pricing, we offer same day delivery, free exchanges and high quality costumes.


Available Sizes:  One Size This is an officially licensed Matrix & costume.
Break out of the matrix with our officially licensed Trinity costume! All eyes will be on you when you step into the party in this commanding and forceful appearing costume. They’ll know you’re bad to the bone and ready to take on the machines in this futuristic looking and Matrix inspired full-length PVC coat with a high collar and black sunglasses. This costume concept is great as is, but when patent thigh high boots and black gloves are added, the look is a complete vision of everyone’s favourite sic fi heroine and you’ll get the respect your appearance no doubt commands. However, if you want to get utmost attention and the pinnacle of respect wherever the night may lead you, buy your boyfriend or partner in crime the Neo costume and you two can go as a team as you defeat the many enemies of the night this Halloween.

29) indians Couple Costume

Description: Includes: Tunic, pants, boot covers, waist sash, headpiece and chest plate. Does not include hair ties makeup or spear.


Description: Dress, Boot Tops, Belt, Armband, Headpiece. Does not include shoes, choker, hair ties.

30) giesha & sumo Couple Costume

Description: Includes Poly bodysuit with attached hoop and character wig. One size fits most adults.


Description: Includes a lovely red oriental pattern kimono, red slip dress, obi (belt), decorative fan*, and wig. Available in one size: Adult Standard (fits up to a 12-14). Also look for the Geisha Plus. Shoes not included. Please Note: color and style of fan may vary, our choice please.

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