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July starts with a huge celebration for all of us, is a National Party that touches our hearts as American citizens and we can not feel prouder on one of the most important days in the year: Independence day on July 4th. As we all have seen and lived, this day is celebrated with the family and all relatives making picnics or every kind of open-air activity.

I truly think that we can not find a better way to show how proud we feel and even more important, to keep going with this tradition for years and years, than the one where you dress up with patriotic symbols. In this case, is absolutely necessary to have with you the American Flag Door Cover For Your Home and for children the Marvel Universe Captain America Costume women.

Is a moment to involve the whole family in the big meeting and that’s why the costumes became to the conversation, you can check all kinds of suits for adults and for small children. Your husband will love the classic Uncle Sam Adult Costume and you can be his sexiest company dressed up with Miss Firecracker Size Md Lg and finally let your daughter participate and draw the attention by representing the alive version of the most important American symbol: the Statue of Liberty Child Costume.

You will see a lot of ideas and no matter which of them you want to choose, just don’t forget to wear a lot of red, white, and green. found for you in this Costume Accessory Kits.

Is a very comfortable costume, great for layering warm clothes under for our cold winter or just perfect in the summertime. The crown is comfortable because it's made with foam. You can paint her face with blue or silver face paint using Family Makeup KIT and use glitter hairspray to give a shiny look.

This patriotic Statue of Liberty costume includes a long gown with an attached drape and a foam headpiece and you can get a Statue of Liberty Torch separately. You can buy your daughter the comfortable Sparkle Ballerina (Silver) Child Shoes. Also look for the Statue of Liberty Adult costume (sold separately) for a fun mother-daughter costume if not then ask someone in the family for a company with the American Flag 12" x 18", Polyester.

The Costume Includes a gown with attached drape and headpiece and is available in child sizes: Small, Medium, and Large. If you are going to a 4th of July party get the entire family into the act with an adult Statue of Liberty for Mom, and Uncle Sam for Dad and brother. Don't forget to pick up one of patriotic-themed for everything you need to make your July 4th picnic extra exciting!

This patriotic costume includes a red, white, and blue hat, jacket, bowtie, and pants. A white shirt, goatee, gloves, and black shoes are not included.

Just to make this costume more perfect for this date get the American Flag 12" x 18", Polyester.

Description: This Martha Washington child costume is a blue dress with a white ruffled collar and cuffs. Glasses and wig not included. This is a nice quality costume, customer service is great and you will see the moment you order, it will be delivered as promised. The price could be a bit higher than expected, but with the quality of the costume was fine.

It is well made! Be the first, First Lady in this wonderful costume! This first lady gracefully fulfilled her duties as the official state hostess during her husband's presidency. Great for costume parties and plays, this Martha Washington child costume is a blue dress with a white ruffled collar and cuffs.

Available in sizes: Small, Medium, and Large. Includes: dress and you can buy Square Santa Glasses, sold separately but it makes a wonderful accessory for your Martha Washington costume. The is not included and if you prefer a cuter look for your daughter then buy the Dance Craze Child Headband Purple.
Please note: this costume runs large. You may want to select a size smaller than you usually would.

Description: This patriotic costume includes a Betsy Ross cap, red & white colonial-influenced dress, and blue apron with white stars. 100% Polyester, exclusive of trim. The quantity and size of white stars on aprons may vary slightly. Glasses and shoe buckles are sold separately and this one is a great option for this costume: Glasses Franklin/Santa Square Costume Accessory.

This is perfect for any occasion like a school project. Cute, comfortable and my granddaughter was not embarrassed to wear it. The costume is well made and the sizing fit perfectly.

It is a little thin, so she wore white shorts and top underneath. It will arrive on the day predicted is a rush delivery. She was very happy to wear this costume and I would definitely buy from this company again!

She was entrusted with making our country's first flag! Actually, it can be literal getting the American Flag.  This patriotic Betsy Ross - Heroes in History child costume includes a Betsy Ross cap, red & white colonial-influenced dress, and blue apron with white stars. A fun costume for school projects, plays, and 4th of July parades. Available in child sizes: Small, Medium, and Large. Includes dress in apron and cap. Glasses and shoe buckles are sold separately.
Don’t forget that the idea of wearing costumes is to make all the occasions funnier than you also can buy for your child the Doctor Who The Impossible Girls Script Necklace.
Does not include: Shoes.

Description: Includes Dress and Headpiece. Does not include shoes, stockings, flags, and bracelets. But check these amazing options: What about these awesome and sexiest Red Pump Adult Shoes matching with Sheer Back Seam Pantyhose With Attached Panty

Fits and looks great. For the price and for the quality you will be happy with the gotten. The blue straps that go over the shoulders are too long, they need to be adjusted but it won’t be any problem. As a recommendation, you can purchase a different headpiece to wear with it like Hair With Adhesive Brown Accessory

Want to make your 4th of July fun and special? This costume will help! It includes a lovely corseted peasant dress in red, white, and blue; featuring a satiny white bust with matching off-the-shoulder sleeves, a navy front lace bodice with white star detail, and a red and white tiered apron skirt with lace and ruffled trim. Also included is a matching headpiece. Altogether it will make for a very exciting Independence Day! Check out some extra accessories such as 50's Pearl Necklace and Earrings Set or Red, White, and Eyelashes Red With Yellow Accessory.

