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In May there are 2 important celebrations coming up regarding the Military. Several nations of the world hold an annual Armed Forces Day to recognize, venerate, and honour their military forces and all that they do for their countries. In the United States, Armed Forces Day is celebrated on the third Saturday in May and Memorial Day on the last Monday. Armed forced day is an official holiday and it is celebrated with parades, open houses, receptions and air shows. Memorial Day is a day to remember the fallen soldiers who fought for freedom and also those veterans who have passed away. 
Being in this spirit, and having found some incredible blowout sale, this post is a tribute to all our troops! You love our troops and wanna show it???  Well here is your chance! You never know if a military-themed party will show up so it is best to be prepared! There are a lot of Army and Navy Military Costumes for women to choose from, at unbeatable prices!  "This we'll defend", and indeed we do.

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 Sale :$40.85 

She knows how to handle her few good men. This saucy soldier will have everyone’s full attention. Her uniform includes a two-toned khaki zip front top with red trim; neatly decorated with faux badges and medals, and features two military-style belts, buckling beneath the bust; a sexy camouflage pencil skirt with snappy red piping to match the top. A sassy and short red tie with a khaki collar, an armband, and last but not least, a soldier's cap are also included to complete this sexy ensemble. In this steamy style, there's no doubt that you'll be ready for action!
The costume fits perfectly and you will look super cute in it! It is great to dance in as well. You can also buy the red pumps and red gloves and you will look AMAZING! Great price! You can find online coupons and go through to save even more. Hope this review helps someone.  Hurry before it is gone!

 Sale :$23.86 

You'll make all of their hearts take a flight with this playful pilot’s ensemble which includes: A scoop neck stretch knit dress with gold foil detail, pilot hat and removable “Mile High Captain Mimi Later” name badge. It's a totally cute outfit and the price is great!! Wore it at a military-themed party some time ago and it fit nice and snug on the top, and it made me feel sexy with it. I recommend this costume and already have girlfriends asking to borrow it!!!

 Sale :$35.42 

This sassy ensemble includes a pin-up inspired military green dress with gold star accents and red trim, a matching jacket, and hat. Get this costumes now for the occasion of Armed Forces Day and you can go as pinup girl!  You can make you hair in 1940's style and sure you will look great. The costume is of great quality and comfortable. One more thing you can do is get a red flower to wear in your hair.

 Sale :$32.57 

This fearless femme is suited up and ready for action! This sexy disguise is a cunning and courageous pick for your next costume party. It includes a snap-front uniform shirt, miniskirt, belt, hat and a pair of handcuffs with 3 removable shot glasses. Who doesn't love a girl in uniform? It does not include cuff or shoes. 

 Sale :$50.14 

Show 'em all that you give the best service out there in the Swanky Stewardess costume which includes: A shimmering silver mini dress featuring hot pink accents, perky puff sleeves and a front zipper. A matching hat, gloves and hot pink scarf are also included in this fierce flight-ready ensemble.

 Sale :$24.72 

This costume is FANTASTIC!!! The colours go great and the fit is perfect. You'll stop the sailors dead in their tracks in this eye-catching ensemble. Perfect for sailing the high seas in style at your next costume gala!  It includes dress, white petticoat, and a sailor hat. Shoes and stockings not included. Available in One-Size fits most adults up to a size 14. 
Description: Includes dress, white petticoat, and a sailor hat. Shoes and stockings not included. Available in One-Size fits most adults up to a size 14.

 Sale :$34.90 

This sassy sailor is really quite a juggler. From navigating her water-borne vessel to assisting in their operation, maintenance and service, her job is no easy task. This two piece costume features a blue and white dress with white and blue trim, red collar tie and lace-up, gold buttons and white sailor hat. He'll be saying ay, ay captain to you.

 Sale :$43.07 

Description: Includes: Dress, Sailor Hat, Army Hat, Belt, Bow Pins. Does not include thigh highs or shoes.

 Sale :$26.46 

This courageous cutie will have them begging to be on active duty. This illuminating officer's ensemble includes a jade green collared double zip mini-dress, covered in U.S. army print and insignias. A matching hat is also included to get your troop's full attention. You will be really impressed with the quality of this costume. It's a sturdy fabric and doesn't appear cheap.
I love this costume! It's 100% cotton so it's soft and comfortable to wear. The dress is short and sexy! Since it is a double zip dress, you have to put a safety pin through the zipper on both ends. You will love how the zipper is a real zipper! Great quality at a reasonable price. It is just Bold. Brave. Beautiful.

