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Dear Readers!
Is Halloween time and you must be thinking in the how to give the best party or where to have most fun and I am totally agree with you, is always better spend the time in a good place. But let me give you one more light in your mind and tell you something else...fiends... any clue to that word? Well... all the clues are actually there; the place is important and give the party also but nothing is more important that the people and the way all of them can dress. 
That’s why groups costumes are excellent idea to have fun because you will have many options in outfits and if some of these don’t work for you it will for your friend or relatives and you will live a real night on the chosen theme.

Find the topic of the costume is not easy but there are for sure favourites themes like Renaissance and medieval. This cultural movement in 14th century was huge an important and more than the left ideologies we can also “have” the awesome ways to dress. Halloween is the perfect opportunity to dress like princess and princes with shiny purple and yellow colors. 
I will give you many ideas of this kind of costumes you must be excited and you will be more when you check these. By now I can tell that Renaissance Pouch Gold is a must in all the costume, is very important for a woman and is really useful to carry all the makeup with you. 
If you want a real renaissance pair of shoes don’t think twice and buy the Bonny Black Boots.
Now go ahead and read all the perfect helping tips that I wrote for you.

Description: Includes dress but does not include accessories. Renaissance Lady is a well made costume and it’s very pretty. The costume is quite comfortable and you will pleasure with your choice especially because the price is amazing. This costume is even better in person than on the internet picture. It looks great and fits true to size. Sandals or Headpiece are not included with this costume but you can buy them separately and I can suggest two different types: Sexy Gold Adult Shoes for ones who want draw the attention and be prepared for a strong wind that gets up the skirt or Star Gold Shoe adding  Control Top Pantihose if you prefer be comfortable the whole night.

All the outfit is almost perfect but why keep it almost when it can be perfect with the amazing Renaissance Pouch Gold and then complete the make-up with  Thick and Long Black Eyelashes with Case, Professional Glamour Mascara Jet Black, Professional Eye-liner Pencil and last but not least Fantastic Eyes Professional Eye-shadow.

Description: The superb cut cups the breast for a perfect lift. Double boning in the front dips below the navel for a flat profile. Lacing in the 54 grommets up the back sides and front allows for custom fitting. Made of durable cotton twill in navy blue and trimmed in gold gimp, this bodice is engineered to last for years. A hidden pocket keeps the four pieces of spring-steel boning in place, and reinforces the front grommets. Also look for the Lock-Lace Bodice in Burgundy.
The colors were very vibrant, the craftsmanship was excellent, and for sure this is a quality handmade garment. Definitely a piece that I would recommend as this would be an excellent investment for anyone looking for historically accurate costume pieces that are actually made with quality in mind. Each piece is exquisite, made with superior attention to detail, this is the choice.

To complete the look as shown, we recommend buying Amelia Black Adult Boots and Renaissance Pouch Gold and to look radiant add Black Eyelashes with Case to your wonderful make up.
Waist Sizes: Small 28-36" Medium 31-33" Large 34-36" X-Large 37-39" XX-Large 40-44". Shoes (may differ slightly from shown) sold separately

Description: This dress is perfect for hot days. Worn over the Classic Chemise (sold separately) this sleeveless dress opens like a jacket and laces up the front of the bodice. Boning in the front allows for dramatic push-up shaping. Shown with the Galley Wench Gathered skirt and Ring Belt (both sold separately). Sword is not included but you don’t need that because instead this you can buy Renaissance Pouch Gold and is a great alternative. It’s a great product and you will be very happy after wear this costume even you can't wait for your party day, really it’s amazing purchase for everyone those already get it last year. It fits true to size, very flattering Loveable color and its very comfortable if you post your true size. You should know that the purchase only includes the green part of the dress and the string to lace it up. The yellow skirt, white chemise, belt and sword are not included. You can buy the belt and the chemise to go with it. 

You can get the skirt to go underneath and also Ruffled Pantaloons – Ivory if you like but if you buy the chemise that will look fine underneath.  I highly recommend it. And you can purchase many things to improve the costume like Bonny Black Boots and just to go straight with new trend and fashion add the perfect complement to the make up with Black Eyelashes with Case. have if you want to catch the attention be sure to pick up Medieval Long Brown Adult Wig and become the curly girl even nobility will envy! Pair with the Scots Doublet and transport yourself to a majestic fantasy land. The whole outfit is an excellent choice for Renaissance Fairs or theatrical productions.

Description: The gathered skirt has a double set of lacing holes in the back of the waistband, which allows for adjustments. The extra-high waistband is superior to elastic ones because it keeps the skirt tucked under the bodice all day. You'll never look dishevelled! Wear two skirts and tuck the top one into the waistband to create the "Double-skirt" look (shown using Berry skirt as underskirt). And just to create the most original renaissance costume you should go for this Bonny Black Adult Boots.
Color: Eggplant shown as top skirt.

Description: This costume includes one pair of Marine Blue Harem Pants. It designed to fit both men and women.
This costumes available in sizes Medium, Large, and Extra Large. Also available in Curry. Pictured with the Red Cotton Sash Renaissance Collection Adult sold separately. Shirt and hat are not includes but you can buy the Highlander Shirt Renaissance Collection Adult Costume that fits perfect with the pants. You can use your own home-made things to complete this costume but if you don’t have the right shoes don’t worry because I found this excellent option on-line and you can get it: Renaissance Adult Shoes. Marine Blue Harem Pants made with Cotton. And it’s Perfect for theatre productions and Renaissance Fairies.