Description: Include Dress, headpiece, and torch. Does not include shoes. This is a good quality costume and totally provocative as you can see. It really is a nice costume-though it hugs to curves. The quality of this costume is great and the sizing is true, it's very short in the back so wear shorts or even better purchase the Sheer Backseam Pantyhose Beige Adult, dress up, and look fabulous adding Starlight Silver Adult Shoes.

This costume plus the wonderful Shimmer and Shine Glamorous Green Makeup Kit and shiny Eyelashes with Silver Glitter would make you fellows feel the way it should be on the 4th of July. This luscious Lady Liberty ensemble includes A sexy stretch knit faux wrap dress with side shirring detail, headpiece, and light-up torch with an extra battery.

Available in Adult Sizes: Small, Medium, Large and X-Large. Includes: Dress, Headpiece, Torch. Does not include shoes.

Description: Includes dress, and eye mask. Does not include boots and a shield. This is an officially licensed Captain America product. Keep it classic by acquiring Child's Captain America Civil War Shield.

This Captain America costume works for many special moments like National Day and even friends' surprise birthday parties, The theme can be superman/superhero and you won’t wait to wear this costume. The quality is good and about the size, I would recommend coming down one size you will feel glad doing that. And guess what? You can also get the exactly ChaCha Red Boots, all will match perfectly.
She adds fashion and flare to her crime-fighting wear!

Become a superhero with this sexy Captain America female classic adult costume and if something in your hair color doesn’t look like the picture… don’t worry because with Ultra Glam Deluxe Blonde Wig Adult you will look totally like an American girl! Put on just a bit of Lipstick and go out drawing attention. It includes a sassy red, white and blue dress with a silver eye mask.

Description: Includes hat, jacket, and skirt. Does not include any other accessories.

Always elegant and forever fashionable, this First Lady has a coveted look! Spend a day in the life of the American aristocracy in this impressive ensemble. Includes 60s-style jacket, matching pencil skirt, and trendy pillbox hat. A White House-worthy look!  Available in One Size Fits Most Adults.  Includes: Jacket, Skirt, Hat. Does Not Include: Sunglasses, Jewelry, Purse, Gloves, or Shoes. I'm glad I made this purchase.

You must be thinking that it doesn’t include the clue accessories but it can be better because you can choose to wear Pearl Nails instead the globes and why not a little fancy Flip Wig Black just to make clear how modern the first lady is. is it can be.

Now let's choose the classic Black Pump Adult Shoes looking great with Flapper Handbag.
That’s the way the first lady must look but don’t forget the obliged 50's Pearl Necklace and Earrings Set and elegant Mod Black Sunglasses.

Description: Includes dress, gloves, boot covers, and eye mask. Does not include a shield. This is an officially licensed Captain America product.

You will receive it without any problem and will look brilliant with the accessories that you want to get. A costume to wear again and again.
Sure to impress in this sexy red, white and blue dress!

Become a superhero with this sexy Captain America sassy deluxe adult costume! It includes a shiny red, white and blue dress, red shiny gloves, matching boot covers, and a silver eye mask. You are plenty of options to dress up this costume as you can decide don’t wear the boot covers but acquire Judy Sequin (Red) Adult Shoes or even more original if you change the shield for the Boho Birthday Girl Bag.

In terms of extra tips, I can just ask you to trust in accessories such as Dreamgirl Deluxe Blonde Wig Adult and the striking Captain America Girl Body Art.

Available in Adult Sizes: Small (4-6), Medium (8-10), Large (12-14). Includes: Dress, Gloves, Boot Covers, Eye Mask. The shield is not included.  This is an officially licensed Captain America ™ product.
Shipping: This product ships Worldwide.

Description: Costume includes a headpiece, and dress with an attached drape. Sandals and book not included. Torch sold separately as this one Light Up Liberty Torch and my best recommendation for the shoes: Is sexy Gold Adult Shoes.

The symbol of America’s freedom, the Statue of Liberty costume is perfect for 4th of July parades and patriotic functions. This costume includes a full-length green gown (that you can stand out making up with Shimmer and Shine Glamorous Green Makeup Kit and Black Eyelashes with Case with an attached drape. A foam crown is also included to complete Lady Liberty’s signature style.

All is about playing with the costumes and creating new original ideas, then take the risk and turn the deep green in a combination with gold while you wear Starlight (Adult) Gold Shoes and paint your nails using Lipstick And Nail Polish and about the book... well who needs a book if is holding Renaissance Pouch Gold on hands.

