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Cinco de Mayo Costumes For Men

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Mexicans sure DO know how to party, and on the 5th of May, they have every reason to do so and drag as along to the party! 
Cinco de Mayo is not Mexico's Independence Day, as many people believe. On the 5th of May, Mexicans and Americans in every part of the world commemorate the Mexican army's victory over the French forces on the 5th of May 1862 at the battle of Pueblo. This day is also an occasion to celebrate Mexican heritage and pride. We are all waiting for that day to see the mariachi bands play music in the streets, followed by native Mexican dances, eat Mexican food, drink Mexican beer and enjoy the fireworks! I am sure you want to be a part of this and not only an observer. I will show you some great male costumes to celebrate like a true Mexican!

This costume includes a Mexican-style sombrero straw hat and a bright multi-colored serape. It comes in one size, which fits most adults. Mustache, toy guns, a shirt, pants, and sandals are not included. I can recommend it 100%. My boyfriend, that never wears costumes, loved this one and wore it all night! It is comfortable and simple and yet so colorful and bright! The size and the quality of the hat and the serape are great! Add the toy guns (, and you are ready for a fiesta! 

This product just includes the poncho; it does not include pants, shoes, facial hair, a gun, or a hat. With this costume, you are ready for some Wild Western Good Time! Add some accessories, and you are ready to go! It is a good and easy idea if you need a group theme!

This Taco adult costume includes a taco body, mustache, and headpiece. It is available in one size, Adult Standard. Green tights, long sleeve shirt, and hands are not included.
Tacos are delicious! I am sure you have tried them many times! But have you ever thought about dressing like one? While everyone will be wearing sombreros and ponchos, make the difference and dress as a taco! My colleague wore this costume last year at the Cinco De Mayo fiesta, and he was just hilarious! You will for sure be a hit and add some flavor to the party!

The costume includes a taco tunic. Shirt, pants, shoes, and hat are not included.

Here we have a second version of the Taco outfit! The quality is really good, not stiff at all, so it is really easy to move! Everyone at the party wanted to try it on after a while, and the ‘one size-fit all’ is true since it looks good even on men, women, and even teenagers! If you want to be the center of attention and give everyone a good laugh, you should definitely go with this costume!! Add a sombrero for extra effect!

This costume includes a sombrero, serape-style top, 2 shoulder bandoliers with shot glass loops, a belt with 2 bottle holsters, and 8 shot glasses!. It does not include Pants, Shoes, or Alcohol.

These Mexicans definitely know how to party and will never come empty-handed to a party! The costume is really funny, and it is a great pair with the Spicy Senorita Costume!. You should definitely pick up the mustache to get more into the role! It adds a lot! The size of the costume is good for someone around 6'10" and 160Lbs. If you think you can't fit in that, you can order the Tequila Pop' N' Dude Plus Adult Costume

Description: Includes: Serape, two shoulder bandoliers with shot glass loops, belt with two bottle holsters, eight shot glasses, and tequila print sombrero. Pants, shoes, liquor bottles, and mustache are not included.

This costume is as awesome as the previous one, just in Plus size, which will probably fit better than most adults! Get some lemon and salt, and get ready for the fiesta! It would be funny if your friend could dress as a tequila bottle! You would be an unbeatable couple at the party!

This costume includes a bottle tunic. It does not include pants or an undershirt.
Here is another clever and different costume! I don't know about you, but I couldn't keep myself from laughing when I saw it! My brother was wearing it for last year's Cinco de Mayo fiesta, and it was a huge success! Get everyone in a good…spirit!

This costume includes a shirt, cape, belt, gloves, hat, eye mask, and toy fencing sword. Pants and shoes are not included.

Do you need a sexy senorita by your side? Dressing like a mysterious Zorro will definitely get you one! This is a great costume, and the size of it fits perfectly. The details make a difference from other Zorro costumes on the market! It has silver on the leather gloves, cape, sword, and the eye mask is really good! It is a cool costume of good quality! Get your lady dressed in the Hot and Spicy Senorita Sexy Adult Costume, and you will be a couple of nights!

This excellent costume includes a black gauze shirt, black satin cape with silver front closure, studded belt, studded gloves, hat, eye mask, and toy fencing sword. Pants and boots are not included. This costume is just as great as the previous one, just in plus size! The costume is of great quality, and the sizing is a true fit. Just add some mystery to your night and enjoy it!


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