 Sale :$32.32 

This major knows how to keep her troops in line, but she can't help it if she likes to have a good time. In this green drop waist dress with lace-up bust and name tag featuring matching overseas cap and collar with tie, she's ready to make 'em march. The squared off neckline is really cute. The dress itself is in cheap polyester, seems thin. But not a bad fit. The hat and tie looks great.

 Sale :$33.36 

I honestly preferred the Army Girl outfit. Be sure which would fit better. Both (Major Trouble Adult Costume and Major Trouble Adult Plus Costume) were thin lycra-like fabric that is not forgiving for any rolls and bumps, but a spanx-type undergarment was enough to make this costume work. However, the skirt on this costume was VERY short. May be not even enough to cover up your bum! You should wear leggings and you will feel amazing dressed in this on Halloween! You can wear bright red lipstick and curl your hair for a complete look! You can choose to use the jacket from the Army Girl costume with this costume to cover up a little bit. We would recommend this costume if you're willing to accept that there will be a few additions you'll probably have to make. But it is fun, comfortable, and you'll feel sexy in it! Good luck ladies!

 Sale :$33.37 

This officer is committed to the constant happiness of all her men.
This scintillating shipmate's ensemble includes a knit double-breasted, snap-front dress with contrast collar and glimmering gold trim detail, naval hat, and choker featuring an attached medal.

 Sale :$37.60 

Upgrade to first class and fly miles high in the sky!
You'll transform into a passengers dream dressed as a naughty but oh so nice stewardess this Halloween! This sexy ensemble includes a shiny blue mini dress with gold trim and a classic style flight attendant hat.

 Sale :$31.17 

Get your troops' full attention in the Army Babe costume, which includes a bold green shirt-dress with glistening gold buttons, attached army patches and finished with cherry red piping. A matching envelope hat is also included in this sexy soldier's ensemble.

The material is of high quality. My friend that was wearing it at the same party as me got so many wonderful comments on this costume, everyone loved it and it was really comfortable!

 Sale :$35.50 

She runs a tight command. Want to be part of her platoon? It’s a tough job, but there are big rewards! Her stylish uniform features a camouflage cropped halter top, a short sleeve army green shrug with a black tie collar, high waist green capris with a tie-up back, and a camouflage hat. When camouflage is this sexy, it can’t be disguised.
You can have much fun with this one! It is exactly like in the picture; true to size, form and material. You will get so many compliments and people will be saluting you on the entire night.

 Sale :$39.78 

After a quick stop off at the Paris hub, she was an official member of the mile high club. You'll be the sexiest stewardess of the friendly skies in this fabulous French disguise which includes: A Stretch knit soft cup underwire dress with removable push up pads, contrast gold foil accents, and lace neckline trim. Gold foil belt, neck scarf, pilot hat, removable "Mile High Captain Fifi Love" name badge and leg garter with Eiffel Tower charm are also included in this fierce flight attendant's style.
This costume is very cute, well made and definitely true to size. It is on the short side but you don't have to worry about your but showing. The bust has pads that are removable and it gives you a lot of cleavage. I was surprised it came with so many accessories including two name tags, a neck scarf, a hat, and a garter. Overall this is a great costume and the price is reasonable. 

 Sale :$36.72 

So now A cute crewman who's ready for action! You'll be flirty and free while sailing the sea in this marvellous Marine Pin Up costume includes a shiny knit back zip jumpsuit featuring a sailor flap with blue ribbon embellishment and anchor appliqué, stretchy white underlay, and four decorative oversized buttons. The flap at the back is plastic, not cotton. Material is great, silky and good quality. It is quite short, but still looks decent. In the beginning everyone worried about purchasing this costume, but as soon as you tried it on you absolutely love it. This costume looks exactly as it is portrayed here in the picture. A sassy sailor hat is also included in this naughty navigator’s ensemble.

 Sale :$30.81 

This miss is ready to serve with a kiss. She's ready to do her duty for her country and for you! The sexy Military Miss Costume includes a green hat, a camo-print bolero jacket with pink trim, a green dress with pink belt and a pleated camo-print skirt.
The whole thing is so adorable!! Hat fits well on the head and the belt is awesome. Military Miss jacket is even nice, and the material is warm but not overly warm. You will be very comfortable wearing it for long periods of time. We definitely recommend getting the cutie dog tag with it, it’s a simple necklace that completes the look. The jacket's loops are metallic, almost as if you could thread something through them if need be, and are nice for decoration on the outfit. You will really enjoy wearing this out and about. 