Description: Includes: Tiara, dress, and shoulder drape. Torch is not included but you can order one as Light Up Liberty Torch. Shimmer and Shine and you can add even more if you prefer choosing the Glamorous Green Makeup Kit.

This costume is fantastic and fits wonderfully! the part covered by the drape looks fine and the upper part looks fine with a sheer bra. The price is also nice. And you can only be happy with the fast delivery! the dress is what you will expect it to be, it is kind if you could see through but the sash that comes with it covers you up so you can just wear skin tone like Control Top Pantyhose Nude, and it's perfect.

A sizzling aqua dress bespeckled with sparkling disco dots, an attached sheer drape, and a matching tiara. Guaranteed to capture the attention of those working on the pursuit of happiness. Available in One Size Fits Most Adults (The following measurements differ from the size chart - Chest: 28-32"). Includes: Dress/Drape, Tiara. Shoes and torch are not included but check out the Vanity Adult Shoes.

Description: Includes: Jacket, shirt with tie, pants, hat, and cummerbund. Shoes, wig, and facial hair are not included but I suggest getting exactly one as Uncle Sam Wig/ Goatee/ Eyebrows.

The costume looks really good. The hat is great! The pants were a little long. This costume is a great buy. fits perfect. If you would like to make this costume funnier you can swap the hat and go for this original Plush Peace Hand Hat.

Make your next patriotic celebration full of glitz, glamour, and fun when you come dressed as Uncle Sam. The Uncle Sam Adult Costume includes A metallic blue jacket with a silver collar, a basic yet flattering white shirt with a red bow tie, red and white stipend pants, and a glorious red cummerbund. A red, white, and blue stars and stripes top hat is also included to complete this fabulous ensemble and by your contribution side to this costume look forward to Loafer Black Pump Adult Shoes. Make this 4th of July one to remember!

Description: The George Washington costume includes: a blue jacket with gold trim, a grey vest, and grey pants. Jabot and wig (both may differ slightly from shown) are sold separately but if you don’t want to change the originality of the costume then follow my suggestion and get the Colonial Man Economy Wig.

Boots are not included but you can wear your own pair of shoes and only buy the Colonial Men's Socks which totally make the style. This costume is of great quality and you can even dress up in a fancy way just by getting the Tricorn Hat.

Take a trip back in time to the birth of a nation or chop down your very own cherry tree. Either way, you'll be walking in George Washington's footsteps. The George Washington costume includes a blue jacket with gold trim, a tan vest, and tan pants. Available in Adult sizes: Medium, Large, and X-Large.

Please Note: Due to a style change from the manufacturer, pants are running very large. Approximate waist measurements are; Large (57"), X-Large (60"). The drawstring waist allows for a custom fit.

Description: This deluxe costume includes a Long black coat, pants, vest front,  stovepipe hat, and beard. Available in Adult sizes Medium, Large, and X-Large. Shoes are not included.

Abraham Lincoln was the sixteenth president of the United States and had a very distinctive style. This costume includes a stovepipe hat, long coat, vest front, pants, and beard*. Everything you need to deliver the Gettysburg Address!

Plus if you feel yourself living just his style in those years then don’t think twice and buy the White Cotton Gloves Adult.
I found Black Makeup Stick 2" just because it will help you to cover all the face parts that the beard might be wont properly.

Available in Adult sizes Medium, Large, and X-Large. Includes: Hat, Coat/Vest, Pants, Beard. Does not include Shoes. *Beard comes with adhesive tape, but for a more secure fit, you may wish to add a bottle of Mini Spirit Gum and Remover Combo (1ml) sold separately.
Have a patriotic celebration? The Celebrate Deluxe Party Kit is the perfect way to show your pride for the stars and stripes!

Description: Includes mask, jacket with attached vest, and jabot. Does not include pants or shoes but you can buy this comfortable and easy-to-wear Men's Pants Adult and might be your own style by adding the classic pair of Colonial Men's Socks It.

Pay tribute to America's first president in this impressive ensemble! A disguise fit only for a true Commander-in-Chief! Includes pullover Latex mask with attached hair, long jacket with attached vest, and jabot. Talk about a revolutionary look and don’t lose the tradition of wearing the Deluxe Colonial Tricorn Hat.

Description: Includes: Stovepipe hat, beard, jacket with attached shirt front, vest, and tie. Pants are not included but you should check this amazing deal for cheap and really comfortable Men's Black PantsThe product is well made and fits so nicely. The audience will just love it and of course you. Totally an item to be recommended.

The perfect costume for school projects, plays, President's Day, and even Halloween! Abe Lincoln's Adult costume includes a long black jacket with an attached white shirt front, a grey vest, & a black bow tie, a black beard, and Abe's signature black stovepipe hat. Supply your own black pants to complete the costume and of course a pair of stylish Loafer Black Shoes.

Available in one size. Pair with some of our other Early American historical characters for a patriotic-themed group costume.
I suggest getting a Hollywood Spirit Gum, 1/8 Oz. just to make it easier to dress up and makeup.

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