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This time I have some ideas for you that I am sure will make your day! There is no specific theme this time like St Patrick’s Day Costumes, Easter Costumes, 5th of May Costumes etc. But I will show the top 11 (top 10 is too common!) Couple’s Costumes! Someone might be planning some theme party and you and your partner or friend want to go as the unbeatable couple, then I believe you will get some tips here! Or maybe you get some ideas you can keep in the back of your mind for Halloween! I believe dressing out in couples is even more fun than dressing out alone. You get into the role more and you can have little shows with your partner! There is a way bigger chance as well to win a prize in the costume-competitions! Enjoy some very unique and fun couple’s costumes below!

Buying this costume, you get Fork and Spoon nicely packaged together! It is available in one size which fits most adults, sizes Large/X-Large. Pants and shirts are not included.
I have purchased this costume as a present for an adorable couple that happens to be my best friends and I would definitely recommend it for any couple! They looked extremely funny and were the centre of attention! The quality of the costume is really good, comfortable and easy to wear, you just slip it over the head and you’re done! If you think about it, it's two costumes in one, so great value for money! It even nicely warms your ears on a chilly night  Wear it with black pants, black sweaters, black shoes and socks (I am sure all of you have some at home) put some silver make up on your face for extra effect, and you have an original costume, so easy! It is also a good idea if you want to do a “Beauty & The Beast” production or if you have a party in that theme.

Ordering this costume you get Black and Gray socket costume AND White plug costume with cord. These costumes are made of a lightweight durable fabric over Denur foam. Socket Costume is a Black tunic with gray sockets on the front. Bottom socket has flap openings for prongs from plug costume to fit into! Plug Costume is a White foam plug piece (goes all the way around) with an elastic waist band and an open bottom for easy walking/dancing, with a White foam cord (approximately 10 feet long) attached in back and two Gold fabric prongs (approximately 8.5") in the front (pants and shirt not included). The plug is a foam "box" style costume that comes out approximately 5" in the front from the waist band (not including the prongs), 1.5 inches in the back, and less than 1" on each side. Available in one size fits most adults, sizes Large/X-Large.
You will definitely be the hit of the party! It is a really comfortable costume since it is light and you get to wear regular clothes underneath. They come packaged well, and it is easy to remove wrinkles, just remove costume from bag as far enough in advance from when you want to wear it, unfold and fluff the costume, and just let it hang on a hanger. You can also leave it in your bathroom while you shower to allow the steam to remove wrinkles. The best way is to use a steamer. You and the people around you will for sure have a great laugh with this costume! The best part of it is that you can get ‘’plugged in’’, surely a highlight at the party!

Costume includes: one (1) bacon tunic and one (1) egg tunic. Available in one size which fits most adults, sizes Large/X-Large. Undershirts and pants are not included.
Bacon and eggs! How yummy can it be?! And they surely taste best when together. Get this costume to be an unbeatable couple! They are really comfortable; you can move, dance or do whatever wearing this costume. The costumes are well-made and are true to size!

This great couples costume includes two (2) flesh tone jumpuits, (1 his, 1 hers) both with leaf coverage in the appropriate places on the front of the costume only and two leaf headpieces. It is available in one size Adult standard. Adam costume fits up to 180 lbs and 6' 3". Eve costume fits up to 109 lbs and around 5' 4". Wig, Snake and Apple not included.
This is a great idea for a famous couple’s party! Which couple in history is more famous than Adam & Eve? These costumes are a lot of fun and really reasonable priced. You might need to re- place the leafs so that they better fit your body parts, but they are glued on so it is pretty easy. As an Eve you can add a long blond wig and of course don’t miss out on carrying the forbidden apple! Dressed as Adam, add a toy snake! This costume is a great way to have a lot of fun in a very reasonable price!

This hilarious costume includes a one-piece jumpsuit with a shirt top with the words 'Which way to the Buffet' printed on the front and blue Bermuda style shorts with a wire hoop waist. Hats, drinks, sunglasses, shoes and socks are not included. Note that for a matching couples costume two costumes need to be purchased!

Despite the season you are in, you feel like being in a summer/holiday mood? A tacky traveler or a Hawaii party is just what you need to get a step closer! This is what I did and, believe me it gets you in the right mood! Wearing this costume was so funny, comfortable and goofy! Add a coconut cup and a straw hat! and you can’t look tackier than this! 

They are a one-size-fits-all type and would definitely fit anyone, regardless of height or size! The price is reasonable and they are well-made!

Includes 1 oversized tan polyester bodysuit with attached hoop and white diaper with baby pin accents, bib with 'cry baby' printed on and a white bonnet. Pick up two costumes (sold separately) for a fun couples costume! Oversized baby rattle and baby bottle, giant pacifier and socks not included.
The quality of the costume is amazing! Very well made and absolutely hilarious! Wear it with your partner and find out who is the biggest cry baby! Add some accessories like a big blue bottle bank for the guy and a pink one for the girl  and you will get all the attention, just like a cute little crying baby!