 Sale :$36.71 

She's the sexiest crewman of the seven seas. This courageous cutie is reporting for duty. The Navy Brat costume includes a naughty Navy mini-dress with contrasting white and blue striped underlay, white sailor's collar with blue ribbon embellishment, matching finish on the sleeves, glimmering gold buttons and gold ribbon accent along the hem of the pleated skirt. Attached rope belt, satiny blue bow, U.S. Navy patches and a sassy shipmate hat complete this scintillating sailor's look.
This costume has a HUGE hit! You can wear it to a costume party for Halloween. The quality is very nice and I believe it is true to size. If you are 5'3, 130, order a small (my friend was trying to get down to 120 before Halloween, but that didn't work) and it still fit pretty well. It is SUPER short but you can get white hot pants and that would cute too it does not look inappropriate. Very well made and neither fabric nor accessories felt cheap or flimsy. Wear the hat that comes with it and complete your look. If you don’t like the hat that came with it then you can order for another sailor hat. You can also wear sailor shoes  and you will look PERFECT! I would definitely recommend this costume to anyone! You can wash it as well and everything will hold true to form. I can’t wait to wear the costume this Halloween!!

 Sale :$28.18 

As this sultry soldier, you'll have everyone's full attention. Keep your troops in line in the Major Bombshell costume which includes: A strapless looking sweetheart mini-dress with clear adjustable straps featuring playful pleats and gleaming gold button embellishments, envelop hat with gold trim and a cute collar. A bandolier belt and a sexy gold armband are also included in this alluring army gal's ensemble.
If you are 5'5', 125lb & wear a size 4. The outfit is very cute; you will get lots of whistles and compliments! The dress is shorter than shown in the default picture but you can wear little black shorts underneath. You will get a hat in good condition and if you find some loops use bobby pins though to stay in place. This dress looks like its black but it's in fact a dark green. The arm band is FAR too big. The belt fits, however the part that cause over your shoulder is for people who have extremely long torse so I had to pin it tighter. Overall its a great costume and with the right accessories it works good.

 Sale :$26.96 

She is the cutest leader of the troop. You'll be sure to win the cookie sale in the Troop 10/31! The costume includes: a jade Girl Scout uniform featuring hot-pink ribbon embellishments, matching trim, attached lacy collar and sassy sleeves. An attached sash with screen-printed badges and an envelope hat with hot pink accents are also included in this gorgeous Girl Scout ensemble.
Wear a women’s size 8, this is juniors sizing, but the large fits perfectly. It is thin, so you need to wear a slip under it, but it's still really cute. You can get white knee highs and the platform mary janes to go with it, and they help take it from cute to sexy.

 Sale :$33.33 

This vintage style is guaranteed to whip those boys into shape! The First Line of Defense costume includes an army green romper with a zippered front and a military logo. A matching headpiece and a contrast belt are also included in this retro design. 
This first line defence costume fit really nice on me. I am 5ft. 1in. and 115lbs. and I purchased a small. And when I arrive to the party, I assure you that all the men will be in attention when they see me in this costume. This costume is a great fit and lots of fun to wear. The only issue you can face that is the bust. You can wear a black tank top under it because the zipper ended about 2 inches below your bust line. I highly recommend the medium to women with larger hips and thighs.

You will be very pleased with this costume. You can order a large if you are 5'7" about 160lbs. In clothes size you can wear size 7-9 pants and medium sometimes large top. You can use one of your own belts of the same colour. The material is great and it's well made, probably the best quality costume you’ve ever bought. You can buy cuban fish net stockings to wear with it and then decide if you want to wear your sexy lace up combat boots or your bettie page pumps , both will look great. 

 Sale :$29.34 

MA' AM YES MA' AM! Beware of the punishment if you talk back to this Combat Cutie! Time to ship out in our Combat Cutie costume! This three piece set includes forest camouflage jacket with black cuffs, shorts also with black stretch trim and army hat with gold star logo. 
This is a wonderful costume. The quality of the material is phenomenal. A costume bought off the rack for the same price would most definitely not be made of the same material. It is sturdy and you will be able to wear it more than once. I would highly recommend this piece. 


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