Noble Lord is an impressive costume of designers collection and it have great attention. The Nobel Lord costume includes a black velvet tunic with purple velvet inset, attached crème collar and sleeves, brocade detailing, faux fur trim and a gold chain with fabric faux jewel accent and you can complete this with Professional Tights Black – Men. Generally a good quality costume with everything you need. This costume arrived quickly and is perfect for either a Renaissance Fair or pirate and for both the King Arthur Sword can also work.  It works like a charm. And you will get many compliments and people wanting pictures and even more if you wear the original Renaissance Shoes. The gallant cape is purple velvet with matching satin lining and attaches to the tunic with Velcro fasteners. Black pants with an elastic waistband, black velvet hat with purple feather, and a pair of boot tops complete this grand costume.  Overall a good effective costume and worth buying! Packaged in an individual garment bag with hanger.
If you are not interested in group costume than you can make your couple costume with a Medieval Lady for a splendid couple's costume.
Available in adult sizes: Small (38-40), Medium (42-44), Large (46-48), and X-Large (50).
Includes: hat, cape, tunic, pants, and boot tops.
Please note: This cape for this costume varies slightly from the image shown and the image on the packaging. There is only one chain on the cape, not two, and there isn't a medallion on the chain.

Description: 3 Pc includes satin ruffle dress with gold foil lace and built-in petticoat, attached lace tiered train, choker and hat

Description: This jewel black cotton velveteen cloak is lined in navy satin. Superbly cut, each cloak is a full half-circle. Includes a handmade, 1 3/4" diameter, brass cloak pin (a replica of one discovered in an archaeological dig). One size fits most.

Please Note: cloak is lined in navy satin, the gold lining shown in the image is not available.

You can complete the look as shown in the image with the Hosen Traditional - Renaissance Adult Collection or even more creative with Sailor's Pants Black Renaissance Collection Costume. If you feel that don’t have the perfect shoes don’t think twice and buy the Tyler Black Boots.

Description: Includes gown. Does not include accessories. 
Beautiful and excellent quality dress for a very reasonable price. You must be thinking how to complete this awesome gown and make this an amazing whole outfit; well let’s start for the Sexy Gold Adult Shoes will give you a shiny touch, then use the Control Top Pant hose to feel absolutely comfortable and finish with the women’s best friend Renaissance Pouch Gold.
In terms of make-up I can totally recommend the next products and believe me you wont need anything else: Thick and Long Black Eyelashes with Case, Professional Glamour Mascara Jet Black, Professional Eye-liner Pencil, Fantasy Eyes Professional Eye-shadow and finally Professional Glitter Gel  Opalescent.

Description: Includes: one pair of Curry Harem Pants. 
Available in sizes Medium, Large, and Extra Large. Designed to fit both men and women. Also available in Marine Blue. Includes: One pair of pants. Pictured with Red Cotton Sash Renaissance Collection sold separately. 

Made of Cotton. Perfect for theatre productions and Renaissance Faires.

You can also complete the costume with shoes, I ca give two options: first one for most classic guys with Bonny (Black) Adult Boots and second one for the most fancy guys with Renaissance Adult Shoes 

Description: This Medieval Hero costume includes: hooded jumpsuit, black & white tunic with embroidered patch, brown belt, two (2) brown vinyl boot covers, and golden crown. Sword and shield not included. You will be very impress with the quality of the material that is use for this costume.
Don’t forget to but the Knight's Sword and Shield. Your child will love if you complete the costume with fun accessories and the Bruise Tattoos will definitely do that; gice a realistic touch with the Thin Makeup Crayons.

Description: This costume includes: Silver and Black headpiece with cowl, tunic with a dragon crest and boot tops. Sword sold separately and the Excalibur Sword is a very fun piece to complete the costume. The quality on this one is great and looks like it will hold up to many of your son's antics. It fits great except the sleeves will a bit long with every size. I appreciate and you will also do it the elastic straps to go under the shoes and keep the "boots" in place and this Black Child Boots totally match with the costume.  Am sure he will receive many complements and You can see many Halloween nights events! really Very cute!! 

Description: Includes dress. Does not include cape, shoes, headband, choker or bag. A medieval costume with a pretty twist, this Renaissance costume is the perfect fit for your little

Might be the dress is not enough then you can by a couple or accessories that will definitely make the perfect princes costume. Get  the Renaissance Princess Child Cape is a must to look like a real princess and also the Renaissance Princess Purse that will make the outfit to look so realistic. 
If your child is just that kind of feminine girl then Renaissance Princess Child Headband and Renaissance Princess Child Choker will totally blow her mind. Put some Glitter Make-Up Kit on her and she will receive all the complements. 

At the end your only will need a fabulous pair of Ballet Flat (Gold) Child Shoes and the  Pink Sparkle Tights Child to make this more comfortable. 

Description: Includes Dress, Hat. It’s a gorgeous costume for your daughter. Renaissance Queen Child Costume have nice material and fit her perfectly. She will feel like a queen after wearing this. And you can also play adding extra thing and making this unique. For example try using an unusual pair of shoes and I have for you this two options: Sparkle Ballerina Silver Child Shoes and Princess Child Shoes but for both don’t forget to buy Purple Glitter Tights – Child.

Your daughter will love all the attention that she will draw and she would never want to leave her King's Sceptre and her Renaissance Pouch (Gold) that work not only for his costume.

Description: Includes: Dress, corset, sleeves. Does not include tights, shoes or beer mug.
This amazing costume is too sexy and it will be even more if you add Penn Black Adult Boots  which can be matched with the always classic Fishnet Panty hose Standard Black.
Get all the complements changing your appearance using the Saloon Girl Wig Auburn and don’t forget to make-up perfectly with Thick and Long Black Eyelashes with Case and Lipstick

The girl of the night who will give a lot of fun to the guy are you... it won’t be that excited if you don’t get the Beer Mug Handbag so buy this and you will see how the night will turn to your best night. 

Invite your date to dress as a pirate for a fun couple's costume!


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