Includes: One-piece outfit with Green diamond pattern pants, attached white shirt & Yellow jacket with polka dots, attached pink diamond pattern tie, matching hat, and hoop for that "full" look. Nose, Shoes & Wig not included.
Are you this crazy funny couple? Then this would be a perfect couple’s costume for you! A friend of mine that performs as a clown has it, and the quality is just great, you couldn’t even hire this kind of quality! She keeps getting compliments about her costume which is really comfortable to move around in! It actually looks exactly like in the picture! To make the costume even funnier wear special clown shoes, a nose and put the right make up! I would recommend this costume to anyone! Don’t forget that for the couples costume shown above purchase two Hoop Clown Costumes, as they are sold separately!

I have another cool idea for couple’s costume and that is none other than Ketchup & Mustard! I saw it a restaurant once and the costumes were hilarious! These costumes can just not be beaten! The quality is excellent and so is the price. It is suitable for all ages and sizes! To iron the wrinkles out, you can put a wet towel on before using the iron. This will even help the hat to stand up perfectly! The costumes are comfortable and the good thing is you can use arms and legs freely! It fits with lots of room and since the material is light it doesn’t get hot like a lot of other bulky costumes do. You wear it for hours and it will still be in a good condition.
Do you want your child to also be part of this funny idea? Then with a Hot Dog Child Costume you will be the coolest family ever! Even your dog can participate with a Hot Dog Pet Food Dog Costume.

Do you know how to play the game? This fun costume includes the king of hearts card tunic and a gold color crown. Available in one size: Adult Standard. White gloves are sold separately. Nude color body suits not included but you can wear the costume with any clothes you wish underneath. The suit is very comfortable; it is flexible and easy to move around in! But of course King of Hearts can’t go without his Queen! So match this costume with Queen of Hearts Card Adult Costume and you have the perfect couple’s outfit!

This fun costume includes the queen of hearts card tunic and a gold color plastic crown. Available in one size: Adult Standard. White gloves sold separately. Nude color body suits not included.
Find your King of Hearts (or maybe the king of your heart and you will be an unbeatable couple at the party! The quality is excellent and using the fitment chart is to a big help. The costume is lovely and it is great to wear at Valentine’s, at the Casino, at a poker night or why not at an Alice in Wonderland themed party?

Fred and Wilma
An old time classic couple! The Flintstones is one of my favorite cartoons and I love these two characters!

This is an officially licensed The Flintstones costume. It includes coat with collar, necktie, cuffs, wig and shoe covers. It is also available in adult Plus size 44-50. The costume is of really good quality and the shoes are great, you can dance, walk the stairs up and down and they will not need to be adjusted even once. It is easy to wear, wash, fold and repack, ready to use many many times! It fits true to size; it has plenty of room but is not too bulky either. You can add a club also to be even more in the spirit of a caveman! Yabba dabba doo!!!!!!

This is an officially licensed The Flintstones costume. It comes with white dress with zebra tattered trim on hem and one shoulder strap, orange wig and white "stone pearl" necklace. Shoes, earrings, and ring are not included.
Wilma is ready for anything, cleaning the cave or a party. The material of the dress is nice and stretchy, and has the perfect length, short enough to show your pretty legs! Medium fit sizes 10-14 so check if you might need the small one. The necklace really makes the outfit and the wig is adorable! It easy to keep on the right place with some pins. Just get ready because Fred is waiting for you! You can even suggest your friends to dress as Barney and Betty and be the quartet that will rock the party!

Shrek and Fiona
One of the newer but so romantic couples! These Shrek and Fiona costumes look absolutely great! A big, green, pretty ugly but adorable org with his one and only true love, Princess Fiona!

This is an officially licensed Shrek costume and it signature orange with black coat with attached collar, matching cuffs, blue necktie, black wig and "bare feet" shoe covers. The manufacturer has changed the style slightly and boot tops are no longer included. The costume is easy to put on, and comfortable to wear. You will probably not be able to eat or drink with the mask on but then you can just remove it for a while. The costume looks really good so if there are any kids at the party they will most likely follow you around, thrilled to see one of their favorite cartoon characters! I would definitely recommend this costume but of course not without Shrek’s only love, Princess Fiona!

This is an officially licensed Shrek Forever After product and it includes dress, belt and headpiece. It does not include wig or shoes. Get your Shrek and get ready for the party! By adding a wig the costume will look even greater! The dress is really nice, floor length green/teal featuring princess style puff sleeves. It is a nice idea for a renaissance-themed party! You will for sure make the difference!


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